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Qian DuoDuo Demonstrates her Power [4]

Long MuChen embarrassingly touched his nose and stopped speaking. However, when the others hadn’t noticed, he waved his hand. The woman by his side seemed to have felt Cheng Wang’s displeasure so she knew her best and left.

“That, wait for a second…” Long YinTian who stood by the side hadn’t spoken at all, swallowed his saliva and interrupted.

A pair of eyes, stared at Qian DuoDuo, as though the eyeballs almost flew out.

If he hadn’t remembered wrong, the first time when he saw her, she was a woman covered in soot and extremely sloppy.

Not like now who twirled her body and changed into a magnificent beauty.

Skin like cream, eyebrows like willow leaves, eyes like stars, paired up with a domineering attitude and weird personality. This is simply unbelievable!

He was so shocked that he hadn’t been able to get out of the trance from this sky and earth turning upside down [1] change.

“Third brother, you are saying this is Qian DuoDuo, the dark and swarthy thing?” Long YinTian hadn’t believed this and turned around towards the third Wangye to ask.

What dark and swarthy thing? You are not even a thing!

Qian DuoDuo pursed her mouth. She clutched her waist and assumed an extremely arrogant imposing manner. She casted a side glance at Long YinTian: “I’m saying that you’re such a sissy that no good words could be expected from you. If I didn’t yell at you for one day, then your whole body itches for a beating and don’t know how to speak ah? How about this, every day in the afternoon you come to report to the third WangFu and send 1,000 banknotes. This young miss might consider scolding you until your whole body feels better!”

Once she finished her words, Long YinTian was completely speechless…

No wonder when he saw Qian DuoDuo before, he had a feeling of familiarity. As it turned out the first time when he met her, she already left a deep impression on him.

It’s just that who knew after she washed her face, she was actually such a devastatingly beautiful woman.

They were princes and pampered since childhood. All of them were the proud sons of the Emperor. The people by their side, none of them dared not to be respectful and have proper etiquette towards them. They all tried to flatter and please them which over time, had made them form the habit of being arrogant. At the same time, it had made their lives truly tedious and boring.

There was only Qian DuoDuo, who was undisciplined and had the courage to challenge their authority each time after another. Fighting and teasing each other with her, suddenly made their eyes bright. It seemed to be fun. After being yelled at, he felt as though his body was completely relaxed and at ease.

He turned his head to take a look at Long YuTian, suddenly there was a feeling of jealousy that he couldn’t explain.

Long YuTian saw that his fourth brother gazed steadily at Qian DuoDuo while Qian DuoDuo returned a glare back, with an arrogant temperament. A trace of strange spark had formed by the two people by his eyes flashed over a dark light.

He scrunched his eyebrows. Calmly, he opened his mouth to interrupt the session between big eyes glaring at small eyes: “Qian DuoDuo, you probably came here not just to fight with the fourth brother right.”

“Ah…Right, I almost forgot about the proper business!” Qian DuoDuo jumped and placed away her teasing expression. Suddenly she angerly hollered: “What a great pair of a cheating couple, watch as I tear his skin!”

“Presumptious, how dare you scold Ben Wang!”

“…” Qian DuoDuo had no idea what happened. She had only seen Long YuTian who stood up from his seat all of a sudden with great strength. The table was almost flipped over. He held in a breath, a cold ray of light suddenly appeared in the bottom of his eyes.

She moved her black paint like eyes around and was quiet momentarily then she smiled: “Wangye, you probably didn’t believe that I was scolding you guys as a cheating couple? Hehe…You and Long YinTian are no doubt, real brothers. One doesn’t have anything to do so askes for insults. The other one doesn’t have anything to do and picks up insults. You guys always dump whatever feces basins onto yourselves, what a pair of clowns…”

In this world, there are people who picked up gold, silver, but never seen anyone who had picked up insults.


This sky and earth turning upside down [1] – Complete confusion.

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