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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:42 AM
Chapter 174
hapter 174: Find fault .

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A white T-shirt and jeans close-fitting cropped trousers, with white sneakers and a long orange coat, Gu Qianlin, who was not wearing a police uniform, was somewhat less sharp and more feminine as a young woman .

"Xiao Luo, what do you really want?" After came to the front of XiaobLuo, Gu QianLin harshly asked .

"I am afraid I will be beaten if I win too much money . I want you to come and protect me," said Xiao Luo .

"Let me protect you?"

Gu Qianlin thinks this is a very funny joke, "Do you still need protection?"

Xiao Luo said earnestly, "Yes . "

Finished saying that, he turned and headed for the yellow day casino .

Gu QianLin have a kind of impulse to be crazy, feeling she being led by Xiao Luo in the nose . She hatefully stared at the two plainclothes JC in the black car, and then turned to go to the yellow day casino, she would like to see what the hell is going on with this Xiao Luo .



Xiao Luo exchanged five million chips and went directly to the dice area .

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"You asked me to come and watch you gamble?" Gu QianLin coldly hummed .

"Is there a problem?"

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows . "I didn't say to make trouble either . If you feel bored, you can go, but I'm afraid I'll start making trouble as soon as you leave . You don't regret missing the evidence . "

Gu Qianlin gritted her teeth: "Don't play any tricks . Sooner or later, I will handcuff you to the bureau . "

"Officer Gu, why are you always biased against me?" Xiao Luo said .

"I don't think it is necessary to answer this question . If you are a law-abiding citizen, I think I will become friends with you . Unfortunately, your murderous look betrayed you . I was born in special forces and have personally subdued various fierce bandits . Therefore, I am very confident in my vision and intuition . Moreover, I firmly believe that I have not misjudged you and have certainly killed people . " Gu QianLin dribblingly looked at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo smiled: "I did kill people, did you forget, I accidentally killed the mercenary you pursued, but that does not constitute a crime, on the contrary, you JC still have to give me a pennant and a bonus . "

"Don't be proud of yourself . I'll keep an eye on you . Your fox's tail will eventually come out . " Gu QianLin coldly hummed .

"Well, I'll wait . "

Xiao Luo nodded and smiled .

While speaking, the two people had already arrived at a gambling table . As before, the people in the gambling house were sitting in the bank . After shaking, the banker looked around at the gamblers and waited for them to place their bets .

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Xiao Luo directly put his five million chips on the "big" .

The average bet is 12,000, or at most 50,000, and this is a drop of 5 million . let alone the banker and the gamblers around him . Even Gu Qianlin was stunned . She didn't saw Xiao Luo swipe his card in exchange for chips . But what was thrown down was not the plastic chips on the surface, but the real 5 million .

"Are you really gambling?" She couldn't help asking .

"Is there a false bet?"

Gu Qianlin asked again: "Five million just dropped?"

Xiao Luo nodded and said in a positive tone: "Five million will be thrown down . "

"Forget, you are a big boss, rich and willful . "

Gu QianLin coldly replied, since her in her heart Xiao Luo is the murderer, she only has hostility towards Xiao Luo, she's very anxious to immediately find evidence to prove Xiao Luo's illegal .

Xiao Luo ignored her, turned around, looked at the banker and rolled his dice . He urged, "It's still not open? Wait for what . "

The bankers face was ugly, he is really afraid to open . A few days ago Xiao Luo came here and won more than two million with only one hundred thousand, the bankers already have a deep imprint on Xiao Luo . This is a strange man, big bet big, small bet small, then this all of a sudden bet five million down, he was so frightened his legs was a quivering .

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However, under the pressure of the gamblers around him, he reached out and slowly opened the box . At the same time, he also felt a little lucky . He felt that Xiao Luo could not make a 100% accurate judgment, but he didn't believe it was one thing and the fact was another . After opening the box, the points of the three dice were 4, 5 and 6 respectively .


Xiao Luo's five million suddenly turned into ten million, letting all the people present surprised with wide eyes .



"Manager, no, that boy came again last time . "

Upstairs in Huangtian Las Vegas, a waiter rushed into the manager's office in a panic and startled Geng Qiuxing, who was holding a girl .

Geng Qiuxing was furious and threw out the ashtray on the table: "Damn you, why didn't you knock before you came in!"

He immediately hit the waiter on the forehead .

"Baby, you go out and I'll take care of things first . " Geng QiuXing said with a smile .

"Good manager . "

The girl kissed Geng Qiuxing on the face, then put on the open collar and the inner trousers that were taken off to her thighs, and went out . She stomped in front of the waiter . She snorted hard and expressed some dissatisfaction with him, but it was full of infinite amorous feelings .

After the office door was closed, Geng Qiuxing coughed and glared sullenly at the waiter on the floor . "Stop lying down on the ground and pretending to be dead . Get up quickly!"

The waiter picked up the ashtray and respectfully placed it on Geng Qiuxing's desk .

Geng Qiuxing took a cigar in his mouth, lit it, took a swig and said, "Say, what is it?"

"Manager, the boy who won more than 2 million yuan in our casino last time is here again . In the meantime, he has won nearly 40 million yuan . "

"Forty million?"

Geng QiuXing suddenly stood up, that's not even their casino's three months net profit .

Where can he still keep calm, he took his steps and quickly walked out toward the outside of the office, came to the outside corridor to look under the building, saw at a glance that it is bringing up a wave, and drew many gamblers in .

"Damn it, it's really this kid . I heard from Long Ye that the gang recently smashed his store in Luo Fang . Looking at this situation, he wants to get it back from our casino . "

"What should I do, manager? This man is too strange . He can bet whatever he wants . If he bets again, our casino will lose money overnight . " The waiter said with a sad face .

"According to the old rules, change players and dice, go!"

Geng QiuXing's tone of voice is a little nervous, because Xiao Luo's chip pile is as high as a hill in front of him, it visually looks at least fifty million worth, let him win again . In their casino, there will appear a huge funding gap . Long Ye certainly won't be pleased with this .

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