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Be my Attendant

Long MuChen thought back: “They told us to mind our own businesses.”

Qian DuoDuo snapped her fingers: “Right, it’s this sentence. very obviously, their only target was you – third Wangye. They didn’t want to stir up trouble…Plus you guys look at the leading assassin’s last move. As soon as he waved his hand, everyone, all bit their tongues and killed themselves. They would sacrifice their lives just so you guys wouldn’t be able to capture any alive ones.”

“You guys think carefully. Who is the one that has this power to order a group of sacrificial warriors to work for him and who is the one that cared about you – third Wangye’s existence during this crisis of conferring a title on the Crown Prince?”

“Duo Er, what you’re trying to say is, the person who struck against my third brother is…”

“I didn’t say anything. I am just a small lady who doesn’t know anything.”

Once Qian DuoDuo had said it to here, this firmly interrupted the words that Long YinTian was about to say. It was not certain that their surroundings were filled with spies. She didn’t want to be the next target.

However, since the words were said to this point, everyone had a mutual understanding of what the answer was.

However, this event needed further investigation and helpful evidence.

Long YinTian noticed that the atmosphere right now was a little awkward and he was also scared that Qian DuoDuo might’ve had some ideas of the royal family’s ugly news which might cause her to have a bad impression on them – these princes. He immediately changed the subject and said, smiling: “Who knew Duo Er is so understanding. This led me to feel unexpected.”

This sentence was not flattery. Such a good woman yet the third brother had thrown her away, not paying any attention to her. If it was him, he would’ve acted as though he gained a treasure.

She watched as Long YinTian held an admiring expression and Qian DuoDuo very proudly announced: “Okay. Since you have been so truthful, this lady will allow you to worship me as ‘Goddess!'”

“Pu—-” Long YinTian burst out in laughter. He mumbled: “Goddess—-mental ah…”

Qian DuoDuo swept a horrifying gaze towards him. Long YinTian immediately changed: “I said it wrong, I said it wrong…”

Qian DuoDuo climbed up along the pole [1]: “Be my little brother! You will be rank three.”

Since he’s the little brother then he might as well be the little brother. But how come he’s ranked third?

“Then who is rank second?” In Long YinTian’s heart, he didn’t want to accept this. He shot a glance at Long YuTian in the meanwhile and saw that his face turned black. At that moment, he chuckled out loud: “Third brother, you probably aren’t forced to submit to this girl too, right?”

“Humph!” Long YuTian revealed a look of disdain.

“Humph, humph, humph~~” Qian DuoDuo’s voice was louder than his. It was obvious that the two treated each other as enemies: “Just him? He wants to be ranked second? Look at his face as though the Changbai mountains. His father doesn’t pamper him and his mother doesn’t love him. If he was to follow behind me, I’m scared that the officials might capture me to jail because they think I am an illegal immigration guest…Long YuTian and Qian DuoDuo, is obviously not on the same level. Okay!”

“Our family’s rank second is someone else!” As she said this, Qian DuoDuo’s small finger pointed towards Long MuChen.

Long YinTian wanted to disagree before because the person who is going to be his sworn second brother can’t be a normal person. Who knew the rank second attendant from Qian DuoDuo’s mouth was actually Long MuChen. He got so frightened that he turned mute for a while, unable to say anything.

Long MuChen chuckled helplessly. He embarrassedly touched his nose…

However, he wasn’t anxious. Someone else was instead, anxious. Once Long YuTian heard of this news, he suddenly stood up from the rock and grabbed Qian DuoDuo’s wrist. He yelled: “Qian DuoDuo, do you not want your life anymore! You dared to let the fourteenth uncle be sworn brothers with you and placed him in rank second ah. How many heads do you have to chop off ah?”

“It’s not fourteenth, it’s the second…” Qian DuoDuo moved her wrist back. She rolled her eyes and in the next second, her tongue instantly was knotted. She swallowed her saliva, choking out: “The fourteenth uncle…You are saying he’s your…fourteenth royal uncle?”


Climbed up along the pole [1] – Asking for more when given a small ‘treat’ – benefit.

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