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Chapter 895 - Reappearance of Old Friends

Qin Nan soon arrived at the Quest Hall of the Dragon Emperor Clan.

When he entered the hall, the place was already crowded with powerful beasts walking around, including some tenth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm elders.

Qin Nan's presence was quite unnoticeable standing among the crowd.

"Intel, spy, exploration…" Qin Nan checked the content of the crystals, before his eyes fixed onto the category 'assassination'.

As the name suggested, the quests were about eliminating the enemies of the Dragon Emperor Clan.

Qin Nan was not interested in the other quests, as those with high rewards were relatively difficult for him now. On top of that, there was no point doing those with low rewards.

However, even though he would only earn a limited amount of Monarch Crystals from the assassination quests, he could use them as an opportunity to train himself.

Qin Nan glanced at it and skipped the silver and gold categories.

Normally, those who were classified into the two categories would at least possess a cultivation of the seventh-layer Martial Progenitor Realm and above. The one listed at the top was currently the Sect Leader of a Two-Starred Faction who had achieved the Martial Monarch Realm for hundreds of years.


As Qin Nan browsed the names in the bronze category, he found a familiar name.

"The Death Cultivator, who has murdered inner disciples of the top eight Two-Starred Factions at the Sun Crane Mountain Range, including two inner disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan. Her strength is around the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. If any disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan were able to murder her and bring her head back, the reward would be three thousand Monarch Crystals."

This Death Cultivator was Jiang Bilan without a doubt.

"It seems like Jiang Bilan is doing pretty well, but that is quite expected, since she has refined the Death Emperor's Soul, who must have been quite an intimidating presence when he was still alive." Qin Nan grinned.

He had last seen her at the Touring Dojo, and although they did not speak, he was relieved knowing she was fine.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan was not in a rush to look for targets after discovering Jiang Bilan's name. He immediately searched for the familiar names that he had in his mind.

"Tang Qingshan, the inner disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect, who has a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit. His strength is around the sixth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. Previously at the Hundred Creeks Ocean, he slew eight disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, and over forty inner disciples and several hundred outer disciples from the other factions. Anyone who is able to assassinate him will be rewarded with thirteen thousand Monarch Crystals."

Qin Nan was startled seeing this, before wearing a wry smile.

He did not expect that Senior Tang Qingshan would end up joining the Heaven-Saber Sect. However, he was indeed the successor of the Imperial Exterminator Scripture, as his reward had almost reached the silver grade.

Besides, it was highly possible that the other factions were trying to hunt him down too.

"Mm? Is this…"

Qin Nan was astounded.

"The successor of the Emperor of Thieves, Sima Kong, who is currently staying at Shadow City, knows how to change his appearance, and is normally unpredictable, specialized in stealing and robbing cultivators. He has robbed three inner disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, and although he had no intention of killing them, it served as a great humiliation to the disciples, thus the reward for assassinating him is five thousand Monarch Crystals."

Shadow City was where the Shadow Pagoda was located.

"HAHA, this guy is at Shadow City."

Qin Nan burst out laughing.

It seemed like he could finally reunite with Sima Kong here at the Middle Continent.

I'm not sure how impressive Sima Kong's capabilities are now, maybe we could even work together and do something huge again.

Qin Nan continued to browse through the list.

However, even after checking all the names, he had not found Princess Miao Miao, Gong Yang, Yu Luosha, and the others.

"The Princess and the others are here in the Middle Continent too, and they should be doing fine. It's highly possible that their names are not on the list as they aren't enemies of the Dragon Emperor Clan…" Qin Nan mumbled to himself. For some reason, he suddenly recalled the scene at Wuliang Mountain.

A single smile from the Princess was enough to topple a kingdom, who left in an elegant manner, leaving the crowd in astonishment.

She did ask him to look for her at the Middle Continent.

Qin Nan took a deep breath and clenched his fists. A moment later, he relaxed his grip and began searching for suitable quests close to the Shadow Pagoda.

For some reason, the people of the Heaven-Saber Sect were always in Qin Nan's way. Qin Nan immediately saw three quests to murder three disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect, who were currently at Shadow City. Their strengths were each at the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, and the total reward summed up to eight thousand Monarch Crystals.

"I'll take these three quests then."

Qin Nan swiftly registered himself and left the place. He proceeded to sell the loot that he had acquired from Yang Song, giving him five thousand Monarch Crystals, which he planned to buy the information he needed with.

He returned to the Human Peak, before leaving the Dragon Emperor Clan with the two hounds and one mouse.

"HAHAHA, Young Master Qin Nan, you've done the right thing. You shouldn't bring that useless wolf along, as he only knows how to howl…" Yellow and Blacky shook their tails in excitement.

Despite the fact that they were once Martial Progenitors, they had completely lost their dignity and intelligence after becoming hounds.

In their minds, they assumed Qin Nan was favoring them more than Xuan Yue since he had brought them along, causing them to feel extremely joyful.

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse cast a disdainful gaze at them. It would not mind giving each of them a slap to their faces.

Qin Nan was too lazy to be bothered by the hounds. There was a reason why he had decided not to bring Xuan Yue along. He would find himself among countless experts at the Shadow Pagoda, thus he had decided to remain lowkey.

Even though he was hardly intimidated by anyone, he would not make enemies with the experts for no reason.

Besides, he was also giving Xuan Yue time to cultivate. Otherwise, the only thing he could do would be to boost Qin Nan's appearance.

"Stop talking nonsense…" Qin Nan rolled his eyes hearing the barks of the hounds. He took out the All-Knowing Scroll to confirm his route and proceeded to the Middle Sector City.

…Meanwhile, deep inside the Dragon Emperor Clan…

"Keke, the kid has accepted three quests around Shadow City, and is now making his way there." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast giggled before saying in a confused tone, "What is he trying to do? The quests are too simple for him in my opinion."

"He's not dumb. Regardless of what he's doing now, we shall see in the trial in a month's time."

The Dragon Emperor shook his head before he stared into the distance and said, "Just then, another piece of news has arrived from the half-God region. It's getting quite complicated. If my speculations are right, there will be someone stirring a great chaos in three months' time.

Hearing this, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast bit her lip and fell silent.

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