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Chapter 908 - Ten Days

The cultivators in the hall had their eyes fixed onto Qin Nan's figure with a hint of astonishment.

They never thought that Qin Nan would possess such an outstanding identity.

Normally, it was rare to see disciples or inner disciples of Two-Starred Factions there at the Magical Thunder City, let alone the Peak Leader of the Dragon Emperor Clan's Human Peak.

"So, is my identity enough?" Qin Nan smilingly said.

"Of course!" The disciple collected his thoughts and said politely, "I was completely clueless about your identity, please forgive me——"

Before he could finish, Qin Nan waved his hand and said, "It's fine. I'm just asking you if my identity is enough to get me a discount?"

The disciples were stunned. The surrounding cultivators were stunned.

A discount?

Did he just show his identity so he could save some Monarch Crystals?

"For your information, you are considered a VIP of our Magical Thunder City, you won't need to pay any fees." An aging voice appeared.

It seemed like the scene had captured the attention of the elder in charge.

"Our City Lord has invited you for a meeting, if that is alright with you?"

The elder approached Qin Nan and brought his hands together.

The cultivators were dumbfounded.

As expected of the Peak Leader of the Dragon Emperor Clan's Human Peak, in just a few breaths' time after his arrival, the City Lord himself was made aware of his presence, and had invited him personally.

"The City Lord? Sure!"

Qin Nan felt pleased knowing that he had saved himself some Monarch Crystals, thus he immediately accepted the offer.

He was interested in meeting the City Lord whose cultivation had achieved the eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

Knowing your enemy well was the key to securing yourself a victory in battle.

The elder led Qin Nan and his crew to the City Lord's Mansion.

The Magical Thunder City was a Three-Starred Faction. The City Lord's Mansion was similar to the Sect Leader's Hall for the disciples of the Magical Thunder City. As such, only elders and core disciples were permitted to enter.

Not long after, Qin Nan and his crew entered the City Lord's Mansion and were brought to a hall.


As soon as Qin Nan stepped into the hall, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

At the center of the hall stood a purple wooden chair, glowing like lightning while emitting a destructive aura. On it sat a middle-aged man wearing a mink coat. A vague aura of the eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm could be sensed being emitted from his figure.

"So you're Qin Nan, the Peak Leader of the Dragon Emperor Clan's Human Peak? You can call me City Lord Zhou."

City Lord Zhou waved his hand while his eyes glimpsed at Sima Kong and the two hounds and one mouse, before saying in a calm tone, "Cultivator Qin Nan, I believe you're aware that we are under the authority of the Heaven-Saber Sect. Aren't you scared that you've entered the lion's den with your identity exposed?"

Sima Kong was startled hearing this, as he exchanged glances with Qin Nan.

Why was this City Lord picking on them?

Qin Nan's expression remained calm as he let out a smile, "City Lord, I believe the Magical Thunder City aims to make profits. I'm here to enjoy myself, thus I believe the Magical Thunder City wouldn't possibly not welcome someone like me?"

Qin Nan had expected City Lord Zhou to investigate his background the moment he had shown his badge.

After all, he was blacklisted by the Heaven-Saber Sect, and was ranked bronze among the targets.


City Lord Zhou burst out laughing and exclaimed, "An impressive young man indeed! That's right, even though we're a subfaction of the Heaven-Saber Sect, their enemies are never our concern! On a side note, how many Monarch Crystals are you planning on spending here?"

"Plenty, but it depends on what you've prepared for us."

Qin Nan said calmly.

"HAHA, don't you worry. Ten days from now, there will be two Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm geniuses with second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits battling against each other with their Tribulations. It will be the biggest battle for the past few months." City Lord Zhou said as he gave Qin Nan a thoughtful gaze, "I'm looking forward to Cultivator Qin Nan's bet when the time comes!"

"It will not disappoint you."

Qin Nan replied.

What City Lord Zhou had implied was simple, Even though you're an enemy of the Heaven-Saber Sect, the Magical Thunder City will not trouble you. However, since you're here with your identity, you will have to bet a significant amount of Monarch Crystals.

If you're just planning to spectate without putting a bet, then you're not welcome here at the Magical Thunder City.

Following this, Qin Nan rejected the offer to stay for a feast and left the City Lord's Mansion.

The conversation allowed Qin Nan to gain a better understanding of City Lord Zhou. It appeared that he was a man who cared the most about earning profits.

"Tsk tsk, Qin Nan, what a surprise, I didn't know the Heaven-Saber Sect had ranked you bronze among their targets. Humph, how bold of you, what if City Lord Zhou had decided to capture us…" Sima Kong could not help but complain as he recalled the situation.

Qin Nan's decision had been too risky.

"Let's talk about that later, the bet is starting soon. Let's go and take a look."

Qin Nan shook his head.

They made their way to the hall at the center of the city, and successfully entered the underground city after revealing their identities.

"Damn, this Magical Thunder City really knows how to enjoy themselves…"

Sima Kong could not help but exclaim as he observed the scene before him.

In front of them stood a magnificent path, with enormous palaces lined up on its sides, each constructed with unique materials, formations, height, etc.

On top of that, at the VIP hall, there were beautiful servants walking back and forth.

As the bet was about to take place, many rogue cultivators had made their way to the underground city, resulting in a lively atmosphere.

"Mister, please follow me to the VIP hall…"

Following this, a glamorous woman approached Qin Nan and led them to the VIP hall.

At the VIP hall, not only were they able to observe the dojo clearly, the walls were covered with powerful formations so as to avoid the impacts of the Tribulations from damaging the hall.

"Mister, this is the Mystical Spirit Stone. Once the bet starts, you can place your bet with it."

The woman handed Qin Nan a stone and blinked, "Besides, if Mister has any special requests, we will try our best to fulfill it, including myself…"

The two hounds who were quite bored immediately became restless.

This was what they had been waiting for!

Sima Kong's face darkened. So were they asking me to find two female hounds for them?

"It's fine."

Qin Nan waved his hand. The woman's eyes were filled with a hint of disappointment as she excused herself.


On the widely-spaced dojo, a loud explosion could be heard as a figure descended from above.

An aura of the sixth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm swept the crowd like a storm.

The bet was beginning!

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