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Failed Assassination 

In the dazzling hall, everywhere was gorgeous and luxurious. It had manifested the noblest status.

On the soft gold silk couch, an outstandingly beautiful woman languidly half-leaned on top of it. She faintly squinted her eyes, resembling the imperial imposing manner.

“How did it go?”

“Empress, this subordinate is incapable of completing the task…The assassins that were sent out had failed…” The person who responded was the Empress’s trusted aide, Guang Feng.

“Pa—” The palm of the Empress’s hand fiercely slammed against the table. The pair of eyes suddenly opened, emitting a strong sense of anger: “A group of useless things. You guys can’t even settle a small Long YuTian, what’s the point of Ben Gong cultivating you guys?”

The assassins that she had sent out all were top-notched. If even they can’t kill Long YuTian, then wouldn’t the first prince’s Emperor throne, her son, be in danger?

“Empress, this subordinate wants to atone for his crimes. This subordinate had watched from far away and saw that originally Wangye, by himself, had already been in a disadvantageous position. Soon, the task would’ve been accomplished but who knew Chen Wang suddenly appeared and messed up our plans so…” Guang Feng watched as the Empress became furious and he kneeled on the group with a thump.

“Long MuChen…It’s him again!” The Empress’s eyes were slightly squinted, revealing a deep malicious and scheming look.

This Chen Wang had long withdrawn from the battle of the Emperor’s throne yet he hadn’t settled down at the border area fighting his battle but instead he decided to return back to the capital. Plus, he had displayed the intentions of assisting the third Wangye more than one occasions, in public and in the dark. It was clear that he wanted to make things difficult for her – this Empress!

If this person wasn’t rid of, then it will cause endless trouble in the future.

“Yes. Chen Wang’s skills, Empress – you know this. We are not even a match towards him. We are only able to support ourselves for a couple times before we were all defeated. Luckily, they were pretty loyal to you – Empress. They had all sacrificed themselves and hadn’t left any clues at all. Presumably, even if they wanted to investigate this situation, they would have no access to any clues.”

“This situation will end here. These few days, all place your tails in between your legs while behaving yourselves for Ben Gong. Be careful. When this event had passed over, then we can consider at length what to do next.” Empress rubbed her eyebrows, a distinct trace of tiredness was revealed.

“This subordinate has another situation to report.”


“While this subordinate was far in the distance observing the battle, I saw a woman followed Chen Wang by his side. In the end, I had noticed that the woman was actually the third WangFei. Plus based on this subordinate’s observations, Chen Wang seemed to really care about the third WangFei’s safety. A couple of times, he had blocked in front of her using his body, preventing her from being hurt.”

“There actually had been this situation?” The bottom of the Empress’s eyes flashed over a glimpse of surprise. It was quickly covered. She was silent momentarily: “Continue to speak…”

“This subordinate felt strange that it was late so how come third WangFei and Chen Wang would be together? I especially took note of this and made inquires around. In the end, I had found out that Chen Wang had gone with third WangFei at night to Qian’s prefecture. Plus just before, Imperial Concubine Yun had come back crying. This subordinate had become mindful of this and asked the Imperial Concubine Yun’s maid. From that, I found out that Chen Wang had threatened Imperial Concubine Yun for the third WangFei at Qian’s prefecture. That meaning seemed to be that if she continued to be disrespectful towards the third WangFei, then he will let the Emperor abrogate her title…”

Inevitably, Imperial Concubine Yun’s maid had added more details into the story. Now after Guang Feng had said this, it made the relationship between the two of them even more unfathomable.

After the words were said to here, it was silent inside the Feng Zao Palace.

It was famous among people that Chen Wang wasn’t close to females. Now he was actually out of character?

Plus in the middle of the night, the third Wangye was by himself yet the third WangFei was together with Chen Wang. A single woman and man within a secluded setting. Don’t say that Chen Wang just wanted to protect his nephew’s wife?

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