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Chapter 902 - Duan Ren's Astonishment

Inside the room, the Three-Colored Lotus Pond was in a complete mess, covered in cuts.

The cuts were saber scars.

A terrifying saber intent could be felt from the scars, which lingered and showed no sign of dissipating.

The crowd could clearly sense how terrifying the saber intent was.

The Three-Colored Lotus Pond…

Was actually destroyed by this young man!

Furthermore, it only took him the period it took four incense sticks to burn!

How terrifying was his strength?

Did that make him undefeatable among the cultivators of the same rank?

"HAHAHA!" Sima Kong was the first to react, who burst out laughing similar to Ren Fei.

He had just been wondering what had happened. There was no way the Qin Nan he knew would only last for the period it took four incense sticks to burn. It turned out that Qin Nan had actually destroyed the Three-Colored Lotus Pond!

Following this, Sima Kong glanced at Ren Fei and snapped, "My friend, what did I say just now? You will surely lose the trial! Are you convinced now? Weren't you being smug just then? Why are you so shocked now?"

The words broke the silence of the crowd. The disciples inhaled deeply and glanced at Qin Nan with absolute respect.

As for Ren Fei, it felt like he had just received a heavy blow to his chest, hindering his breathing.

He still could not believe what his eyes had witnessed.

Did he really destroy it? How was this possible?

"Why are you so quiet? Say something!"

Sima Kong straightened his face and uttered a roar together with a great pressure.


Ren Fei took a few steps backward with a pale face. He opened his mouth, but could not find any words to say.

The young man's strength had completely exceeded his expectations. In other words, he had completely underestimated his background.

At least, these two were not anyone he would want to pick a fight with!

It felt like he had somehow kicked a giant mountain when he had lashed his foot forward!


Sima Kong harrumphed seeing his reaction, who completely lost interest in him.

He could not feel any sense of achievement bullying someone like Ren Fei.

"How…how did you do it?" Wei Lin stepped forward and grabbed Qin Nan's shoulders. Her eyes sparkled while her breathing intensified, "Those slashes are right on the weakest parts of the formation. Does that mean you're able to see them? Besides…"

It appeared that Wei Lin was extremely passionate about Martial Arts too, thus she completely lost her ground upon seeing this.

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you."

Qin Nan said in a calm tone as he lifted Wei Lin's hands.

"Pardon me, I was being rude." Wei Lin gathered her thoughts as her face blushed slightly, giving her a cute appearance. She took a few breaths to calm her thoughts and said, "I'm very impressed with your strength, but since it's a trial, we still have to wait until Duan Ren finishes his attempt."

That was not necessary.

Everyone already knew the outcome of the trial.

"I guess I've no other choice!"

Qin Nan wore a helpless look hearing this. He had decided to destroy the pond with brute force to save himself some time.

If he had known this was the case, he would have enjoyed himself in the battle for a little longer.

Following this, the disciples who had previously looked down on Qin Nan went up to him to introduce themselves after a slight hesitation. However, Qin Nan remained silent.

On the other hand, Sima Kong was enjoying himself chatting with the disciples as if he had forgotten about what had just happened.

That being said, if they knew who Sima Kong was, they would think twice before 'befriending' him.

At last, when the time it took fifteen incense sticks to burn had passed, following a squeak, Duan Ren's figure slowly appeared from the remaining room.

The crowd immediately turned toward him.

They could see Duan Ren soaked in sweat, his robe filled with cuts, giving him a miserable appearance.

However, his eyes were glistening with excitement.

"Mm? Everyone is here?"

Duan Ren wore a grin as his eyes switched between Qin Nan, Sima Kong, and the other young man, "Did you still remember what I told you? You're wasting your time, and now you've offended me——"

The crowd wore strange expressions upon hearing this.

Ren Fei who was standing a distance away immediately interrupted, "Duan Ren, stop it!"

"Mm? Why not? I haven't finished yet!"

Duan Ren ignored Ren Fei's advice and uttered a hollow laugh, "I'm not going to waste my time further, but believe me, I'll teach you the consequences of offending me very soon!"

Following this, Duan Ren turned toward Wei Lin.

His attitude was no longer as disdainful and smug as before.

"Senior Sister Wei Lin, I believe it's time for you to declare the result. Sorry for disappointing you with my not-so-outstanding result."

Duan Ren smilingly said.

His words served as a rhetorical statement. He was waiting for Wei Lin to compliment him for his outstanding performance.

Meanwhile, the crowd of disciples, Qin Nan, and Sima Kong wore strange expressions on their faces.

This Duan Ren…was quite interesting.

"Your result is indeed ordinary." Wei Lin said in a cold tone.

Duan Ren was startled and thought he had heard it wrong.


Had Wei Lin just described his result as ordinary?

How high was Wei Lin's standard?

However, the following words from Wei Lin served as a shocking explosion to him.

"I now declare that he is the winner of the trial!"

Wei Lin pointed her finger at Qin Nan.

"What? He is the winner?" Duan Ren was filled with disbelief, "Wei Lin, are you serious? I've lasted for the period it took fifteen incense sticks to burn! But you've declared him to be the winner——"


A shout could be heard.

It turned out to be Ren Fei.

Ren Fei wore a troubled look and said, "Enough, Duan Ren, take a look yourself."

"Huh? What am I looking at? Is there something…"

Duan Ren was utterly confused, but he followed Ren Fei's finger and glanced at the room.

With a glimpse, his expression became blank.


Are you serious!

The Three-Colored Lotus Pond was destroyed?

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