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Chapter 175
hapter 175

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"Three, four, five, big!"

When Xiao Luo took 40 million chips and bet again, and then he had 80 million chips in front of him, the gamblers around him were highly mobilized and all shouted "god of gamblers" . Moreover, the movement here attracted more and more gamblers . This table has become the focus of everyone .

Gu Qianlin was completely shocked that he won four consecutive matches, which is too unbelievable .

At this moment, the roll maker made an excuse to leave and changed to another one .

Xiao Luo corners of the mouth sneered, such old tricks .

"No more games, that's all for today . "

Xiao Luo told the casino staff to convert all the chips into money and enter his accounts .

"Wait, don't you think it's a pity you don't play two more games because your luck is so strong?"

Geng QiuXing almost rushed down at the speed of the 100 meters race, that's eighty million ah . The casino has lost blood, Long Ye will really cut him alive, so he absolutely can't helplessly look at Xiao Luo leave .

"Don't you want to play anymore?" Xiao Kuo smiled coldly .

"Yes, of course, but I think you have a lot of luck and can play a few more . This is just a suggestion . " Geng QiuXing's our tenant had a smile, his eyes are full of haze .

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"Officer Gu, what do you think?"

Xiao Luo twisted his head to look at Gu QianLin, he asked with a smile .

Officer? JC police?

Geng QiuXing slightly changed color, there is a JC here, he is really not a good threat to Xiao Luo, but he can let Xiao Luo just take away eighty million . He fell into a dilemma .

As a micro-expression expert, how could Gu QianLin not know the warnings and threats appearing between the lines and in the eyes of Geng QiuXing? Now she finally knows why Xiao Luo called her here, purely as an umbrella . Although she hates the practice of casinos, she even hates Xiao Luo who plays with fools .

She cleared her throat and said, "I think you can play a few more games . "

The expression on Geng Qiuxing's face relaxed, and he said with a smile: "This beautiful woman is right . There is no reason to stop with such good luck . "

"Then I'll play a few more games!"

Xiao Luo shrugged his shoulders in indifference and sat down again at the gambling table . "If I make up a hundred million dollars, I'll stop . "

Hearing this, Geng Qiuxing sneered: "It's good that you can walk out on your own, and make up a hundred million dollars . . . "

At the same time, he made a look at the new roll maker .

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The roll maker nodded with understanding, then quickly changed the three dice to steal the beam and change the column .

"Let's get started . " He smiled at Xiao Luo, covering the box, ready to shake .


Xiao Luo reached out directly and grabbed his wrist . In his consternation, he opened the box, then took off the ring on his finger and shook it above the three dice . With the shaking of the ring, the three dice also rolled up and changed points .

He has a pondering smile: "I venture to ask, is this cheating?"

The roll maker's face changed greatly, and cold sweat poured down like a waterfall . He can't believe that Xiao Luo actually saw through his tactics .

And all the gamblers around understood at once . No wonder they came to the casino to gamble and lose nine times out of ten . This is the original reason . Recalling the money lost in the past, anger surged up in a flash .

"Out of thousands, out of thousands here!"

"Bastard, you bastards, return my hard-earned money . "

"Come and look at it, everyone . Casinos are full of money, casinos are full of money . "

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The crowd was furious . More and more gamblers heard the noise and rushed up . After learning about the incident, they all joined in the protest against the casino . At that time, the protest was loud . The swindler was beaten directly by the crowd . Many gamblers who lost thousands of dollars and lost all their money became impatient . They started to smash the equipment of the casino . At first, they smashed it by one person, and then they directly turned into everyone to smash it together .

"Xiao Luo, you . . . "

Gu QianLin underestimated XiaoLuo, she didn't know until now . Xiao Luo is getting back at the smashed stores of Lou Fang . He took advantage of gamblers' angry psychology after learning the truth of the loss, to achieve the purpose of not do it yourself but still smash the yellow day casino .

"I just want to give you the truth and help you quit gambling . " Xiao Luo said indifferently .

Gu QianLin know doesn't make sense with him as she saw hundreds of gamblers like crazy smashing the casino's equipment . The beaten casino staff immediately took out a cellular phone and contacted headquarters, to let the headquarters to send someone to stop this . But a gambler accidentally bumped up, knocked his cell phone on the ground, and many gamblers trampled, the cell phone was scrapped .

On the other side, Geng QiuXing was du, Xiao Luo revealed the hidden rules of the casino, the reputation of the casino will plummet, business will fall to freezing point in the future, and he then looked at his casino that was beaten by crazy gamblers .

"Casino accident, quick to 40 or 50 people!"

A phone call went out . Within ten minutes, five vans arrived outside the casino . The doors of the vans were opened . A group of big fellow armed with machetes and steel pipes rushed down . Then they stormed into the casino angrily, hitting anyone they saw and cutting them .

"Officer Gu, the bad guys are on the court . Grab them quickly . Look at them . How fierce they are . " Xiao Luo said to Gu QianLin with a pondering smile .

"Shut up!"

Gu Qianlin's heart is in turmoil . She knew long ago that the dragon gang members were ruthless, but what she saw with her own eyes still made her unable to accept it for a while . They hacked with a knife . It was a living person . How could these people get off the ground?

"Stop fighting, we dare not, we dare not . "

"I'm sorry, don't kill me . "

"Stop, don't cut me . "

As 40 or 50 dragon gang fellows chopped, th casino gamblers were scared silly, they have stopped atrocities for mercy .

"Get the f*ck out of here, and shut your mouths when you go out . Don't talk nonsense, or you'll be buried alive!" Geng QiuXing's harsh voice threatened .

All the gamblers were granted amnesty and fled, not long after, the whole casino was left with Xiao Luo and Gu QianLin, and a face of fierce dragon gang members .

"Little rabbit, look at what place this is, yet you dare to run wild here, I don't think you know how many eyes Ma Wangye has . " Geng QiuXing looked as if he's about to swallow Xiao Luo alive .

Xiao Luo ignored him and said to Gu Qianlin, "Officer Gu, you won't watch them chop me to death would you?!"

Gu QianLin know that Xiao Luo I using her a shield, but now she can only eat this event . She stood out and pointed to Geng QiuXing: "I am from the police, quick call your people and put down your arms, strive for leniency, otherwise . . . "

"Otherwise, your mother, go ahead and chop this bitch and that little rabbit into minced meat!" Geng QiuXing raged, police or not, go to hell .

"You bastards!"

In the face of the flood of dragon gang members rushing up, Gu Qianlin was furious and rushed up on her own initiative, pushing back the front one with one hand and grabbing the other's steel pipe . . .

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