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Chapter 110

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A little while later, more than 500 strikers were all driven out, but they did not leave . The pointed-mouthed monkey-chin man was still shouting out his views and opinions: "Don't worry, it won't be long before that Xiao will cry and ask us to go back . Without us, Luo Fang can't produce any products at all . We are now the people who decide Luo Fang's life and death . We have to be confident and have the courage to fight the capitalists to the end!"

Although what he said was very forceful and loud, everyone was enveloped by a feeling of self-effacing at the moment . They looked everywhere for a place to sit down and bowed their heads dimly . At the moment, they calmed down . Suddenly, they felt something was wrong . They didn't do a good job . Why did they protest and striked?

Asking themself, their wages are indeed much higher than those of other factories, but after all they could not resist the deep-rooted greed and took part in the strike . Most of them are now regretful .

If they really lose this job, their families will lose their sources of income, their nursing babies, their schooling children, and their elderly parents who do not have any labor force . So many mouths are waiting for their income to support them . what should they do? Considering this, some employees who are smoking can't help shivering with their smoking hands .

On the other side, Xiao Luo ordered people to move up a table and four stools, and Chu YunXiong, Zhang Dashan and Ge Zhongtian sat down, leisurely drinking a bubbling good hot tea, completely without a trace of tension .

Of course, Zhang Dashan is somewhat restrained . He never dreamed that one day he would sit at the same table as the legendary Chinese entrepreneur Chu Yunxiong .

Compared with them, the ministers of Luo Fang are as anxious as ants on a hot pan . This has to be urgent . Without workers in the bread processing factory, all the equipment will be abandoned there, which will not only fail to create value, but also make the company lose money . The longer the time goes on, the more the loss will be .

"Mr . Xiao, I can't wait any longer . I'd better meet their requirements and let them return to their posts . " Xu Guansong's eyebrows were almost screwed together, he came to earnestly advise .

Xiao Luo was unmoved, instead he turned to Zhang Dashan and said, "Are they here?"

Zhang Dashan looked at the time: "They should be coming soon . "

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"How many?"

"About 320 workers, all of them from bakeries, they can work when they come . "

"Hmm . "

Xiao Luo nodded, leisurely drinking his tea .

With this dialogue, Xu Guansong and other ministers were shocked, 320 people? Can 320 people with bread processing experience be brought in at once? How is that possible?

Chu YunXiong was also skeptical, now is not the hiring season, so how can one suddenly recruit 320 people . But he did not show it, Zhang Dashan is the valued friend of Xiao Luo, perhaps he really have such skill .

At this time, Xiao Luo beckoned and called factory director Zhang Donghai to his eyes .

"Mr . Xiao, what are your orders?" Zhang Donghai was smiling and enthusiastic .

Xiao Luo pointed to the gate, the only pointed-mouthed monkey-chin man standing there without leaving any room to instill confidence and courage in the staff, he asked, "What's his name?"

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"Him, his name is Wang Tiechui . " Zhang Donghai busyly replied .

"Lin Chong, give me his data file . "

"Yes, Mr . Xiao!"

Lin Chong unconditionally executed Xiao Luo's command, without question .

Xiao Luo was pinched by mud and was bullied on his head right after he got into the seat . Then he must be well aware of his revenge . Besides, he did not think this was a simple employee's request for a raise from the beginning . There must be some instigators behind this . To find out who was behind this, this Wang Tiechui should be a breakthrough .

An hour later, five buses arrived at the gate of Luo Fang in turn and stopped side by side .

"Hey . . . here it comes!"

Zhang Dashan stood up excitedly and walked quickly to the gate .

Looking at the manpower coming down from the five buses, Chu Yunxiong was very surprised and said to Xiao Luo, "Xiao Luo, your friend is capable . "

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Xiao Luo smiled: "He happened to know the boss of a bakery . As "taste buds" grew bigger and bigger, he was cornered and had to declare bankruptcy and dismiss all the employees . I just needed so many people here . He asked in the circle of friends and hit it off . The boss sent me people right away . "

"It seems that everyone's energy cannot be underestimated . " Ge Zhongtian said at this time .

Xiao Luo didn't speak again, he also didn't think Zhang Dashan's contacts would be so wide . Indeed Zhang Dashan, during the three years of bank work is has come in contact with characters, some of which are bosses . His contacts on the other hand, he can only sigh in inferiority .

When seeing more than 300 people coming down from the five buses, the original 500-odd employees in Luo Fang Factory turned pale in a flash . They have been loudly stabilizing the public mood . Wang Tiechui, who supports the protest to the end, also turned livid .

How did that happen?

How can so many people be recruited to replace their jobs at once?

No, it shouldn't be like this, it can't be like this, it's their job!

"Mr . Xiao, we know we are wrong, we are wrong, please don't fire us . "

"No more protests . We will not protest any more . As long as you don't fire us, we will promise anything . "

"Boss Xiao, forgive us!"

The cries of heaven and earth rang out at the gate . If it weren't for the security guards, the huge iron gate would have been crushed by the more than 500 begging employees .

"Ask for an egg . I understand my brother's temper . He said that if you are fired, you are fired . You were digging your own grave . You just have to run out to protest and strike . Go quickly and stay out of here . " Zhang Dashan cursed .

"Brother, please help me say something to Mr . Xiao . There are six people in my family, all of whom depend on my salary . I can't lose this job, please . " A man cried like a child, holding Zhang Dashan's leg and pleading .

Zhang Dashan sighed, "Brother, I sympathize with your situation, but there is nothing I can do . Even if this King comes, what my brother decides cannot be changed . You'd better find another job . "

Pushing him aside, hey then let the security personnel open a small door, letting the new employees in .

"People don't have to beg them . There is no need to keep working here . Luo Fang is going to close down now and you will still be expelled . It's not a big deal and just find another job . " Wang Tiechui timely said .

After he finished talking, everyone realized that he was the one who caused the current result .

"Wang Tiechui, motherf*cker eat grass!"

The man who had just cried and begged Zhang Dashan wiped away the tears from his face, picked up a piece of broken brick from the ground and ran to Wang Tiechui . Then he held high the broken brick and smashed it hard on Wang Tiechui's forehead .

"It's all this bastard's nonsense that caused us to lose our job, get him!"

The group of angry people, like the tide, rushed towards Wang Tiechui .

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