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Qian DuoDuo Demonstrates her Power [5]

Long YinTian held a face of innocence. He said anything yet he still got shot? [1]

However, this woman’s mouth was cruel, scolding people indirectly and not letting others find loopholes to attack back.

The more he looked at her the more he thought she was unique…The unique kind of cute…

Qian DuoDuo watched as Long YuTian took in a deep breath in his heart. The malicious eyes seemed to have contained a flame which moved around. Her heart had thumped harshly against her chest and she remembered that she did have something to do indeed so she waved her hands. Her face was filled with dissatisfaction: “This young miss still has something to do tonight so this person of great moral stature will not remember the offenses committed by one of lower moral stature. Therefore, I won’t lower my self to you guys – a group of men who have no integrity and inner qualities. You guys don’t need to be deeply grateful to me…”

Gain the initiative by striking first. Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best.

After she finished this statement, Qian DuoDuo ran out of the elegant room. The three men stared with wide eyes as this rampant woman disappeared from their sight. They felt suffocated that they weren’t able to say a single word.

This breath wasn’t adjusted yet when they heard from the corner of the side ‘Bang’ and ‘Plop—‘ Came a loud rang. Besides that, came a woman’s ear-piercing holler: “Qian Hao Han, quickly come out for this great aunt!”

After that, they saw from a room where a man with improper clothes who rolled down the stairs, scared witlessly along with a shout as though killing a pig.

This man wasn’t anyone else, but Qian Hao Han who Qian DuoDuo was looking for.

Qian Hao Han kneeled on the ground and randomly wore his clothes and shoes. He didn’t dare to raise his head to look at the Hedong lioness in front of him. He just kept apologizing: “Wife, I am wrong. I am wrong. I do not dare to do it again. I promise that I will never go into Bai Hua Lou…”

Qian DuoDuo looked down upon the man and her tone was ice cold: “Widen your dog eyes to look clearly. Who is your wife? I am your great aunt!”

After these words came out, Qian Hao Han’s actions paused then slowly raised his head to take a look.

The woman in front of him had an arrogant temperament, the eyes seemed as though an icy star. Her complexion was delicate and had graceful long hairs. What a beautiful woman…

It’s just that…

“Qian DuoDuo! It’s actually you!” Qian Hao Han shockingly exclaimed. After that, he immediately placed his guard down and sat on the ground unhurriedly adjusting his clothes. He complained: “How come you this stupid girl don’t go be your third WangFei but instead ran here? Do you know this young master – I had waited in line for a few days before I got young miss Ru Yan…I used 3,000 banknotes. You dared to kick away this young master’s beauty. Tell me, how are you going to compensate me?”

“Compensate you? Okay…you get up. This young miss will compensate you greatly…”

Qian DuoDuo wiggled her small fingers over. Her charming eyes smiled which was quite moving. Even the true brother couldn’t help to drool. As though his soul was hooked, he moved closer to Qian DuoDuo. However, when he was still captivated and head over heels in love, Qian DuoDuo coldly raised her hand and harshly slapped Qian Hao Han’s face a couple times. Harsh but quickly, it had left five handmarks on his handsome face.

“You…You this small wench, you dared to hit me!” Qian Hao Han directly fell to the ground. The feeling of pain made him came back from his trance. He unbelievably stared at this previously weak sister which he bullied as he like.

“Nonsense! Could it be that I am caressing you?” Qian DuoDuo mocked coldly.

Qian Hao Han hadn’t said a word. No matter what he was still the usual customer in Bai Hua Lou, the elder master of family Qian, and the true brother of the royal court’s Imperial Concubine. How could he have let a woman who couldn’t even kill a chicken [2] beat him up in his place?


Go shot [1] – Figurative of saying get unjustly ridiculed, attacked, implicated in sth etc while just being present

Couldn’t kill a chicken [2] – This is the literal meaning but it describes someone as being weak that they couldn’t even kill a chicken.

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