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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:18:55 AM
Chapter 24

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After getting up and eating breakfast, Xiao Luo went to class according to his schedule .

After three years of social edification, returning to the classroom for class is a very painful thing for Xiao Luo . The lecturer talked endlessly on the platform while he was drowsy underneath, his eyelids attracting each other like two magnets .

In the end, he didn't overcome his drowsiness and fell asleep on the table .

The teacher who had been lecturing found a student sleeping on the table, and immediately stopped and asked with a straight face, "Boys and girls, is my lecture too boring?"

The whole class was shocked and puzzled for a moment, then quickly shook their head to deny it .

"No, Mr . Zhong's lecture was wonderful, especially about the monetary history of various countries . We listened with great interest . " The petite, sweet-looking Anhuan said .

Others immediately echoed aloud .

Zhong Meili's teacher helped his glasses and then pointed to Xiao Luo: "If it is so wonderful, how can he be asleep?"

They turned to look, isn't it, Xiao Luo that is lying on the table fast asleep?

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"Oh my god, didn't Xiao-Fei Zhu tell Luo Shen that anyone can sleep in any of their class, except teacher Zhong's class . . . " AnHuan's heart for Xiao Luo bursted of anxiety .

At this time, Chu Yue was dressed in an embroidered white shirt and a cool emerald gauze skirt . Her black hair was tied into a wisp of playful horsetail . A few wisps of hair swayed with the breeze flowing in from outside the window and looked beautiful and free from vulgarity .

Seeing Xiao Luo sleeping, she couldn't help wrinkling her eyebrows . "Is this guy here for class or for sleeping?"

"Mr . Zhong hates it when someone sleeps in his class . Xiao Luo is in trouble . " Bai Xeiwen sympathetically shook her head .

Xiao Luo completely didn't realize that he has become the focus of the class at the moment, after being awakened by Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai, he asked what happened .

Xiao-fei Zhu was in distress: "Brother Luo, my good brother Luo, you must not sleep in teacher Zhong's class . "


Xiao Luo have no idea whatsoever, when he was in college, he had never heard of not being able to sleep in class before . University teachers don't care whether you listen or not, just finishing the class is enough . Isn't that the case in Hua Ye?

Looking up, Xiao Luo was really startled . The whole class of girls, together with their teacher on the platform, were all looking at him at the moment .

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"The director of the academic affairs office is a relative of teacher Zhong . The director of the academic affairs office is the one in charge . As long as she says so, she can immediately draw a few notes on your file . Once, a student missed her class and was directly flunked . She only graduated from the university after five years . " Ding Kai is like a cat on hot bricks, anxiously saying .

Xiao Luo realized the seriousness and said with a wry smile: "Welp, this is embarrassing!"

"I'm to blame, I did not warn you, I didn't tell Luo Ge the situation in advance, it's my fault . " Xiao-fei Zhu clapped his head, blaming himself .

At this moment, a girl stood up and shouted at Xiao Luo, "Xiao Luo, did you not sleep well last night? How can you sleep in class? Don't you know this is very bad?"

The girl has short hair and is dressed in an orderly manner . Unlike the other girls, she does not draw light makeup . She is completely natural, has a melon-shaped face, small eyes, and is not bad looking . However, she is not the sweet type . All over her body, she is dignified and solemn . She is sure to become a professional woman when entering the society .

After Zhu Xiaofei's introduction yesterday, Xiao Luo knew that this girl was the monitor of the English major, named Huang Ruoran . She was a positive and principled girl .

"Admit your mistake to Teacher Zhong and promise not to sleep in class in the future!" Huang Ruoran said in a commanding tone .

If teacher Zhong spoke to him in such a reprimand tone, Xiao Luo might be able to accept it, but now, it's a girl several years younger than him telling him to admit his mistake and make a promise in front of so many people, he doesn't like this at all, not for the dignity of being an adult .

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Standing up, he bowed to teacher Zhong Meili on the platform and said sincerely, "Teacher, it is my fault to sleep in class, I admit it . " Glancing at Huang Ruoran, the conversation turned, "I admit my mistake because I realized my mistake . Whether I spoke because Huang ruoran said so, it does not have any substantial and decisive influence on whether I admit my mistake . "

The whole class raised their eyebrows when his remark was made .

What is Luo Shen doing and declaring war on their monitor Huang Ruoran?

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai are really scared, Huang Ruoran is a girl with a strong personality, Xiao Luo refuted her face at the moment . It will be hard to live in this university, you know . The "somebody else in the class" is the monitor of the class, a lot of things have to be done with the help of the monitor, thus if you're often given a small shoe to wear, that's ok .

Although she said to let Xiao Luo join her gaming team, Chu Yue is watching the scene lively at the moment . She and Huang Ruoran are not close friends, but for her knowledge of Huang Ruoran, accomplishment and eloquence is a "must" for her, otherwise she would not be the class monitor .

"What you said was true indeed . When Xiao Luo arrived, our class suddenly became much more interesting . " Bai Xeiwen like Chu Yue, was watching the things unfold .

Huang Ruoran gave Xiao Luo a hubris, eyes full of disgust, because Xiao Luo was the first person to challenge the authority of her being the monitor .

Zhong Meili's mentor did not show a pleased smile because of Xiao Luo's mistake . Instead, he looked at Xiao Luo with displeasure and said, "You are the new student Xiao Luo, don't you know she is your monitor? When sleeping in class, she said a few words to you for your own good . You should be glad to have such a good monitor . But what attitude do you have? You have no respect for your elders . You don't look like a person who admits mistakes . "

Xiao Luo felt hot on his face . Age? WTF! He is only second to the f*cking teachers in age to campare him to Huang Ruoran! This is the first time he got angry when he got scolded by a teacher .


Huang Ruoran glanced at him from the corner of her eye and sat down with a scolding in English .

With this, Xiao Luo could not bear it any longer, and immediately responded with a cold voice: "An idiot, you say?"

It's not his style to greet a girl with a lip and a gun, but unfortunately, this Huang Ruoran made him very uncomfortable, plus he never thought of himself being a gentleman . It's good to hold it in and not respond for a students face . But, why should he hold it back in his stomach and feel uncomfortable?

As soon as he spoke, the whole classroom quieted down instantly .

Everyone looked at him with strange eyes, not because he dared to challenge Huang Ruoran, but because his spoken English was so good .

If Xiao Luo didn't say it with his own mouth and only listened to his voice, he would also think that it was from a foreigner's mouth . It's too pure, too standard, with a real American accent . That is the level of spoken English they have always wanted to achieve .

Chu Yue gave Xiao Luo a second look at this time . Obviously, she didn't expect Xiao Luo to speak English so well .

Zhong Meili, the teacher, was also surprised . Although Xiao Luo only said a short sentence, he was sure that Xiao Luo's spoken English had reached at least level 6, and in the whole major that had so far reached the level, it was only Huang Ruoran . That's why he was so partial to Huang Ruoran . After all, teachers love students who study well . This is natural .

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