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Analyzing the Enemy’s Situation

Long MuChen was simply stunned. He lowered his head to look at the ground. It was so messy and undecipherable handwriting. He surprisingly asked: “Duo Er, there is no abacus here. How did you count it out? Plus what is this that you’re drawing on the ground?”

“Psh…I am saying you guys have no knowledge. You guys don’t even know addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and Arabic numerals. This lady will teach you guys a lesson for free. This is called the multiplication table. Don’t mention these couple thousand silvers. Even if you guys give me a couple ten millions worth of silver, I will be able to calculate it out for you guys.”

Once the three men had heard this, they were shocked.

With a neutral heart, they really like Qian DuoDuo. This woman was sincere and cute, not sticking to the world’s rules. She lived with taste and flavor, a very much fabulous life. Compared to the warm and virtuous women they had seen by their sides, Qian DuoDuo was much more interesting.

Especially last night where she came to Bai Hua Lou and the scene where she made a huge racket out of it had led them to increase their knowledge of her strange martial arts moves.

Not only that, she actually knew what ‘multiplication tables’ and ‘Arabic numerals’ were. They had heard no such things since they’ve grown up this big!

They suddenly thought that Qian DuoDuo had a very strong soul. It was bottomless and the places that she was in, there was always shock and surprise.

Long YuTian watched as fourth Wangye and Long MuChen had complimented Qian DuoDuo and his heart had felt some sort of pain that couldn’t be explained in words. He peculiarly started to make things difficult for Qian DuoDuo: “What broken things are these. I see you only have one mouth. Aren’t you afraid you might’ve sprained your tongue? Don’t you like to interrupt us? Ben Wang will give you one chance. If you can’t explain what happened with this situation from the beginning to end, then Ben Wang will take your banknotes away!”

Qian DuoDuo originally thought it was fun which was why she tried to disgust Long YuTian. Who knew he started to place an idea on her banknotes and said she only knew how to talk big!

She watched the way he held a proud expression on as though he was very important. She casted a side glance at him before she picked up a small tree branch. Like an old professor, while she drew a map she also explained what was going on.

“The people who had attacked you, the first is murder as a crime of passion, the second is murder as a crime of hatred and the third one is a murder as a crime of politics.”

“If it was a murder as a crime of passion and it was me, I wouldn’t make fatal moves towards you ah and let you die so quickly. I will carve your body full of tortoises then cut off your ** and crush it, placing it on the wall. I will torture your body and soul to the point where you don’t want to live anymore. Therefore, murder as a crime of passion is eliminated.”

Crushed and placed upon a wall…The three men couldn’t help to clamp their two legs tightly. A certain part was vaguely hurting.

“If it was murder as a crime of hatred, you – Long YuTian was born with a face that people didn’t like. Therefore, it is likely you might’ve made enemies everywhere…You could’ve dug someone’s ancestor’s graves. Someone could’ve burnt your WangFu down: You stole someone’s woman. That person could’ve just bullied your concubines instead. Returning politeness for politeness. They didn’t need to waste countless money on hiring the sacrificial warriors to claim your life, right?”

The three people heard Qian DuoDuo’s analyzation. Although every few sentences, she yelled at Long YuTian and it might’ve seemed like silly talk, but she had some reason to it.

Long YinTian: “Then based on what you had said, there is only one possibility left?”

Qian DuoDuo thought back to the history she had seen in books. For the Emperor throne, the brothers had turned against each other. There are countless times when blood-related siblings had questioned each other. She suddenly felt sympathetic towards these two princes born in the royal family. Her eyebrows were also deeply scrunched.

“These people’s task of assassination must have gone through thorough planning. They knew your daily life with the back of their hands and knew you were going out of the WangFu today by yourself. That’s why they made a move…Do you guys still remember before when MuChen and I had rushed over, what the lead assassin had said?”

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