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Chapter 30   Mrs Gu, where do you wanna go?

Sitting on the seat and looking at the passangers around her, Tang Anran finally exhaled a sigh of relief.

She had already taken the airplane and the airplane would soon take off  taking her away fromYang City. Then she didn't need to worry that Gu Wuyang would catch up with her.

Thinking of Gu Wuyang, a strange feeling began to stir in her and she felt a bit uncomfortable.

But she didn't think too much and thought it was just the reaction of airsickness, so she closed her eyes and was about to take a break.

At the time that Tang Anran almost fell asleep, the broadcast in the airplane suddenly sounded, "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for taking this flight. We now need to delay the time of taking off due to an emergency. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may bring to you. Please sit still and stay calm, the problem will be handled soon. Your kind understanding and cooperation will be appreciated... "

After the sudden broadcast stopped, all the sleepiness of Tang Anran disappeared instantly..

She frowned and started to worry about this. It won't be so coincidental!?

But how could an emergency happen exactly to the fight she took?

Although Tang Anran was a bit worried, she still tried to console herself that it was impossible for Gu Wuyang to come here and find her since he was so busy and he didn't have the time.

Unfortunately, as soon as she had said this in her heart, a man appeared in front of her and immediately a familiar voice sounded, "Mrs Gu, where do you wanna go?"

Hearing the voice of the man, Tang Anran trembled in her heart and her body got frozen. She raised her head slowly and then saw Gu Wuyang's handsome face in front of her.

He really came!

"How could you..." Tang Anran looked at him with an incredible look and didn't know what she should say right now.

"Let's talk later." Gu Wuyang didn't want to waste time here, he bent down and unfasten Tang Anran's seat belt on her waist after he said the words. Then he grabbed her wrist and took her out of the airplane forcibly.

After Tang Anran recovered from the shock, she found that she was already in the car of Gu Wuyang while he was driving the car silently with his expressionless pucker face.

But Tang Anran still could feel how angry he was right now through the chilling horrible momentum emanated from Gu Wuyang.

Taking a deep breath, Tang Anran turned to him and said in a hurry, " Gu Wuyang, I'm really sorry about that I left without telling anyone else. But I really have something to handle which is the most important thing for me. About the wedding, please do me a favor and help me to explain to grandpa, I will appreciate you a lot in the future."

It had been more than a month since Tang Anran was reborn, but the hatred in her heart never reduced as the time passed by.

As long as she thought about her tragedy and the death of her daughter, she couldn't sleep all night and the violent anger and resentment in her heart grew deeper and deeper whereas the culprit, Li Wenbo , was still enjoying his happy life with his mistress.

She would never let them go! So she had to go back to North city as soon as possible.

After Gu Wuyang heard Tang Anran's words, he was silent for a few seconds, and then asked with a cold voice, " Don't you say that we will never meet again? Then how can you appreciate me?"

Facing his enquiry, Tang Anran explained immediately, "I know this was my fault, but I really have something important to deal with. I promise that I will come back after I finishe everything. At that time, I will do everything whatever you want me to do as a return."

"I don't need your appreciation and you'd better not make trouble for me again." At the time of waiting for the green light, Gu Wuyang stopped the car and turned round looking at Tang Anran, " You can go ask grandpa by yourself, and if he agrees, I won't stop you anymore."

Hearing what Gu Wuyang said, Tang Anran knew that there were no other ways except grandpa said 'yes'.

Tang Anran's hands on her legs clenched unconsciously and she hesitated for a while, then she nodded her head, "Fine, then please drive me to the Gu's old house right now, and I will talk with grandpa."

She wanted to go to North city as soon as possible, and didn't want to stay here wasting more time. Now that she had to get grandpa's agreement sooner or later, she preferred to go to talk with him now.

Gu Wuyang didn't say anything about her request. Nodding as a cold response to her, he turned the direction and drove her to the Gu's old house.

It was Tuesday today, so Gu Wenjing and Gu Wenya went to school and Gu Shenxing went to the company. Now there was only master Gu in Gu's old house.

When Tang Anran came in the door with Gu Wuyang, she saw grandpa Gu who wore glasses sitting on the sofa in the living room and selecting something carefully.

"Master, Mr. and Miss came back." The butler said to Master Gu and then left.

Master Gu took off the glasses and raised his head smiling at the two people coming from outside, "Wuyang, Anran. Why do you come here together today?"

"Grandpa." Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran called him at the same time, then they walked to grandpa Gu together.

After they got close to the table, they finally noticed the things on the table were samples of different invitation cards.

"I'm choosing the invitation card of the wedding right now. Since you're here, and you can tell me which one you prefer." Master Gu laughed loudly and then gave them some samples of the invitation cards.

Looking at the invitation cards prepared by grandpa Gu in her hands, Tang Anran knew that grandpa Gu took the wedding seriously. She really didn't know how to tell him the thing about canceling the wedding right now.

She turned to Gu Wuyang for help, but she found that he had already sat on the sofa opposite to them looking through the invention cards. Obviously, he would not help her.

After making sure that Gu Wuyang wouldn't give her a hand, Tang Anran decided to communicate with grandpa by herself.

She sat down near grandpa Gu and organized her thoughts in her mind, then she looked at him and asked with a smile, "Grandpa, can we cancel the wedding?"

"Cancel? Why should we cancel it?" After master Gu heard Tang Anran's words, he drew his eyebrows together at once and then turned to glare at Gu Wuyang, "Did he force you to say that?"

Master Gu knew that Xu Anran loved Gu Wuyang all the time, so he didn't believe that she would propose to cancel the wedding. It must be Gu Wuyang who forced her to say that.

Gu Wuyang raised his head and gave Tang Anran a glance, then he looked at grandpa Gu and said coldly, "That has nothing to do with me."

"No, he didn't. It's me who want to cancel the wedding." Tang Anran waved her hand hurriedly at once after she heard what grandpa Gu had said, "Grandpa, I'm not ready for the wedding now. How about we hold the wedding later? I'm very satisfied with current life."

"Anran, grandpa is old now and do not have many time in this world. Before I die, all my wish is to see the kids of the Gu Family will get married and have their own happy family. It has been more than one year since you got married to Wuyang without a wedding, which wronged you too much. So no matter what happens, I must hold a wedding for you."

"I've almost prepared everything for the wedding and you don't need to do anything, just waiting for the day of the wedding coming and being the bride at that time."

Grandpa Gu's firm attitude didn't give her any chance to say 'no', so finally, Tang Anran could only give up the idea of canceling the wedding helplessly.

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