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Chapter 309

The more Xiao Jianying said, the more difficult it was to control her emotions . She cried at the other end of the phone . As soon as she called Ding Zhenyun, he said she should give him money to invest . At first it was 100,000 yuan, but later it was reduced to 30,000 yuan . She was already afraid of receiving a call from Ding Zhenyun .

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The family was not rich, and the debt owed for building the house a few years ago had not been paid off . How could she have any money to invest in Ding Zhenyun?

“I don’t even know how he became like this . If his family didn’t give him the money, he would borrow it from friends and relatives . It was crazy . Your uncle said he was in a pyramid scheme and was brainwashed . He wouldn’t listen to anything . As long as it was mentioned, he would challenge you and shout loudly . Your uncle’s relationship with him was already strained . ” Xiao Jianying said .

Xiao Luo deeply frowned, in his impression, cousin Ding Zhenyun was filial and piety . His character was also very peaceful . He simply couldn’t imagine that he would shout with challenge to uncle
His temperament changed, this was absolutely unusual, was it restricted freedom? Was someone watching him during the call? In fact, his irritability was a disguised form of asking for help from his family?

This was because some pyramid schemes and organizations would treat the members they recruit to the extreme .

“Did you call the police?” he asked .

“Reported but the police did not care, saying that since he could still be contacted and did not have the conditions to initiate an investigation . The police said to us that if we really suspected that he was involved in pyramid selling, we should not remit money to him and go to find him back, but he did not tell us exactly where he was in Xia Hai . ” Xiao Jianying’s mood calmed down a bit, but there was still deep helplessness and grief between the words .

“Elder sister-in-law, he said he would come back tomorrow . ” Xiao Luo said .

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Xiao Jianying shook her head, “He won’t come back . Your uncle lied to him that if he could come back your uncle would invest . He promised . But later, he did not come back and directly asked your uncle to help him and transfer the money to his account . ”

Xiao Luo breathed out a long sigh, “All right, elder sister, don’t worry, I’m going to Xia Hai to develop this year . The matter of Zhenyun rests with me . If he enters a pyramid scheme or organization, I will definitely bring him out . ”

“Xiao Luo, thank you, elder sister will remember your kindness all her life . ” Xiao Jianying thanked him repeatedly .

At the end of the call, Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and said, “There seems to be a lot of happenings on this trip to Xia Hai . ”

He looked at Ji Siying nearby . “Are there many pyramid schemes and organizations in Xia Hai?”

Ji Siying thought for a moment and said: “It seems to have increased in recent years . There is news that the police have busted pyramid selling dens every once in a while . ”

“Is it? It seems that I need to check Xia Hai . ” Xiao Luo smiled .

If Ding Zhenyun had been brainwashed, it would be useless to say anything to Ding Zhenyun now . Ding Zhenyun would just think it was to prevent him from succeeding and making a fortune . If he wanted to save him, he must make him deeply realize that it was a scam from the ideological point of view .

The next day, indeed as expected, as Xiao Jianying said, Ding Zhenyun said that he had no time to come back and only let Xiao Luo find him when he had time . He would make a fortune with Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Luo felt funny at the same time, he felt that his cousin was very poor . Ding Zhenyun’s education was only at the secondary level . He had worked as a machine tools operator in a factory with a monthly salary of about three thousand . He was very filial and pious, eager to succeed, eager to change his fate to give his parents a better life, and it was precisely this kind of psychology that made him the most likely target for a MLM scheme .

He had no ability before, but now that he had this ability, he would definitely help his elder sister-in-law and her family .

So when he began to rebuild the farm, he passed it to his father Xiao Zhiyuan . Xiao Zhiyuan took the initiative to call his elder sister-in-law and let her join the team . The name of the estate was also decided – Luo Estate .

As soon as Xiao Luo’s funds were in place, excavators, bulldozers, mixers, engineering brigades, etc . , all poured into the farm and rebuilt with a bang .

The whole village was boiling, and every family was talking about Xiao Luo’s feat .

“How much money did Xiao Luo earn out there? He wanted to transform his father’s farm into an estate . ”

“Big, really big!”

“It seems that we all underestimated Xiao Luo . He is the best young generation in our village . ”

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The crowd was full of praise for Xiao Luo as he dared to make a big renovation of the thousands of acres of deserted land . This was the skill and ambition . Xiao Luo’s family position in Luo Village rose sharply . At last, even ten miles away, townships knew about Luo Estate and Xiao Luo . At that time, Xiao Luo became a famous person and was talked about with relish .

Of course, there were also alternative voices . Xiao Qiu, who has been discharged from the hospital, had been gossiping behind his back, saying that Xiao Luo was just a rich young lady’s toy . The rich young lady paid for the construction of the estate, and Xiao Luo was at most a small white face .

As a result, many Luo Village people couldn’t take it anymore and countered him one after another .

“Even if Xiao Luo is a small white face, that is also his skill . If you have the skill, you can also come back with a rich young lady . ”

“Your mouth is full of shit . ”

“I used to think Xiao Luo couldn’t compare with you, but now I find that you can’t compare with Xiao Luo, not even a finger . ”

Xiao Qiu’s lungs were almost bursting with anger . He left his hometown of Luo village with his wife and child and went back to the city of Zhou Kou . Before leaving, he shouted at all the people in Luo village, “A group of fools . Continue to kneel and lick Xiao Luo . We’ll see if they will give you a bite to eat . ”

This sentence however, would soon hit him in the face .

Because the thousands of acres of land was basically owned by Luo village people . After the land was changed into an estate, each family became a small shareholder of the estate and was able to earn the year-end bonus, except Xiao Qiu, whose land Xiao Luo did not intend to expropriate .

Xiao Qiu almost vomited blood …

Of course, Xiao Luo didn’t want to annoy Xiao Qiu by letting every family in Luo village hold shares . He wasn’t so bored to do so . His purpose was very clear . It was to stimulate the enthusiasm of Luo village people so that the road to an estate is smoother .

When Xiao Luo’s story got around, more relatives and friends came to visit their grandparents . They were all relatives who had not seen each other much in recent years . They appeared like bamboo shoots after a spring rain .

It was really like the old saying: ‘no one asks if you live in a poor city, if you live in a remote mountain, you have distant relatives!’

The uncle who once humiliated his father Xiao Zhiyuan in front of Xiao Luo also came with his son Hua Xiaorong . He brought some good wine and gifts to the door, but he borrowed money from Xiao Luo saying a few words .

“Xiao Luo, you are now well-developed and rich . See if you can lend 400,000 yuan to your uncle, who has taken a fancy to a second-hand house in the county seat¹ . ” Uncle Hua Dexing said with a warm smile .

[TN¹: county seat refers to the Capital]

Cousin Hua Xiaorong crossed his legs and sat like it was his own house . His eyes swept and paused at Xiao Luo from time to time . He was looking at the graceful Ji Siying .

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