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Chapter 901 - Coming out in Advance

"What? Fifteen incense sticks?"

"Is this Duan Ren really that powerful? How crazy would it be if he can last for fifteen incense sticks' time!"

"The other guy will never beat him!"

"That's for sure!"

The crowd of disciples blurted out in astonishment.

They had personally experienced the difficulty of the Three-Colored Lotus Pond, thus they clearly knew how bizarre it would be to survive for the period it took fifteen incense sticks to burn!

Sima Kong's eyes were filled with disdain seeing this. A bunch of frogs living at the bottom of the well, it's a waste of time trying to reason with them.

They would learn the truth very soon.

Ren Fei assumed Sima Kong was left speechless by his words, thus he immediately wore a disdainful grin.

This fatty had no idea how powerful Duan Ren was!

Meanwhile, Wei Lin completely ignored the discussion.

Her attractive eyes were still attracted to Qin Nan's battle.

The longer she observed, the more she realized how much she had underestimated Qin Nan's strength.

As the battle continued, it was even harder for her to stop spectating it, as if it contained some kind of magic.

The battle was so interesting to watch that she almost uttered a scream in excitement.

A while later, Wei Lin suddenly frowned.

Even with her eye-technique, she could no longer see what was taking place inside the door, as her vision was blocked by a layer of mist.

It was something that the Shadow Pagoda had prepared, to stop those with eye-techniques from peeking into the rooms, thus allowing the participants of the trial to utilize their full strength without worrying that they were being spied on.

Normally, Wei Lin would not be bothered by it, but she was feeling quite unpleasant now.

"Idiots…" Wei Lin adjusted her thoughts and murmured when she heard the comments from the crowd of disciples.

Did you really think lasting for fifteen incense sticks was that impressive?

Judging from Qin Nan's performance, he could easily survive for twenty incense sticks, let alone fifteen!

…Meanwhile, inside the room…

"Mm? The room is being sealed off?"

Qin Nan turned his head and saw the walls flickering as they were covered in layers of ancient formations.

These ancient formations were specifically constructed to limit the power of eye-techniques. Even the vision of Qin Nan's left eye of the Divine God of Battle was significantly restricted.

"Hehe, the person that built this Three-Colored Lotus Pond has been quite considerate. I'm getting into the mood after warming up from the battle…" Qin Nan squinted as he glanced at the lotus flying out from the pond, "I guess it's time to finish this."


At that instant, his right arm exploded.

Qin Nan held the Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand, causing his aura to change rapidly, as if he had become the sharpest cutting edge in the world. There was nothing that could him.


Following this, a brilliant saber intent was unleashed.

Time gradually passed.

The time it took four incense sticks to burn had passed.

The requirement of the Shadow Pagoda was surviving more than the period it took three incense sticks to burn. Therefore, both of the remaining participants had met the requirement.

"Humph, so what if he has met the requirement…" Ren Fei twisted his lips. In his opinion, Duan Ren would surely win the trial.

However, a loud squeak could be heard.

Wei Lin, Sima Kong, Ren Fei, and the rest were startled.

What happened?

Had someone finished the trial?

Ren Fei had mentioned that Duan Ren would last at least the period it took fifteen incense sticks to burn. Could it be…

Sima Kong was stunned. Wei Lin could not help but glance in the direction of the squeak too.

Following this, they both saw Qin Nan walking out with a calm aura.

"How is this possible!"

The same thought popped up in their mind, especially the former, who stared with his eyes open wide.

Was this still the Qin Nan I know!

How could he only last the period it took four incense sticks to burn?


In the midst of his astonishment, Ren Fei was the first to react, who burst out laughing, "I thought you were better than that, but you only managed to last the period it took four incense sticks to burn! Fatty, what did you say just then? Didn't you say that Duan Ren would surely lose the trial? Look who's the loser now!"

Ren Fei's face flushed due to his excitement.

The fatty was so full of himself. How could he not be excited after seeing the fatty slapping himself with his words?

"See, I knew he was no match against Duan Ren!"

"Hehe, only the duration of four incense sticks. I would probably achieve the same result as him if I tried my best!"

"Hehe, I have no idea what they were thinking. Isn't it easier to give up straight away? Why did they insist on taking part?"

"That's right, now that they have offended Duan Ren and Ren Fei, I would like to see how they are going to save themselves!"

The crowd of disciples discussed among one another with gloating expressions, as if Qin Nan had somehow become their enemy.

The young man who had rebuked Ren Fei previously became silent seeing this.

"Qin Nan, you…"

Sima Kong subconsciously tried to say something as Qin Nan approached him, but he could not find any words.

Furthermore, he was more confused the more he thought about it. He felt like he had missed something.

"Impossible!" Wei Lin glanced at Qin Nan with an icy expression as she yelled, "Judging from the battle intent, Martial Tree, and the eye-technique that you've shown, there's no way you could only last for the period it takes four incense sticks to burn! Tell me, why did you come out in advance…"

Before she could finish, Ren Fei chuckled, "Senior Sister Wei Lin, what are you implying? Everyone here has witnessed that he only managed to last the period it took four incense sticks to burn."

"Shut up!"

Wei Lin ignored his presence for the second time. Her eyes were fixed onto Qin Nan's figure.

"There are no more attacks inside, so I've decided to come out earlier." Qin Nan calmly glanced at Ren Fei and the others as he spoke, "Cultivator Wei Lin, I believe destroying the Three-Colored Lotus Pond is not considered breaking the rules?"

As the words were spoken, the hall was immersed in a dead silence.

Everyone—including Wei Lin and Sima Kong—wore blank expressions across their faces.

What did he say?

He destroyed the Three-Colored Lotus Pond?

"Impossible!" Ren Fei instantly blurted out, "That's the Three-Colored Lotus Pond! Even those with fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits would not be able to——"

However, before he could finish, Qin Nan unleashed his force with a wave.


The door to the room that he had been in a moment ago slowly opened, revealing the appearance of the Three-Colored Lotus Pond.

As the crowd took a glimpse of it, their minds echoed with claps of thunder.


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