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Chapter 909 - Ancient Royal Bug

…Meanwhile, in the City Lord's Mansion…

"City Lord, according to the latest report, Qin Nan and his crew have arrived at the underground city and are now watching the bet. Do we…really just let them participate just like that?" One of the elders said hesitantly.


City Lord Zhou grinned as he said, "Just let him enjoy it for now. In ten days the inner disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect will be here to take part in the bet too. We will spare Qin Nan's life if he loses a few tens of thousands of Monarch Crystals. On the other hand, if he wins Monarch Crystals from the bet, we'll notify the disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect about his presence and let them deal with him!"

The fact that Qin Nan dared to expose his identity in the Magical Thunder City indicated that he was confident in his capabilities.

As such, he had planned for the disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect to do the dirty work instead, thus saving him the trouble.


The elder's eyes glistened as he uttered his compliment.

As expected of the City Lord, to have everything organized beforehand.

…Meanwhile, at the underground city…

Qin Nan glanced ahead and saw an old man standing on the dojo. The old black-haired man was wearing a long fiery robe.

"Everyone, allow me to introduce myself, I'm the First Elder of the Magical Thunder City. You can call me Elder Huo."

Elder Huo scanned the palaces in his surroundings as he spoke, "Let's make this simple, the cultivators unleashing their Tribulations today are two first-grade Tian ranked geniuses who have achieved the Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm."

Following his words, two piercing sounds took place.

The crowd could see two women landing on both sides of the dojo. Their figures had some kind of seal that suppressed the force of the Heavens and Earth.

"Two first-grade Tian ranked female cultivators?"

"Damn! This is such a rare sight!"

"Tsk tsk, indeed! It seems like a good time to raise my bet!"

"Who are you betting on?"

The VIP hall, guest hall, and regular hall were filled with discussions.

Qin Nan nodded subconsciously. He had observed the two cultivators with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle. It appeared that they both had practiced powerful Monarch Arts, indicating that they were disciples of some Two-Starred Factions. As such, the battle between their Tribulations would be quite spectacular.

"You can refer to them as number one and number two." Elder Huo shouted, "The bet begins now, and will be closed after half the period it takes an incense to burn."

Following this, the halls immediately fell silent.

It seemed like everyone was busy placing their bets.

"Qin Nan, who should we bet on?" Sima Kong's eyes flickered with excitement. He was confident that Qin Nan was able to determine the outcome of the battle, thus they could earn as many Monarch Crystals as they wanted from the bet.

Qin Nan glanced at the Mystical Spirit Stone.

The odds were one and one and a half respectively, which indicated that the first genius was more favored by the Magical Thunder City.

It was indeed the case too, as the first genius had learned more Monarch Arts than the second genius. If they were using their Tribulations to compete against each other, it went without saying that the second genius would lose the battle.

"Bet on number two, not too many, five thousand Monarch Crystals is enough."

Qin Nan pondered for a moment before placing his bet through the Mystical Spirit Stone.

Although Qin Nan could bet more than that, he had decided not to win too much from his first bet. Otherwise, judging from City Lord Zhou's personality, he would surely become hostile toward them.

It was better for them to stay low-key for now. Once he learned the truth about the rare artifact of the Magical Thunder City, he would then place a huge bet.

The time it took half an incense stick to burn soon passed.

The halls became noisy once again, as the cultivators justified their bets.

"Time's up, the battle begins now!"

Elder Huo who was floating in the air smiled after receiving a message. He uttered a yell and performed a hand seal.


A huge formation below the dojo was activated, which unleashed a glow toward the surroundings, encapsulating the entire dojo.

It formed a defensive barrier.


The two cultivators on the dojo who had long been waiting for this moment performed a hand seal and broke the seals on their bodies.


At that instant, a tremendous force of the Heavens and Earth was fired from their bodies into the sky.

Black clouds were instantly summoned, which covered an area of over a hundred thousand li in just a few breaths' time, which rapidly contracted into the illusionary figures of a giant sword and a giant spear.

After all, they both had first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits and cultivations of the Undefeatable Martial Sacred Realm, thus the Tribulations they had triggered would surely be in the form of a rare phenomenon.

"Oh my, this is getting quite exciting!" Even Sima Kong's figure shuddered as he sensed the power of the Tribulations.

As for the hounds, they were already lying flat on the ground trembling in fear.

The Tribulation represented the wrath of the Heavens and Earth.

Therefore, it was natural for all livings things to be fearful toward it.

It was part of the reason why the Tribulation battles were attractive to the cultivators. They could experience the fear in their hearts as they spectated the terrifying clash between the Tribulations, allowing them to feel a different excitement surging through their bodies.

"It's coming!"

Qin Nan was not affected by the presence of the Tribulations. He was observing the sky with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle.


At that instant, a silent explosion took place in the sky, resulting in a transparent ripple. Following this, an overwhelming force of the Heavens and Earth crushed downward onto the two female cultivators like giant mountains.

The two female cultivators who were previously unleashing the force of the Heavens and Earth struggled for a moment before their movements were restricted by the Tribulations.

"This isn't good, the Magical Thunder City is well prepared for this. I can't track where the force of the Heavens and Earth are being directed to…" Qin Nan looked troubled.

When he tried to track the force, the process was hindered by some external force.

"Hehe, Qin Nan, are you trying to do something to the rare artifact of the Magical Thunder City? You should have told me. I can easily track its location for you." Sima Kong chuckled as if he could read Qin Nan's mind.


Qin Nan was surprised.

"This is the Ancient Royal Bug, specifically trained by the Emperor of Thieves from different generations. It can track the exact location of any treasure through its aura or power…"

With a flip, several golden bugs appeared on his palm.


Sima Kong blew softly, allowing the golden bugs to rise to life, flapping their wings as they flew into the distance. Meanwhile, their figures gradually became transparent.

Even with Qin Nan's left eye of the Divine God of Battle, he had trouble finding traces of the bug, thus it was impossible that other people would be aware of their presence.

"In a few days, the Ancient Royal Bugs will find the location of the rare artifact, and notify us." Sima Kong seemed to be proud of his capabilities.


Qin Nan nodded. He could not help but admit that Sima Kong was the expert when it came to acquiring treasure.

"Oh, the battle has begun, look!" Sima Kong stared with his eyes open wide as if he had made a sudden discovery.

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