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Chapter 208
hapter 208: Eagle Claw .

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"It's your turn!"

Wang Lihu turned and looked at Xiao Luo, clapped his hands to remove the dust, with a confident smile he said .

Ye Qiu also glanced at Xiao Luo in a playful way, mocking him: "Xiao Luo, if I were you, don't give up your waist so easily, it will do more harm than good if you force yourself . "

Xiao Luo didn't reply, he just smiled, went straight to the patrol motorcycle near .

"Does he think he can lift the motorcycle, does he?" Someone said suspiciously .

"With his size, don't be ridiculous . " The others laughed .

Xiao Luo stretched out his hand and pushed the patrol motorcycle, he seems to be weighing its weight .

Wang Lihu couldn't help laughing: "Just say your flattering yourself . You are obviously putting onions in the pig's nose and playing dumb!"

Xiao Luo ignored him, shook his head at the patrol motorcycle, and then turned to walk away .

"It seems that you still have some self-knowledge and know when to give up . "

The smile on Wang Lihu's face was more prosperous . "In this case, you should go and tell the director to re-select candidates . I don't want . . . "

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His voice came to an abrupt end and his smile froze in a flash, with it turning into shock .

The others present were also all stunned . They couldn't believe what they saw . It's because Xiao Luo had lifted the front of the police car parked in the yard with one hand . This was not enough . He held the chassis of the car with his left hand, grabbed the bumper of the car with his right hand, and with the help of the strength of his shoulder, he finally carried the whole police car into the air .

If Wang Lihu was just pulling out the mountain to lift the motorcycle, then the present Xiao Luo is with angry mountains and rivers!

"This, this, this . . . how is that possible!" Ma Bijin's face was full of horror .

Liu Tieguo was dumbfounded and said to himself, "Oh My God, Xiao Luo brother is too fierce, he actually carried a two or three ton car . "

Feng Yuqi and the instructor in the office on the second floor were also no exception to the shock . They felt thirsty and swallowed saliva unconsciously .

The entire police station compound is in shock, basically .


The police car was put down by Xiao Luo, with it banging on the ground, dusts were rippling around and away .

The heavy noise also made everyone return to their absolute being . At the moment, they looked at Xiao Luo with awe and fear .


This is the crowd's evaluation of Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Luo turned his head, looked at Wang lihu and said faintly, "Are you convinced?"

Wang Lihu bit his teeth and clenched his fist tightly . He didn't expect Xiao Luo's strength to be so strong . He would have carried the car directly just now, but although he could also carry the car, that was his limit and he couldn't do it as easily as Xiao Luo .


With a roar, Ye Qiu suddenly challenged, he stepped forward . He crossed the ten steps distance in a blink of an eye .

His left foot suddenly stomped to the ground and his body stopped . With the help of the fierce forward force, his both hands turned into claws, and his ten fingers wrapped in unparalleled tearing force, hit Xiao Luo's chest with a "sting" sound . The police uniform Xiao Luo was wearing was instantly torn apart into two slits, as if he had been bitten by a hungry wolf . They were like rags .

But fortunately Xiao Luo flashed back in time, the attack did not hurt his skin, it just revealed the inside of his base coat .

The people present breath in gasp, thinking Ye Qiu, indeed as expected practiced Eagle claw to the perfect state . His nails are cut off, meaning he only rely on his finger tips, but it's still sharp as a knife, it is terrible .

"Ye Qiu, why did you sneak attack?" Liu Tieguo loudly accused .

Ye Qiu at the moment can't hear anything, he frantically roared, his body suddenly and violently sprung again . His shaking hands as if tearing away Xiao Luo . Fingers like a knife, strong wind roaring, dancing up all over the sky with fierce and extreme trajectory .

Xiao Luo retreated, to outsiders he was fleeing because he was suppressed by Ye Qiu, but in reality he is actually observing Ye Qiu's eagle claw . One of Yi jin jing's strong point is it can let the practitioner quickly learn and copy other martial arts .

After observing and studying for about five minutes, Xiao Luo's retreating body stopped abruptly and started for the first time, clashed ahead . He took off in situ to volley, narrowly avoiding under Ye Qiu's sharp 'talons . ' He pointed to the ground on tiptoe, leaned forward with his right hand and buckled claws . As fast as a virus spreading, Xiao Luo severely buckled the palm of Ye Qiu's claw . His own claws were inserted and stirred violently .

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"Ah ~"

The intense pain caused Ye Qiu's arms to vibrate and let out a miserable cry of pain .

"You lost!" Xiao Luo indifferently stared at him .

The situation reversed so fast that the people around did not even have time to react .

"Why do you also know eagle claw?"

Although Ye Qiu is in pain, he is very shocked, because he was defeated by his own proud eagle claw technique, but the eagle claw technique is their ancestral kung fu and is kept in tight secret, how could Xiao Luo learn the technique .

"I just learned it from you . " Xiao Luo truthfully replied .

From him?

In just a few minutes, he actually learned the eagle claw technique of the Ye family . This is his hard work for more than 20 years .

How can Ye Qiu believe it? Xiao Luo is talking nonsense . He and Wang Lihu are the thorn in their side . The so-called hero appreciate each other and they have a very good relationship with each other . At that time, he turned around and shouted at Wang Lihu, "Tiger, what are you still doing? Help!"


Wang Lihu sank, waving his large fist and rushed at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo kicked Ye Qiu away with one foot and turned his right hand into his palm . He easily stopped Wang Lihu's fist and shook his head with a smile: "Aren't you proud of your strength? But, only to this extent, any practitioner can stop you . "

Wang Lihu looked at the stopped fist with stupefied eyes . He knew his own strength best . Although it took only 20% of his strength, it was enough to blow people away . He immediately distanced himself from Xiao Luo and his eyes began to beat violently . "I'm afraid you can't carry it . Since you think my fist is too light, I'll do my best to punch!"

"Just to my liking!"

Xiao Luo kept a smile on his face and looked at him quietly .

"Er ah ~"

Wang Lihu made a determined effort, accompanied by a wild animal-like roar, stepping on the ground with his feet, his whole body surged towards his right fist, exploding .

Xiao Luo's eyes were slightly fixed . Wang Lihu with the force of his fist, his whole blood was boiling in a flash .

He countered with the same blow .

"Peng ~"

The roaring came to a screeching halt, Wang Lihu's force was swept through in a twinkling . Wang Lihu's body, like a train crashing, was mercilessly thrown out, until he crashed into the compound wall .

On the other hand, Xiao Luo kept his posture motionless and is straight and loose .

The whole hall was silent . All the people looked at this slender figure in the field with almost dull eyes . At this moment, Xiao Luo's image in their mind rose up like a mountain and was beyond reach .

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