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Chapter 339

Chapter 339: What are you doing here?!

Xiao Luo tidied up the room and switched the bed sheets for a new set . He then went into the washroom . Under the influence of the aphrodisiac, Su Li was too wild last night and her kisses left a lot of marks on his neck .

Xiao Luo secretly thought: It will at least take two or three days for this to completely fade away .

He put on a black sweater and went to Su Li’s apartment across his .

In order to play the role of Su Bei’s father more effectively, this was written in the agreement, three meals were contracted by aunt Li .   When he entered the hall, aunt Li was the only one who was busy . Su Bei, who should have been running around the hall like a little angel, was absent .

“Su Bei was waiting for Mr . Xiao and Miss Li to come back last night . So she stayed up very late and hasn’t got up yet . ”  Aunt Li said .

“Oh, that’s what it is . ”

Xiao Luo nodded, sat down at the table and ate the breakfast prepared for him .

Aunt Li came up at this moment, looked at the second floor (of the apartment), then asked in a low voice, “Mr . Xiao, do you know what’s wrong with miss?  She doesn’t look very well . She seems to have cried . After seeing Beibei in my room, she went back to her own room and never came back out . I called her for breakfast but she didn’t reply . ”

“Maybe she has some things on her mind!”

Xiao Luo lied guiltily . He couldn’t tell the truth to aunt Li could he?

Aunt Li shook her head and looked serious, “No, your aunt isn’t young anymore .   Miss looked like …” After looking around to make sure no one else was listening, she whispered, “… a man took her first time away . ”

Hearing this, Xiao Luo tingled and thought to himself: The old are really experienced and versed .

“Ahem …”

With a dry cough, he deliberately hardened his face . “Aunt Li, let’s not gossip about miss Su . ”

Aunt Li nodded hastily, “Yes, Mr . Xiao is right .   I was too talkative . ” She felt remorse, as she realized that she had made a big taboo . She actually gossiped about her employers’ private affairs . She looked at Xiao Luo uneasily, “Mr . Xiao, I …”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Miss Su . ”  Xiao Luo smiled slightly .

“Thank you . ”

Aunt Li’s face hung up again with a smile, the stone hanging in her heart also fell down .

Not long after, Luo Pingxiang came as well as Chai Zhiying, Su Li’s agent .

With a melon-shaped face, although her appearance was not amazing, her facial features were well-proportioned . Her head was styled with short and shiny black hair that was neatly combed back . She was dressed in a black business attire, and her aura was very professional .

After seeing Xiao Luo, Chai Zhiying’s face showed an expression of disgust . Of course, she knew that Su Li had hired Xiao Luo to play Su Bei’s father . Since it was Su Li’s decision, she would not interfere .   However, this did not prevent her from hating Xiao Luo .

As soon as she entered, she couldn’t help but mock Xiao Luo with sarcasm, “Why is there such a thick smell of a gopher turtle here, who farted?!”

In her eyes, Xiao Luo was just a poor gopher turtle struggling at the bottom . He was not of the same class as them .

“Who farted so early in the morning? It stinks, Miss Luo . Don’t you smell it?”  Xiao Luo deliberately fanned the air in front of his nose and asked innocently .

Luo Pingxiang got a fright, she was afraid of Chai Zhiying . After all, she was a tough and domineering woman, she didn’t want to get scolded by Chai Zhiying . So when Xiao Luo feigned, she shook her head and motioned him not to provoke Chai Zhiying .

Chai Zhiying was so angry that her eyes widened, she shouted, “Xiao, believe it or not, I’ll make you run out of Xia Hai!”

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“Sorry, I don’t believe it . ”  Xiao Luo turned around, and replied lightly .

“You …”

Chai Zhiying gnashed her teeth with her fists clenched .

At this time, the door on the second floor was opened, and Su Li, who looked rather gaunt, came out . She was wearing a clean white folded sarong, with her black hair held high . It looked meticulous . Her face was freshly cleaned, her delicate and beautiful face showed aloofness and indifference .

“Elder sister, what’s wrong with you?”

Luo Pingxiang rushed up to help her .

Xiao Luo couldn’t almost resist rushing over to help her . For the first time, he placed such importance on a woman . Although there were no feelings between them, but Su Li was his first woman and that would remain an indisputable fact . His heart would naturally be more prone with the desire to protect her .

“I’m fine, I can do it myself . ”

Su Li waved and indicated to Luo Pingxiang that she did not need her help . She came down from the upstairs carefully . Although her cover was very good, but when she came to the table and sat down, her white jade-like forehead was stained with sweat and her face turned pale .

“You should pay more attention to your rest . ”  Xiao Luo looked at her and suggested .

Su Li only gave him a cold look, with a hint of bitterness, anger, and unwillingness . In the end, she said nothing . She just picked up a piece of bread and chewed it slowly with milk .

“Li Li, are you not feeling well?”  Chai Zhiying asked with concern .

“The wind was a little chilly . ”  Su Li dismissed .

“Then today’s schedule…”

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“Reschedule it . ”

Su Li responded with two words .

Chai Zhiying frowned slightly: “Reschedule it?  Li, this is … ”

“I said reschedule it!”

Su Li raised her head and said in a defiant tone .

Chai Zhiying was stunned . She didn’t know why Su Li had such a big emotional reaction .   She could only nod, “Okay … Okay . ”

Then she took out her mobile phone and dialed Li Zong . She declined the activity, expressed sincere apologies and was willing to pay liquidated damages . Then she made some small talk to maintain the connection so that there could still be future opportunities for cooperation

At this time, the doorbell rang .

Aunt Li went to open the door . The new arrival was Yang Hongzhi .

Yang Hongzhi came here in a hurry . Last night, he persuaded Su Li’s mother to give Su Li some ‘medicine’ that was imported from abroad . Once the effect kicked in, even a martyred woman would become a slut .   But who would’ve thought that a random man interrupted halfway through the plan and took Su Li away . According to Su Li’s mother’s description of the man, he immediately thought of Xiao Luo, who played the role of Su Bei’s father .

He should’ve come last night, but that would just be digging his own grave so he endured the night .   This morning, he rushed over and to confirm the situation . His ‘bride’ got taken away from their bridal chamber .   Of course he was raging, he could just die from pure anger!

After he came here, he was so anxious and uneasy that he even asked his grandfather to tell his grandmother to bless Su Li; still be holy and not defiled . He also wished that the damn aphrodisiac was not as domineering and effective as it was advertised otherwise…

“Yang Hongzhi, what are you doing here?”

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Anger shot out from Su LI’s eyes .   She slapped the table hard and scolded coldly .

Yang Hongzhi had a guilty conscience so he was scared . His body shook violently . He tried to put on a smile, “Li’er, why are you so unwelcoming? I just happened to pass by, and thought that maybe I could have some breakfast . ”

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