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Go to the Prefecture of Qian…to Stir up Trouble

Qian DuoDuo squinted her eyes, letting out a frightful and sinister sense of atmosphere.

She – Qian DuoDuo, does love silvers, but that was all exchanged from her quick-witted intelligence or hard work and courage. How come when it came out from Long MuChen’s mouth, it had changed its meaning?

Long MuChen immediately explained: “Okay, okay okay. It’s me who had spoken incoherently and misunderstood you – this ‘little transparent’ (what Qian DuoDuo calls herself). I accept my punishment…However Duo Er, can you tell me the real reason why you had come over to find me?”

This woman had in such a way, came with great fanfare, definitely not coming for something good…

Qian DuoDuo saw the steps down [1] and rolled down. She immediately smiled and turned into a small white bunny who had its furs stroked. She innocently and quick-wittedly looked at Long MuChen, opening her mouth: “I want to go to the prefecture of Qian…to stir up trouble…”


Want to stir up trouble then stir up trouble…How come she needed to say it as though she was wronged?

****Duo Er’s dividing Line****

After coming out from the prefecture of Chen Wang, Qian DuoDuo had unrelentingly traveled to the prefecture of Qian.

After the servants who looked after the door saw Qian DuoDuo and Long MuChen, each one of them seemed as though they were mice who had seen a cat, all kneeling on the ground with a thump. They all pay their respects and regards towards them.

Qian DuoDuo just faintly responded: “Get up. Don’t startle the people inside the prefecture.”

Then she walked into the prefecture of Qian, strutting.

As soon as they walked into the door, they had seen a couple of young mistresses who were in groups surrounding the lake behind the fake mountains, complimenting each other.

Qian DuoDuo, remaining calm and collected, had let Long MuChen place his Qing Gong into effect, carrying her up to a tree branch. She hanged her legs out as though a lazy little kitten, leisurely squinting her eyes and looking at the prefecture of Qian up and down. A beautiful scenery of all the colors of spring.

Within them, a woman who was the youngest amongst the group wore a large peony green tobacco yarn Bixia Luo along with a pink narcissus scattered green leaf skirt, covered by gold thin smoke green muslin. She smiled whilst listening to all the admirations and compliments from her fellow sisters.

“Lu Luo ah, this body of clothes is worth probably not less money ah. I’m looking at the materials and the craftsmanship of the peony which is similar to the craftsmanship of the capital’s Qi Sheng Zhai ah. I heard ‘Qi Sheng Zhai’ outside the palace, is specialized in custom making the clothes of the emperor’s relatives. Aye, aye. It’s the Lord who loves you dearly ah. Look at us who have rough skins and thick meats ah. When have we ever seen items so good like this?” A woman who was old in age exclaimed in admiration.

“Yes ah, yes ah. You look at this. Look at the dangling ornament [2] on top of your head. The nature of the jade is extremely fine. It is embedded with that big of a pearl ah. It’s making this old sister so envy of you…” Another one had followed the trend.

That woman called Lu Luo had chuckled twice. The pink handkerchief had softly waved, the tone of her voice was filled with the sense of flaunting: “Sisters, you guys are cracking jokes ah. Where about me is worth for you guys to envy over. It’s just that I am smaller in age than you guys and came in later into the prefecture than the sisters present here so the Lord loves me much more dearly because of this…”

This sentence is obviously saying that they are old in age?

Don’t mention how ugly looking some of the concubine’s faces were after being mocked. Yet they only tilt the corner of this mouths and feel unhappy in their hearts.

Amongst them, one woman disapproved of Lu Huo’s show off and flirtatious behavior the most and humphed, satirizing: “Sister Lu Luo did arrive in the prefecture a later time, therefore, dared to be extremely daring and rushed to steal the first lady’s items. Don’t you know that these items were ordered by the prefecture of third Wangye for Xiao Rou to personally hand this over to the first lady ah? Aren’t you afraid that you are offending the superior and committing an offense to the third WangFei?”

Someone had taken a different position than her which made Lu Luo dissatisfied. She raised her seductive eyes, snorting disdainfully: “Isn’t she the fourth young miss who isn’t favored? In the past when she had seen me, not one time did she not kneel on the ground begging for mercy as though a mouse had seen a cat. Now that she is the third Wangye’s abandoned WangFei, she is extremely important? A couple of days ago, I had gone back to my parental home and heard that she had come back, stirring up trouble and frightened you guys to the point you guys didn’t dare to make a single noise?”


Saw the steps down [1] – An excuse to get out of an embarrassing situation.

Dangling ornament [2] –

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