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Chapter 209
hapter 209: Yellow Sister .

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Xiao Luo clearly looks he has no strength at all, but in reality he has such terrible explosive force, this guy is simply not human!

In the police station, the people all stared with big eyes . They unblinkingly looked at the straight standing Xiao Luo . Their mind quivering, it's difficult for them to return to absolute being from great consternation .

"This Xiao Luo . . . he . . . "

In the office on the second floor, the instructor trembled and could not even speak neatly .

"I said, this is a tiger!" Feng Yuqi extremely gratified, said .

In the courtyard, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu dared not underestimate at this time . As martial arts practitioners, they went up, held their fists with both hands, knelt on one knee, and respectfully showed loyalty to Xiao Luo .

"Boss, I, Wang Lihu, will follow you up the mountain and down the sea of fire from now on . I will do whatever you say . "

"So do I . I hope Boss doesn't forget the little people . Please forgive our rudeness just now . "

The two people were outspoken, they now admire Xiao Luo whilst being pleasantly surprised . In both raw strength and skill, he has enough qualifications to be their boss .

"You two owe to tidy up, convinced?" Liu Tieguo ran up and laughed .

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu turned red and said awkwardly, "We're convinced . We'll take it!"

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Xiao Luo laughed: "Get up, tidy up and go out with me to patrol . "


The two people got up and held out their chests and raised their heads in a salute .



Li Ren is a small town in Guangming District . Although it is a small town, it is very prosperous and similar to the ordinary county town . Besides the reason why Jiangcheng is vigorously engaged in economic development, it is also due to the fact that there are a lot of factories here . The factory employs people from all over the world . Therefore, there is a mixture of dragons and fishes, and the work of public security management is very difficult . Fighting and even hacking incidents often occur .

Xiao Luo learned that the dragon gang's main industry in this area is the red light district . There are three of them, all of which are located near the factory . After all, most of the people looking for services are front-line employees in the factory . It is not too extravagant to spend to play once .

The other day he knocked out one by himself, and there were still two left!

At this moment, Xiao Luo is putting his motorcycle in a sentry place, looking at the busy commercial street with a straight face . He got no purpose, he's just waiting for it to get dark . A commercial street is doing serious business during the day . But, after 12: 00 p . m, that's its real face .

On the ground, on the wall, in the power supply box, etc . , there are small pieces of paper posted everywhere, which are all small advertisements looking for peach trade .

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Xiao Luo looked at the river beside his eyes, which had completely turned into a dirty ditch, and frowned . Other people squeezed their heads to jump into the big city, but they only saw its beauty and didn't see its dirty .

"Ding ding ding ~"

A dull cell phone bell rang .

Xiao Luo took a look from his trouser pocket . It was from Zhang Dashan . He rowed to the right to answer the call .

"Dashan, what's the matter?"

"What the . . . , so if nothing happens, I can't call you?! I haven't seen you for several days . Can you be more conscious and give me a call every other day or two? If you don't contact me for so long, I will suspect that you have been hacked to death by the Dragon Gang . " Zhang Dashan said angrily .

Xiao Luo frowned and said grumpily, "Tell me something quickly . I'll hang up if it's okay . I don't have time to talk nonsense with you . I'm busy . "

There is a regulation in the institute that you can't talk on the phone while on duty . Although wearing this uniform is mainly to deal with the dragon gang, he has to observe discipline .

"Do me a favor, Luo Fang . I'll help you carry the girder . What are you doing?"

"Hanging up!"

"No, no, no, no, I haven't said anything yet . "

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"Can you be quick?"

Xiao Luo wanted to kick the goods to death with one foot . "What the hell is going on, say it quickly!"

Zhang Dashan cleared his throat: "What else, have you forgotten your own romantic debts? Sister Huang has come to see you . "

Xiao Luo's brows knit deeper, and then angrily said: "What yellow sister, give me less nonsense here . "

"Nonsense? It's Huang Ruoran from Hua Ye University, who was almost raped by five gangsters . Have you forgotten this?" Zhang Dashan is in a hurry .

Huang Ruoran? !

Xiao Luo suddenly realized, if it weren't for Zhang Dashan reminding him, he is really quick to forget the group of people at the university .

"What did she come to me for? No, how does she know where I am? "

"Well, she met me . Now that I'm a little Internet sensation . The video of the public trial is still very popular . Sister Huang definitely saw the video, so she went directly to Luo Fang's headquarters . I told you, she did not only come here once or twice, but she was even stopped by the security guard . She tried to break in several times . I also happened to meet her through the company's gate today . Otherwise, I don't even know that Sister Huang came to the company now . "

Hearing this, Xiao Luo felt a headache . When he let Zhang Dashan be the spokesperson for Luo Fang, he really ignored the fact that Huang Ruoran had seen Zhang Dashan . He had said good-bye to Hua Ye originally . Now that he think about it, this is suddenly related .

"What to do? She is sitting in the reception room now and will not leave without telling her where you are . " Zhang Dashan asked .

"You say I left river city . "

"This can't be used . She directly asked me for your home address . It seems that she will never stop until she finds you . "

"You could fool the dead into living . Why can't you do it not now?" Xiao Luo unhappy .

Zhang Dashan's head was full of black lines: "Lao Biao, it is quite boring for you to say so . Sister Huang is sincere . If you let me fool her . It is cruel to think about it . "

"Sincer your sister!" Xiao Luo couldn't help but scold a dirty word .

"You also don't believe it, the TV series often staged heroes to save the maiden in distress, the plot of the beauty to commit suicide, do you really think these are fictional? I see, this yellow sister is here to make a promise . She wants to give you a monkey . " Zhang Dashan .

A monkey?

Xiao Luo was enraged by this sentence: "Alright let's end it here, you help me fix Huang ruoran, that's all!"

With that, he hung up the phone, because Liu Tieguo came running up in a panic and looked anxious . Obviously there was something to report to him .

"Brother Pan, what is it?"

"There were two rich women who had conflicts in the department store . They were all followed by bodyguards . The situation was getting worse and worse . They were going to have a big fight . Tiger and monkey tried to mediate there, but it didn't work . " Liu Tieguo ran out of breath but still gave the story out . The tiger and monkey were referring to Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu .

"Go, go and have a look!"

Xiao Luo frowned, rode on the patrol motorcycle, carrying Liu Tieguo and headed for the department store .

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