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Owed Debt but not Returning Money

“Does this count as seducing?” Long MuChen teasingly asked.

I seduce you sister ah!

Qian DuoDuo moodily rolled her eyes.

“If you have something to say, then say it. Holding it in isn’t good for your body.”

“Um…that…” Qian DuoDuo awkwardly moved around then finally decided in a spurt of energy: “Before at Bai Hua Lou, the 10,000 silvers you gave to Qian prefecture’s servant was given voluntarily ah. I hadn’t asked for you to give him it. You can’t demand a payment from me. Even if you do so, I won’t admit to it either!”

Long MuChen was speechless at the moment. Before he purposefully ignored her but with the corner of his eyes, he still paid attention to Qian DuoDuo. He believed firmly that she had something to say and it might be something that she was too embarrassed to say. He had thought maybe she wanted to beg him to punish the second lady in Qian’s prefecture?

Who knew the moment she opened her mouth, it was because of the 10,000 silvers. It instantly led Long MuChen to be helpless.

Can this woman not jump around to different thoughts so often?

Long MuChen considered for a moment or two before he seriously answered: “10,000 silvers, I will go to third WangFu tomorrow to get it back…”

“What! Do you have to be so self-interested?!” Once Qian DuoDuo heard this kind of response, her hairs had stood up. She assumed a look as though she was ready to fight but then she thought back to what happened in Qian’s prefecture. As soon as Long MuChen had made a move, the housekeeper’s hand contained a bloody hole. She instantly softened down. However based on the face of the banknotes, she made a decision to argue for what was right: “You are not embarrassed to ask me for money ah! You had made such a racket in Qian’s prefecture and this lady hadn’t even asked you for money! I will calculate it for you right now…The fee for stalking, the fee for peeking, the medical fee for beating Qian prefecture’s servants, the fee for scaring and threatening my elder sister, and my elder brother’s treatment fee. No matter what, it’s probably over 10,000 silvers right?”

Her – Qian DuoDuo’s standard for being a person is…when owed a debt, she won’t return the money back!

“Qian Hao Han seemed to be injured by you?” Long MuChen laughed.

“If it wasn’t that you had thrown the 10,000 silvers to his attendant, how would I dare to beat him up? Wasn’t it you who had stirred this up behind my back?” Qian DuoDuo shifted the blame over to Long MuChen as though her words were justified.

Long MuChen chuckled. This woman’s meaning seemed to be that he was the one who had carried bunks of banknotes over to watch her fight with someone else. However, her fighting strength during that time was indeed wonderful. But the ability in which she acted well-behaved when she had gained an advantage, on the contrary, had led him to admire her more.

“Duo Er, why did you run to Bai Hua Lou for at night?” Long MuChen smartly changed the subject.

“Oh, I went to capture Qian Hao Han ah. However, I hadn’t thought I would’ve seen you guys there.” Qian DuoDuo’s eyes suddenly became horrifying. She clenched her teeth: “This Long YuTian who should’ve died actually dared to secretly go to a brothel. He really doesn’t put this lady in his eyes?!”

“Duo Er, you are angry?” Long MuChen’s tone seemed to be casual but his eyebrows were deeply furrowed.

“Of course I am mad!” Qian DuoDuo very seriously replied. She originally was very interested in the ancient time’s brothels yet she had no silvers on her. Therefore, she wasn’t able to fool around. She humphed from her nose and continued to scold: “That Long YuTian doesn’t even value loyalty. He doesn’t even take me to such a fun place…If he had taken me, I could’ve helped him be more observant and pick out some leading ladies and famous beauties to bring back to WangFu to wash dishes and sweep the floors.”

She said she wanted to go to Bai Hua Lou to help Long YuTian find leading ladies?

This is the type of attitude a woman should have towards her husband?

No feeling of hurt, no feeling of anger, no feeling of resentment. Yet, she actually complained about the fact that Long YuTian hadn’t brought her to the brothel to play?

Could it be that the rumored Qian DuoDuo who loved the third Wangye to death was just groundless accusations?

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