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Chapter 896 - Shadow City

Following this, Qin Nan took a teleportation portal from the Middle Sector City, but he did not arrive at Shadow City straight away. He found himself on a dojo around ten li away.

"F**k me…"

The two hounds completely lost their ground, as their legs weakened due to fear, completely different from their previously smug behavior.

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment too.

He could see an enormous pitch-black city ahead of him, and at its center stood a giant pillar towering into the sky. The tip of the pillar emitted a brilliant glow that encapsulated the city.

Meanwhile, for some reason, the clouds above the city resembled the figure of a titan, as if it were the protector of the city.

It explained why the two hounds were scared to death after witnessing the sight.

"Such a remarkable Shadow City, having a magical pillar communicating with the Heavens and Earth at its center, causing the area within a hundred li around it to become a part of it. If any Martial Monarch Realm experts tried to attack the city with brute force, it would be treated as challenging the authority of the Heavens and Earth…" Qin Nan was even more shocked.

Shadow City itself was only a Monarch Weapon, which was nothing significant among the various factions in the Middle Continent.

However, the one that had constructed Shadow City had remarkable skills.

"Let's take a look inside!"

With a flicker, Qin Nan brought the two hounds and mouse while proceeding forward. A moment later, he arrived at the entrance.

"Hold it!" Two fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm guards took a glimpse at Qin Nan with expressionless faces and said, "Identify yourself; tell us your faction, your identity, and your ranking."


Qin Nan raised his eyebrows. He did not expect Shadow City would investigate thoroughly before he was allowed to enter.

"I'm Qin Nan from the Dragon Emperor Clan, the Peak Leader of its Human Peak, ranked two thousand and first on the Monarch Ranking."

Qin Nan calmly said.

"Peak Leader of the Human Peak?"

The two guards seemed to be startled, who immediately collected their thoughts when a thought struck them. "This is your badge. These badges are classified into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Yours is green, thus you are in the fourth group. As such, all your transactions will be discounted by two tenths. Furthermore, you're under the protection of Shadow City."

Qin Nan was startled, before he received the badge with a hint of astonishment.

This Shadow City was quite interesting, grouping their guests into categories.

However, Qin Nan did not overthink It. After collecting the badge, he proceeded into Shadow City.

As soon as he entered, voices bombarded him from all sides, as he found himself in a lively place.

"Come come! A piece of map giving you a destiny-altering fortunate encounter, anyone interested?"

"Map betting! Hurry up, map betting is starting now! Still a spot left, who would like to try their luck?"

"Latest intel! This must be related to a chance of altering your destiny! Those who are interested please make your way here!"

"Selling a forbidden scroll related to the Dragon Sea Mountain Range! It's still sealed, checked by the Shadow Pagoda. Auction starts now!"

Countless vendors filled the street and yelled.

Meanwhile, cultivators from various factions with formidable cultivations weaved among the crowd.

This was Shadow City, the place where all the information about the Middle Continent was gathered, the faction that had always remained neutral among the Two-Starred Factions.

"Maps with information about destiny-altering fortunate encounters, this is interesting. That being said, everyone here should not be underestimated." Qin Nan scanned his surroundings and mumbled to himself.

The crowd at Shadow City was smaller than he had imagined, but every single one of them had a certain status.

He just took a random glimpse, and discovered five peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts on one of the streets.

How significant was that?

Shadow City had several hundred streets, not including the Shadow Pagoda.

The two hounds were well-behaved, lowering their heads and not daring to make any noise as they followed behind Qin Nan. Even the Heaven-Fortune Mouse straightened its face and observed its surroundings, as if it was bothered by something.

After all, this was Shadow City, not the Dragon Emperor Clan.

"I should head to the Shadow Pagoda first!"

Qin Nan peeked into the green badge with his Divine Sense and found himself a map, which also contained the rules of Shadow City.

"That way."

Qin Nan roughly scanned it and found the direction to his destination. He put the badge aside and proceeded forward.

However, he immediately halted his movement as his eyes flickered.

He saw a plump hand suddenly reach out and grab his arm from his side, which was followed by a mysterious voice echoing in his mind, "Hey bro, I've got something great to show you. I promise that you won't regret it after checking it out."

For some reason, even though the voice was not enchanted with Monarch Arts, it was able to strike one's heart with some kind of magic.

Qin Nan raised his eyebrows and turned around, before seeing a plump man with squinted eyes wearing a long golden robe standing before him.

The plump man seemed to have some shocking secrets judging from his nervous look, as if he were scared of being noticed by someone else.


Qin Nan's lips twisted. He did not expect to stumble into Sima Kong here.

The others might not be able to identify him, but it was never a problem for his left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

"Crap? Qin Nan? It's you? Why are you here?" Sima Kong stared with his eyes open wide as he exclaimed in utter disbelief, which grabbed the attention of the people nearby.

"I'm now the Peak Leader of the Human Peak. I have come here to assassinate you under the order of the Dragon Emperor Clan."

Qin Nan wore a cold expression.

"Humph, do you think you can trick me with such poor acting?"

Sima Kong's face was filled with excitement as he blurted out, "Damn, you've been enjoying yourself, already the Peak Leader of the Human Peak! Tell me, what brings you here? Are you here to destroy the Shadow Pagoda? Or are you going to rob them?"

"What nonsense are you talking about? How on earth do you think I'm going to do that?" Qin Nan snapped.

Fortunately, Sima Kong said the last part of his sentence using his Divine Sense. Otherwise, Qin Nan would definitely respond with a slap to his face.

"I don't care, you must tell me the truth. Every time you're up to something, it is utterly shocking. I don't believe you're just here for a visit!" Sima Kong was entirely unconvinced.

From what he could recall, the first time Qin Nan struck, he had defeated the Skyhowl White Tiger. The second time, they had robbed the Trading Alliance. The third time, he had destroyed the Dao-Seeking Mountain. The fourth time, he had destroyed the Mu Clan.

When had he been simple before?

"Alright, let's get down to business. I'm here to collect some information."

Qin Nan wore a smile as his fist bumped Sima Kong's chest, "And you, what robbing have you done recently? Even the Dragon Emperor Clan is trying to hunt you down."

"What do you mean robbing? I'm the successor of the Emperor of Thieves, do you know what that means?"

Sima Kong's eyes glistened when a sudden thought crossed his mind, "Qin Nan, let's not waste our time. I've got a place to bring you to. Your eye-technique will come in handy!'


Qin Nan was startled.

Was there something similar to the Gold Scraping Street he had been to in the past here in Shadow City?

"Hey, what are you waiting for, didn't you see our Young Master is here? Make way!" At that instant, an unpleasant voice could be heard.

Qin Nan turned around and saw a young man glaring at him.

Behind him was another young man with a scar on his forehead checking his surroundings with a disdainful grin.

The so-called Young Master possessed a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, while the young man demanding them to make way had a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. The former was also wearing a few Monarch Weapons on him, indicating his formidable background.

Qin Nan was about to say something when Sima Kong straightened his face and unleashed an intimidating aura.

"Who are you? Open your eyes and watch carefully."

Sima Kong took out a badge.


The disdainful young man stared with his eyes open wide, while the so-called Young Master's eyes widened too.

Even Qin Nan was taken by surprise.

The badge was purple in color!

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