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Water that is Spilt out 

“I’m saying sisters ah, you guys don’t have much courage. She’s just a tiny girl and that had caused you guys to be frightened like this? If she dared to return back, well I want to see how much of a wave she can start…”

Lu Luo’s tone after said to the end almost had sprained her tongue.

A couple of mistresses and concubines by the side, if it were up to before, when they had seen Qian DuoDuo, which one of them hadn’t played with her in their hands as though she was a soft persimmon? They also had raked in not less of the first lady’s silvers. However, now that they had witnessed how that girl was an arrogant bully and counterattacked, even if they were given extra courage, they wouldn’t dare to make rash decisions anymore.

They could only fall into silence and count down the days before the world ends for Lu Luo.

Although Qian DuoDuo who hung from a tree branch, swinging her legs back and forth, had no past memories, however due to the instinct made by this body, just one look and she knew the old women who were gorgeously dressed in front of her eyes definitely had given herself and mother not less resentment. Suddenly, she was burning with anger, especially towards Lu Luo who still hadn’t changed her behavior. How dare she steal her things?

However, how did Lu Luo even know about Long MuChen and Qian DuoDuo’s existence? She still boasted about, lost in her world: “Plus, the daughter married out is as though water that is spilled out. Since the items were sent here then it is the prefecture of Qian’s. What is in the prefecture of Qian’s is the Lord’s. What the Lord has…obviously is mine…If the sisters like this, there is still some more silk, gauze, and satin in my room. You guys can go pick some and use it to make clothes…Hehe…”

Lu Luo wasn’t even able to make out the ‘hehe’ when Qian DuoDuo whooshed and jumped down from the tree branch. Like a ghost, she scurried behind Lu Luo’s back. She raised one of her legs and kicked hard towards Lu Luo’s butt, directly kicking her into the pond in front of her.

Lu Luo was immersed in a couple of concubine’s gasp of admirations and felt as though she was floating that she hadn’t even noticed a shadow from behind her back. She was just stroking her hair coquettishly, playing with the dangling ornament on top of her head when she felt a feeling of power charged towards her butt. She wasn’t even able to call out loud when she lost her balance and fell head first over, causing a ‘thump–‘ Along with the splash of the water, she had beautifully become a drowned rat.

The maid by the side had seen her master fell into the pond and immediately, called out for help, frightened: “‘ah~~’ Someone please come ah, Concubine Lu Luo had fallen into the pond. Someone, please come ah…”

Qian DuoDuo, calmly and unruffled in the midst of chaos, watched as the maid jumped around and hadn’t stopped her either. She waited until the whole yard’s servants had come over, holding ropes and sticks. They rolled up their sleeves, rushing over to the pond and stood next to each other in uniform. No one dared to go up to save the person.

Qian DuoDuo acted as though a crab, blocking in front of the pond with her body. She watched the group of servants and glared at them coldly as though to say ‘the person who takes another step–dies.’

“Save me ah—Save—Pu—Me—” Over her back. Lu Luo struggled badly in the pond. The thick hairs floated on one part of the water surface and the very long nails painted into a crimson color had appeared out a little bit. Trying to grab onto something.

Qian DuoDuo suddenly shivered. In her head, she thought of a couple of years ago when she watched ‘The mountain village’s old corpse’ by herself at home and the female ghost, in the end, wasn’t she just like Lu Luo?

Duo Er was very kind, had little courage, and was scared of ghosts…

Therefore, before, Qian DuoDuo had just wanted to play a prank on her. Now, she was also afraid that Lu Luo might drown and die in the water. However, she didn’t want to easily let her go either.

Qian DuoDuo lowered her head and thought deeply for a moment. The eyeballs turned around a couple of times then thought of a great idea. She lazily walked in front of the servant and raised her hand over to take a stick over from them. Then, she placed the stick towards Lu Luo was still struggling.

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