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Chapter 321

“Dad, you have come to find Beibei . ”

Su Bei hugged Xiao Lou’s thigh and raised her head . Her watery eyes looked at Xiao Luo with joy . Her face was full of happiness and excitement .

“Yes, we had an agreement, didn’t we?”

Xiao Luo smiled from the bottom of his heart, he stretched out his hand and touched her little head .

“Dad, I want to hug, I want to hug!”

Su Bei opened her pair of small hands to him, waiting for him to hold her .

Xiao Luo was not stingy, he bent down to pick her up . He found himself without resistance in front of Su Bei, the little girl seemed to have a natural charm that made him want to cherish and protect her .

Luo Pingxiang and Aunt Li were both stunned at this moment . They knew Su Bei very well, she was shy and introverted . Besides Su Li, they had never seen her so close to anyone .  

Su Li walked down, her whole body showing a high cold temperament .

She said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, if you dare to run down the stairs again in the future, I will punish you not to watch cartoons for a week . ”

Su Bei hugged Xiao Luo’s neck tightly and her little face was buried in Xiao Luo’s chest . It seemed that Xiao Luo was her support and whispered, “I won’t do it again . ”

Seeing her mouth curled in injustice, Su Li could not be really angry . Her voice softened, “Come quickly and let Aunt Li take you to take a bath . He (Xiao Luo) and I have something to talk about . ”

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“I don’t want to leave dad . ”  Su Bei tightened her grip on Xiao Luo’s neck .

Su Li added, “Be obedient!”

Xiao Luo also echoed, “Beibei, listen to your mother . Be good, I won’t go anywhere and will accompany you in the future . ”

“Really?”  Su Bei blinked her big eyes .

“Really . ”

Xiao Luo nodded and smiled and put Su Bei back to the ground .

“Beibei, let’s go, let’s take a bath . ”

Aunt Li came up at this moment, she took Su Bei’s small hand and went upstairs to the bathroom .

Su Li gave Xiao Luo a look, “Sit down . ”

Xiao Luo was straightforward and sat down on the leather sofa in the hall .

Luo Pingxiang brought a pot of hot tea, she then poured a cup to Xiao Luo and Su Li respectively, then retreated to one side .

“Xiao Luo…”

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“Miss Su, can I ask a question before we start?”  Xiao Luo interrupted Su Li .

“What’s the problem?”  Su Li’s arched eyebrows slightly puckered .

“When I agreed to play the role of Beibei’s father, Miss Su promised to arrange my residence . I want to know where is my residence?”  Xiao Luo asked .

Su Li said calmly, “Opposite from mine . ”

“Opposite?”  Xiao Luo asked .

“An area of 130 square meters, with luxurious decoration . If converted into money, it is worth more than 30 million, which should be a hundred times and a thousand times better than the house you rented in River City . ”  Su Li said casually .

Xiao Luo was surprised, a 30 million apartment was really for him?  This was too much .

“Miss Su hired me to be Beibei’s father just to make her grow up healthily and happily, but I am not her biological father and have no parenting experience . I may not be able to give her the fatherly love she needs in growing up . ”

“I’ll find Su Bei’s biological father as soon as possible . In the meantime, you can keep her company . ”  Su Li said bluntly .

Waving her hand, Luo Pingxiang then brought a pile of books, and put them in front of Xiao Luo .

“These books are specially selected for you by me . Have time to read more . It is a job, and you have to work hard to do it well . ”  Su Li said .

Xiao Luo glanced at these books, he didn’t know what to think . They were all books that taught him how to be a qualified father and how to communicate with a 3-or 4-year-old girl .

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“I hope you can integrate into this role as soon as possible . Of course, I won’t interfere in your private life, nor will I order you to accompany Su Bei every day . You can go to your own business . After all, the job I offered you won’t last long, maybe half a year, maybe a year, in short, it won’t take up your entire life . ”  Su Li took a sip of hot tea and said coldly .


Xiao Luo nodded, he had no affection for Su Li but also no disgust; not good or bad, but for Su Bei, it was different . He sometimes would imagine that Su Bei was his own daughter . If it weren’t for Su Bei in the first place, he would’ve never made this promise to Su Li, even if Su Li offered conditions that were very rich .

“Ok?  Do you have any other questions to ask? “

Su Li was a little surprised . She thought Xiao Luo would have many questions about Su Bei .

“No . ”

Xiao Luo didn’t like gossip, although he knew 90% sure that Su Bei was not Su Li’s own daughter, but all this was not within the scope of his concern . He only cared about Su Bei, the angelic girl, and his inner instinct and desire to love and protect her like his own .

“Then sign this agreement . ”

Su Li took out a piece of paper and a pen from the drawer of the guest table . “According to the previous agreement, I will pay you 200,000 yuan per month, but you must play the role of a good father . However, the compensation paid to you will drop sharply on the basis if I am not satisfied with your job . ”

“No problem . ”

Xiao Luo took the pen, glanced at the contents of the agreement roughly, it was nothing more than just salary, confidentiality, and the breach of contract and so on . He then signed his name on the signature line .

Su Li felt a burst of disdain from her heart, she felt Xiao Luo was the kind of person who was willing to do anything for money . Of course, she was also very happy that Xiao Luo was such a person as she needed time, and after she had found Su Bei’s father, she and Xiao Luo would have nothing to do with each other, and wouldn’t have any involvement .



After eating the food prepared by aunt Li, Xiao Luo entered the apartment prepared by Su Li . The floor-to-ceiling window was dancing with white muslin, a two-meter wide bed, a 42-inch TV, and an Apple notebook computer (Mac), a classically decorated desk lamp, and a polished wood floor . Looking into the corner, it was a huge two-story wardrobe .

Xiao Luo smiled, although Su Li looked cold, she still hired a person to decorate his bedroom according to his style .

After he took a bath, Zhang Dashan called .

When hearing that Xiao Luo was now living on the same floor with Su Li, the National Goddess, and would stay there for a period of time, Zhang Dashan was so shocked that he even shouted three times “The hell?”

“Lao Xiao, you are lucky enough to live with Su Goddess . I’ll be damned . Do you want me to envy you to death?” Zhang Dashan was saddened .

“It’s not living with, it’s living on the same floor, is it very enviable?”  Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and asked .

“Does that need to be asked? Damn!”

Zhang Dashan said, “I will definitely come to see you when I have time . I especially want to live with Su Goddess . ”


Xiao Luo was speechless .

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