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Chapter 322

Early in the morning, when the curtain was pulled open, fresh air brushed against his face, and a few small birds were chirping in the trees outside the window .


“Dad, dad …”


Xiao Luo was preparing to wash up when the little girl Su Bei knocked at the door outside .


Xiao Luo had to open the door and let her in .


“Dad, have you brushed your teeth after breakfast? My mother said that I have to brush my teeth every morning and evening so that no worms will grow . ” Su Bei earnestly lectured Xiao Luo .


“Dad will brush them now!”


Xiao Luo intimately touched her head, and then went into the bathroom .


The little girl also came in with her small hand clinging to the edge of the sink and looked at Xiao Luo unblinkingly with her big black gem-like eyes .


“Dad . ”




“Why don’t you live with mommy and me?”


“Dad has to work at night . Living with you and your mother will disturb your rest . ” Xiao Luo made up a random reason .


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The little girl frowned and said, “Then is it ok to work during the day?”


“There are things that happen during the day . ”


Xiao Luo put down his toothbrush and cup and gently squeezed her little face .


After washing his face, he picked up Beibei and went out .


Arriving at Su Li’s apartment, the dining table in the hall was full of breakfast food; toast, poached eggs, corn, cakes, milk, etc . Aunt Li was still busy in the kitchen . Seeing Xiao Luo holding Su Bei in his arms, she warmly greeted him, “Mr . Xiao, breakfast is served!”


Xiao Luo nodded, then sat down at the table and said “Morning” to Su Li, who was sitting opposite to him .


Su Li didn’t answer him but just looked up at him .


Her beautiful and unsurpassed face with slender curved eyelashes, exquisite small nose, thin and tender lips, and a head of black hair that was curled with an attractive luster reflected by the sunlight shining in from the balcony . She looked as pure as a fairy inducing an extraordinary poetic charm .


“Su Bei, he is up now, can you eat quietly?”


“Mmm . ”


The little girl nodded her little head .


Xiao Luo smiled and put her on a high stool .

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The little girl smiled sweetly at Xiao Luo from time to time while eating breakfast, and Xiao Luo smiled back .


Looking at the two people appearing like a close father and daughter, Su Li had a burst of envy and jealousy, even anger . Su Bei was brought up by her, but she was completely incomparable by an outsider . It felt like she was the outsider . But she couldn’t say anything, she hired Xiao Luo to take on such a role as Su Bei’s father, and Xiao Luo looked like he was doing it very well, wasn’t this what she wanted?


“After breakfast, I have to go out for a bit . ” Xiao Luo said to Su Li first .


“I said, you can do your own thing while playing this role well . ” Su Li didn’t even look at him when she spoke .


Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, this woman seemed very reluctant to talk to him . He also didn’t like to talk more, so he kept silent .






After leaving Star Moon Bay hotel, Xiao Luo dialed his cousin’s phone number, Ding Zhenyun . His first task was to pull this lost poor youth out of the pyramid scheme scam .


After he heard that Xiao Luo came alone, Ding Zhenyun immediately agreed to meet at a place .


It was a subway station . When Xiao Luo arrived, he did not see Ding Zhenyun’s figure . Instead, two strange youths came to pick him up .


Pale and emaciated, it looked like it was due to severe malnutrition .


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One of them warmly took Xiao Luo’s hand, “You are Zhenyun’s cousin? We are his good friends . He asked us to pick you up . ”


“Why didn’t he come?” Xiao Luo asked .


“He doesn’t have time . He has to study in class . Please come with us . ” The other replied .


Xiao Luo already had a general guess in his heart that ‘studying in class’ was nothing more than brainwashing .


He agreed to come, followed the two and walked through several busy and noisy streets . Finally, he turned and walked into a dirty, messy and poor alley, where advertisements for rent were posted everywhere . Each house was very shabby . The people he met here were mostly old people, and the cries of children came from one of the houses .


Obviously, there are many migrant workers living here, including people from all over the world .


Xiao Luo followed the two men down a dark corridor, and then walked until he finally arrived at their destination .


Three rooms and one hall, they looked very shabby, and a musty smell washed over him as soon as he walked in . In one of the rooms, seven or eight people were sitting on the ground, listening with notebooks . The one who was speaking was tall, hale and hearty, his white shirt was spotless, and his age was young . He was full of energy when he was making a speech .


His cousin Ding Zhenyun sat on the ground with the others and listened attentively .


“Brother Lu, Zhenyun’s cousin is here . ” One of the men who brought Xiao Luo here said .


The young man who was giving a speech immediately welcomed him warmly, holding Xiao Luo’s hand tightly with both hands, “Brother, it is not as good as coming early . We are just taking a course of starting a business . You should also sit down and listen to it . Zhenyun, show your cousin in . ”


Ding Zhenyun was short and dark . Although he was in his twenties, he still looked like a growing young man, it seemed to be atavism . He somewhat looked similar to Xiao Luo .


“Cousin, come on, let’s sit down and listen to lectures first, then catch up . ” He came out and pulled Xiao Luo in .


“You’ve lost weight . ”


Xiao Luo felt extremely sad . He saw cabbage and radish in the kitchen outside . Ding Zhenyun’s food must be very poor these days . Everyday it would be cabbage or radish, or a mixture of the two, so malnutrition wasn’t strange .


“Suffering from hardship is the only way to be a human being . It’s nothing to suffer now . Because when you get rich later, everything is worth it . ” Ding Zhenyun said with a smile .


Xiao Luo helplessly shook his head, looking at this skinny cousin of his, he felt very distressed .


“Continuing what I’ve said, you only need to invest 3,800 yuan to get a qualification in chain sales . Then you can develop three people . They will then develop their own three people respectively . They will double their geometry and earn 112,000 yuan when they go out . The companies we cooperate with have a fair and reasonable five-three-level system . Namely five levels, three promotion stages, and are simply divided by the English letters abcde, namely; senior salesman, business manager, business director, business leader and trainee salesman . ”


The so-called Lu Ge said as he talked about the place of happiness, he drew a multiplied pattern on the small black board and explained it carefully .



Xiao Luo really wanted to laugh, what an obvious pyramid scheme .


“When you personally sell one or two products for the company, you are an intern salesman of the company . When you and your department sell 64 products for the company, you are a business manager . Do you think it is difficult? I tell you intuitively that the difference between D and E can earn you more than 700 dollars .


The difference between C and D can be about 4,000 dollars, that is to say, when your left and right arms grow to 16 people, you can make a profit, but for you personally, you may only need to grow to two or three . In short, you are sitting here waiting for others to make money for you . Doesn’t that sound exciting?”


The people listening were clapping in the class . Ding Zhenyun was the most enthusiastic one . His applause was especially intense .

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