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Chapter 151
hapter 151: Wulin and Jianghu .

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"When the police?"

Xiao Luo seemed to laugh at a very funny joke, he put down his coffee and pondered, "Do you know why I helped Luo Fang to fight this lawsuit?"

Gu Qianlin blinked and asked, "Why?"

"Because I am the boss of Luo Fang now . "

Xiao Luo replied, Gu QianLin was startled . Closing the laptop and putting it into the bag, he got up and walked towards the cafe door . If there is such person here, police, he don't have any interest in drinking coffee .

Gu QianLin stood on the seat, for a while she was not be able to accept the fact that Xiao Luo is Luo Fang's boss . But she finally is relieved, Xiao Luo is in business . It is definitely a relief to their police, because she can't imagine if Xiao Luo is a criminal, it will be excruciatingly difficult .

However, she will not give up the investigation into the "911" incident . Xiao Luo is highly suspected . Whoever breaks the law must be punished by law!



Chen Jianbai was convicted of libel and sentenced to one year of imprisonment and a fine of 20,000 yuan . Fang Changlei and his taste buds was taken away from court by the Anti-Monopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau for investigation . The evidence is conclusive and he will face huge compensation .

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In a public trial, Luo Fang's reputation was restored . The lost customers not only returned, but also poured in a large number of new customers . In contrast, taste buds, reputation dropped to the lowest point and was spurned and abused by the public . At that time, Jiangcheng's pastry and bread industry pattern underwent earth-shaking changes .

After the celebration dinner, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan went back to their homes .

Feng Ge and the others after being entangled with a dozen beers and barbecues . Today, they were not ready to return to the dormitory of the factory . They were determined to squeeze into Xiao Luo's one room and one hall .

Anyway, he could let them squeeze in the hall, but the bedroom is absolutely impossible, Xiao Luo naturally has no opinion .

"Mom's egg, it's really great, Lao Xiao . You must call me when you have this appearance again!"

Zhang Dashan is still pondering the process of acting as Luo Fang's agent . The more he ponders, the more exciting and comfortable he feels .

Xiao Luo gave him a look: "Didn't you say you were nervous?"

"Nervous? I'm not an egg!"

Zhang Dashan handed over his mobile phone to Xiao Luo . "Look, this brother's micro blog has 500,000 fans all of a sudden and continues to skyrocket . There are still some classic quotations I said in court on the Internet . I'm a celebrity now . "

"Look at you . " Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows .

"Hey hey . . . I feel like spring is coming . Many female fans on Weibo are asking me for my contact information, I can play one game a day without repetition o players . " Zhang Dashan laughed .

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Xiao Luo ignored his boring remarks .

To tell the truth, the court hearing was due to Zhang Dashan, who has a mouth that can irritate people, while Xiao Luo's words are inclined to reason . Swearing words are basically unspeakable . In the court hearing, the two people can be described as a combination, forming an agent image with their own characteristics .

"By the way, has the work of the old Gao Qingfeng been arranged?" Xiao Luo suddenly asked .

"Of course, it was arranged . The finance minister donated a sum of money for her in the name of the company . In order to prevent being robbed by her son and daughter-in-law, the sum of money has been entrusted to a lawyer and distributed to her in the form of allowance at the beginning of each month to ensure her food and clothing are secure . In addition, a lawyer has been asked to represent her . As to what will happen to her and her son and daughter-in-law, I am not sure . "

"Well, that's good . "

Xiao Luo nodded, he will not mistreat anyone who is kind to him .

"What about Zhang Donghai?"

"This is what we're about to ask Feng Laodi . "

Zhang Dashan waved to Feng Ge, who was eating a barbecue at the door, and shouted, "Feng Laodi, come here for a moment . Lao Xiao will ask you about Zhang Donghai . "


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Feng Ge put down the kebab, ran up like a gust of wind, wiped the oil from his mouth, and reported to Xiao Luo, "According to Xiao Ge's instructions, we took the Zhang Haidong family to the airport and saw them board the plane before we left . "

"Did you find any suspicious people following along the way?" Xiao Luo asked again .

Feng Ge shook his head: "No, the others, they have been observing in the dark and found no other suspicious person . "

"Yes, good . "

"Xiao Ge let's eat together . We bought too much . "

"Mother eggs, spoiling food is very shameful . Come on, let me help you out . "

Zhang Dashan rolled up his sleeves to get ready for a big 'fight . ' He walked over to eat, drink, eat meat and brag with Feng Ge . Their rough laughter and shouts rang out from the large top floor .

Xiao Luo took a deep breath of relief, turned around, facing the outside of the building, the wind and standing, in this suburb of River City, the night is very quiet .

This time, besides Luo Fang's victory, he also gained a lot . His system's points jumped by 200,000 points . It was all the result of the trial . He was indirectly influenced and the system automatically identified and collected . Because the trial was broadcast live on all major platforms, the number of people affected was large, and that was the 200,000 points .

It is a lot closer to 500,000 points of life-prolonging ability!

In addition, the system unlocked a high-level shopping mall, Xiao Luo was surprised to find that in the high-level shopping mall there were various martial arts on martial arts TV, such as yi Jin Jing, dragon 18 palm, ling bo Wei bu . . . etc . the points needed were much more than the constitution of the king of mercenaries, such as yi Jin Jing . If you want to exchange them, you need to spend up to 100,000 points .

"System, what is going on?" Xiao Luo was puzzled .

"Ding, the Mercenary King's constitution changes the external physical conditions, while Yi Jin Jing is an advanced martial arts to enhance internal forces . Once exchanged, the host will have extraordinary internal forces, whether strength, speed or endurance, which will be permanently improved . "

"They are all to enhance their own strength, only one outside the main and one inside the main?"

"Ding, right!"

"Why does the Mercenary King's Constitution need only 1,000 points, while Yi Jin Jing needs 100,000 points?"

This is the place where Xiao Luo most think impassability, one thousand and one hundred thousand, this is a too big of a difference, if according to the principle of good things are expensive, wouldn't it be said that yi jinjing constitution is much better than the Mercenary King's Constitution?

"Ding, the Mercenary King's Constitution is not as good as that of a Mahayana of Yijinjing!" The system's unemotional reminder sounded in his mind .

Xiao Luo gasped, he thought the Mercenary King's Constitution has been quite severe, he have never thought there is more severe, since the system has yi jin jing this martial arts, does that mean that there is a group of people practicing martial arts in the world? Like a swordsman in Jianghu?

"It seems that the world is quite interesting!"

After the shock, Xiao Luo was full of expectation for the world . Wulin, Jianghu, these words really make people excited .

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