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Returning back to Parental Home [2]


The second lady Li Mei was so angry that she stomped on her feet. At the door of Qian’s prefecture she pointed at Qian DuoDuo and angrily scolded:


“Qian DuoDuo, don’t think that just because you married into the third Wangye’s prefecture that you can treat yourself as the third WangFei. On your wedding night, you were thrown into the cold palace. [1] You are here trying to act above me…For what reason? After all isn’t it because of Empress Dowager’s decree? Your mother, that slut, in the past had married to Lord based on Empress Dowager’s degree as well. You had come with this trick too. I think not long later, the third Wangye’s divorce letter would arrive. You, this slut, had lost our Qian prefecture’s face!”

Qian DuoDuo hated it when others used her mother to say things. Although she had never met this body’s mother but in her blood, she had already begun to protect her. Her heart was infuriated yet on her face she revealed a grin: “Second lady, you’re right. My mother and I were both decreed personally by Empress Dowager. She became this prefecture’s first lady while I became the third WangFei…As for ‘sluts’ ah…How to say this? The two of us, ‘sluts,’ is much more honorable than you, a concubine. You, this ‘noble person,’ want me, this ‘slut,’ third WangFei to kneel and worship you as proper etiquette?”

“You…you…” Li Mei was so vexed that she spouted smoke through the seven orifices.[2] Her tongue was also knotted. “My daughter is the royal court’s Imperial Concubine!… How can she be compared to you – an unfavorable abandoned third WangFei! When the third Wangye was at the wedding ceremony, he had already announced to the whole Sheng Chen Country that your whole life can only be spent in the cold palace. Just based on the fact that you’re a woman who will live in darkness, you want me to perform proper etiquette? There’s not even a door! [3] ”

Talk about her life ah! She had melodramatically been struck by thunder and passed through time. She originally thought that since she had passed through on a WangFei’s body that she could happily have fun with it. However, now even anyone dared to bully her! They always hanged the phrase ‘abandoned WangFei’ on their mouths, waiting to see a joke!

Qian DuoDuo howled in grief in her heart. She neither obsequious nor superciliously raised her head to look at the second lady. She exclaimed word by word: “The way that the second lady had said it, seemed to object to Empress Dowager’s degree, thinking that she – an old lady is confused? My mother, more than ten or more past years, had experienced bullying and humiliation. You guys had already committed the crime of lying to the Emperor. Now you guys dared to slander the royal court’s WangFei? Be smart. You guys better open your dog eyes and look clearly. The Qian DuoDuo now is not someone you can deal with!”

“Wait for it! In the future, there are things for you to cry about!” Li Mei turned her shame into anger and let out harsh words!

“Okay, then you can slowly wait for it. Wait until I cry and you laughing. But the precondition is that you can live until then!” Qian DuoDuo was too lazy to speak nonsense to her. She was a good lady with basic essence. How could she behave like a vixen? She stopped for a second and turned around to say to Xiao Rou: “Go, follow Ben WangFei in!”

After she finished, she strutted in Qian’s prefecture.

Once they passed through the fake mountains and garden, Qian DuoDuo just realized that the official residence was indeed splendorous and majestic.

But it was no wonder since the daughter is the Imperial Concubine Cloud now. Government minister Qian was the Guo Zhang. The style obviously needed to be sufficient.

When they walked into the front hall, a vigorous and powerful voice came from inside: “You’re back?”

Qian DuoDuo looked over to see on the main position of the front hall sat a man who was around his forties. His face was serious, not casually smiling. A pair of eyes shot out a bright light. From her first glance, she knew this was family Qian’s the highest leader — Qian Zheng Kuan.

Qian Zheng Kuan at the same time observed Qian DuoDuo. Though the clothes were not gorgeous but there is a sense of self-confidence through her eyebrows. He had heard the servant’s report she and the second lady contradicted with one another at the door. A couple times she had made the second lady so mad that she stomped on her feet. At that time he hadn’t believed it. Now the moment that he saw Qian DuoDuo, from her firm and keen eyes, he realizes that the daughter he never paid attention to changed. She was not the little white rabbit that allowed anyone to step over her like from the past.


Cold palace [1] – A part of the palace where unfavored concubines/wives are sent to as punishment or just pure dislike.

Spouted smoke through the seven orifices [2] – An idiom for seething with anger.

There’s not even a door [3] – Meaning there’s not even a chance she will do so.

Guo Zhang – An important position in the royal court.

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