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Chapter 25

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"Xiao Luo, what do you mean, do you have a problem with the monitor?"

"If you are unconvinced about the monitor, you can either respond to the counselor or volunteer to be the monitor, but whether everyone will vote for you is another matter . "

"Right, don't think you boys are national treasures, you can't always be lawless and disrespect the monitor . "

Four to five girls stood up and said yes to Huang Ruoran's injustice .

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai felt their head about to explode, Huang Reran can be the monitor of the class, naturally she has a lot of supporters in the class . These were the ones who stood up and rebuked Xiao Luo, they're either class members or has a good relationship with Huang Reran . Xiao Luo was only a newcomer, thus they stood up, this is not the result they want to see .

Xiao Luo flashed a disdainful smile, at the same time he wondered . He is just not happy to follow a girl's unreasonable orders, but nonetheless this would've not happened if not her meddling in the first place with that command .

At this moment, Huang Ruoran said to the girl who stood up, "It's class time now . What are you doing? Do you not have any discipline in class? Sit down and listen to teacher Zhong . Don't argue with others . "

There is still some authority on her as monitor . The four to five girls who reprimanded Xiao Luo stared at Xiao Luo as if they were warning him before they sat down .

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Don't argue with others?

In Xiao Luo's mind, he's very bitter . This Huang Ruoran obviously is ironic him, this "individual" is not to say that he is worth .

"Ahem . . . "

Teacher Zhong Meili coughed a few times and said sternly: "Well, let's just turn over this unpleasant part . Don't worry about it deeply, and Xiao Luo has admitted his mistake . He has just come to our class . It will take some time for him to integrate into the group . Everyone should be more tolerant . Now continue with the class . Xiao Luo, sit down . "

When Xiao Luo spoke, he naturally heard Xiao Luo's spoken English level is quite high, otherwise, he is absolutely going to help Huang Ruoran kill Xiao Luo's gas .

Xiao Luo sat down in accordance with his words, but his heart was full of anger . He did not think that he had been in the society for three years, and would even be angry with a girl who was four or five years younger than himself . He wanted to think about it, but ultimately he blamed his male chauvinism .

"Brother Luo, my good brother Luo, how did you get into trouble with class monitor Ruoran?"

Xiao-fei Zhu earnestly said, "Our major is inherently overcast and sunny . Our males are said to be national treasures, but they actually suppressed it . "

"Yes, there are only three of us boys, and we are outnumbered . " Ding Kai followed .

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Xiao Luo laughed: "I just don't want to be bossed by a girl, don't worry, things have turned over, I wont care about her anymore . "

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai looked at each other, they don't believe Xiao Luo at all . They know, because when playing the game yesterday where the opponent ridiculed them, Xiao Luo directly punished them to turn over to a new leaf . They are very sure, Xiao Luo is not a Lord of kindness, revenge is revenge . He's quiet on the surface but when he show his fangs, the opponent wouldn't have time to respond .

After a small disturbance, Zhong Meili continued the course .

The content of his lecture today is the monetary history of various countries in the world . Of course, he teaches in English . After all, he teaches Oral English . If he teaches in Chinese, it is not appropriate .

"Since our old ancestors, there has been a saying that money is the source of all evil . So is money the source of all evil? What do you think about it, students?" Zhong Meili threw out a topic .

"Money is definitely the root of all evil . All kinds of crimes are caused by money . From ancient times to now, there are countless dead for money . " An Huan stood up and expressed her views in English .

Other people also agree with this statement one after another . After all, there's a Chinese saying, "People die for money, birds die for food," which fully illustrates the evil status of money .

"Is this the view of all the students? If so, what about you?" Zhong Meili looked at Huang Ruoran .

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Huang Ruoran stood up, organized a speech, and answered in fluent English: "The story of "Paradise Lost "in the Bible and the teachings of Mencius, an ancient Chinese sage, both show that human beings are evil not because of their nature, but because of external temptations that make people lose their conscience .

I think money is the root of all evil .

First, money has the realistic legitimacy to exchange with any commodity . It has unlimited effect, so it can stir up people's endless greed .

Second, money can not only call the wind and rain in the field of commodities, but also make non-commodities commercialized . It is not only a symbol of material wealth, but also a bargaining chip of spiritual value . Power and status can be purchased with money . Chastity and reputation can be sold openly . Human nature and dignity are put up for sale . Even nature and conscience are tainted with copper and stink .

Third, people's worship of money has also alienated the relationship between people and money . In reality, money is regarded as a god that people worship . Because of money, people are lost in this strange materialistic world, or because of money, people have lost their inner conscience without knowing it .

Shakespeare has long revealed that money can turn black into white, ugly into beauty, wrong into right, and humble into noble . It is precisely because money is so confusing right and wrong and reverses the boundless power of Gan Kun that it has become the profound source of the wanton spread of evil . Therefore, I think money is the source of all evil . " [Wow]

Although it is an English major, everyone's English ability still does not reach a certain level and they can't understand each other . However, Huang Ruoran recounted her own point of view in Chinese after she finished speaking in English, and the whole classroom was deeply convinced by her well-founded set of statements and famous quotes .

"The monitor is right . "

"The monitor is right . Money is the root of all evil . "

"Well, beginning of life is inherently sex thus lust is acceptable to a degree as it can be hidden or kept . Only external incentives can make people degenerate into crimes, and money is the incentive . "

At that time, all the people in the class supported Huang Ruoran .

"Her eloquence is really good!" Chu Yue pie mouthed .

"Yes, otherwise our Queen Chu would not willingly give up the position of monitor to her . " Bai Xeiwen nodded and agreed .

Chu Yue gave her a white look: "You're the only one who talks about it, a lot . "

Bai Xeiwen rested her case .

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai unblinkingly looked at Xiao Luo eyes, they always think Xiao Luo will stand up to refute Huang Ruoran, they don't believe that Xiao Luo really can swallow the gas just now .

However, both of them felt that Huang Ruoran's narrative was flawless, and even perfect . After listening to Huang Ruoran's narrative, they even felt that thinking that money was precious, they all seemed brainwashed . They firmly agreed that money was the source of all evil . If Xiao Luo stood up and refuted, he was afraid that it would only make a joke . But . . .

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