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Chapter 310

Hua Dexing was wearing a blue shirt with neat hair and beard . He was handsome . The wrinkles around his eyes and the wisps of white in his hair showed his age . His son Hua Xiaorong was dressed casually . Like a playboy, he played around without a proper shape .

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When he asked to borrow money, Hua Heying also happened to arrive at home from the farm, travel-stained, wearing clothes with some mud .

“Brother, Xiao Rong!”

Hua Heying warmly greeted Hua Dexing and Hua Xiaorong .

“Heying, why are you here all by yourself, where’s Xiao Zhiyuan?” Hua Dexing asked .

“A group of people are busy working on the farm . He has to be there to watch . They cannot cut corners, so I came alone . ” Hua Heying replied .

Hua Dexing chuckled and said, “Does he still hate me?”

“No, no, Zhiyuan, how could he bear grudges against his elder brother?” Hua Heying explained .

“Sister-in-law, how hypocritical you are . My uncle clearly hates my father for not lending him any money . He doesn’t know anything about engineering and construction . Even if they cut corners, I’m sure my uncle will never find out . ” Hua Xiaorong took a banana from the table, peeled it and ate it casually .

Hua Heying gave him a blow, “Xiaorong, what are you babbling about? Your uncle is really too busy . ”

No matter how he treated her husband Xiao Zhiyuan before, she could not change the fact that he was a family .

Hua Dexing also stared at Hua Xiaorong and reprimanded him, “Eat your bananas well . You are nearly 30 years old, and you still have no brain when talking . ” Looking up, he smiled and said to Hua Heying, “Oh Heying, you and I are brother and sister . I’ll tell you my purpose . In fact, I’ve come to borrow money this time . ”

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“Borrow money?”

Hua Heying gave her son Xiao Luo a look and changed her look . “How much do you want to borrow?”

“Not much, not much . For Xiao Luo, it should only be about a hair from nine oxens; 400,000 yuan!” Hua Dexing took a sip of tea and said cheerfully .

400,000 yuan?

Hua Heying couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, with a wry smile in her heart . If four hundred thousand was not much, how much was more? This was too easy to say .

Hua Dexing squinted and said in harmony, “I have settled on a second-hand house in the county seat through relations . The balcony of the master bedroom faces the great river . It is over 600,000 square meters, I have already deposited 50,000 yuan . I have to pay the balance within three days, which is 400,000 yuan short . ”

“This …… elder brother, four hundred thousand is too much, we …” Hua Heying had an embarrassed expression .

“It’s 400,000 yuan . I’ve heard all about it . You are now engaged in an estate with a total investment of 8 million . 400,000 yuan is nothing compared to 8 million . ” Hua Dexing’s mood was slightly agitated .

Hua Heying directly refused, “It is precisely because of the investment of 8 million that it is difficult for us to lend 400,000 at once!”

If she lent him 400,000 yuan, wasn’t this feeding the lion’s big mouth? She knew that her son Xiao Luo had so much money, but why should she lend it? Her son’s money wais not from thin air .

“Heying, if you say such a thing… Don’t you recognize me? I am your brother . ”

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“You are my elder brother, but there are some things to be told separately and cannot be confused . ” Hua Heying was not made of clay .

“Don’t say any more . ”

Hua Dexing suddenly changed his face with a wave of his hand . “I’ll just ask, do you want to lend or not? Do you know that if the balance cannot be paid within three days, the 50,000 yuan deposit will be gone, so… you really don’t intend to help?”


A word floated from Xiao Luo’s mouth . Xiao Luo put down his cup and said to Hua Dexing, “Uncle, I welcome you for visiting . But please go back if you want to borrow money . ”

Hua Dexing was startled . He did not expect Xiao Luo to be so strong and resolute .

He grinned grimly, “Xiao Luo, is this the tone of voice you use to your uncle?”

Xiao Luo looked up fiercely and snorted softly, “Uncle? How did you treat my dad when he went to your house with a lot of gifts to ask for help but threw those things out and told him to roll away instead? I will never forget my dad’s lonely figure and his forced smile when he faced me .

You said that you were my uncle . Did you once treat me as your nephew, or did you ever treat my father as your brother-in-law? You won’t lend money, but why did you insult my father? Insult his dignity as a man? ”

These words made Hua Heying’s eyes red . This had always been a pain in her heart . Although she was not present at that time, she could probably guess her man’s expression of disappointment after he came back .

Hua Dexing smiled angrily, “Did I say something wrong? If he can’t make any progress in farming, he will be exhausted . Gold will not grow out of the mud . He is a stupid pig . Why must he make a farm? Even after seven years, he is still marking time . Has he come up with anything? Not really . ”

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Ji Siying’s arch eyebrows furrowed, she obviously didn’t expect Xiao Luo’s uncle to be such a person .

“No one is entitled to comment on my dad . ” Xiao Luo said coldly .

Hua Dexing said, “He borrowed money from me, so I am qualified to comment . ”

“Then there is no need to talk anymore, walk slowly, I won’t send you off!” Xiao Luo with marching orders .

At this moment, Hua Xiaorong suddenly stood up, pointing to Xiao Luo and scolded, “Xiao Luo, you don’t even recognize your uncle . You really are a fucking piece of shit!”

Xiao Luo’s eyes were slightly cold, “Get your fingers off me!”

Hua Xiaorong hissed, “What if I don’t take it away? Don’t think I don’t know, you are just a rich girl’s toy, if it weren’t for this, you are not as good as a lump of shit in my eyes … Ah … ”

Suddenly, a miserable cry sounded, “cracked” . The mighty Hua Xiaorong suddenly withdrew his fingers, holding his hand in pain as he fell to the ground, bean-sized sweats flowed down on his forehead .

Ji Siying looked on with her big beautiful eyes . She could clearly see, just a moment ago, Xiao Luo’s one hand suddenly pinched Xiaorong’s hand before quickly retracting it back . It was fast, as if nothing had happened .

“Hua Xiaorong!?”

Hua Dexing shouted to Hua Xiaorong, then stood up and glared at Xiao Luo, “What have you done?”

Xiao Luo gave a quiet grin, “Nothing, I don’t like someone pointing at me and scolding me . His finger is broken . If the doctor is sent in time, he will be better in about half a month . ”

“You …”

Hua Dexing helped Hua Xiaorong to leave, stopped beside Hua Heying and said with anger, “You have taught a good son!”

Hua Heying didn’t say a word . There was such a brother .

“Wait, take these things away . I don’t need them . ” Xiao Luo pointed to the wine and gifts on the table .

Hua Dexing turned his head and said maliciously, “No, it should be for animals!”

“Animals? Ha ha … ”

Xiao Luo laughed coldly, before Hua Dexing could react, like a shadow, a palm like lightning smacked Hua Dexing’s left cheek .

“Pa ~”

After a crunchy sound, Hua Dexing, who was standing just now, was knocked unconscious by a slap .

Hua Xiaorong sat down on the ground scared, horrified, seeing the face of the indifferent Xiao Luo, his whole body dropped cold sweat .

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