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Returning back to Parental Home [1]

However the servants in the third WangFu had saw that their Wangye had made an appointment with fourth brother early in the morning to go out and tour. This meant that he didn’t put Qiao DuoDuo in his heart at all.

Therefore, they openly and without fear had ignored the third WangFei who was not favored. Besides that, there were some servants who loved to gossip had privately counted down to see when their Wangye would divorce his wife.

“Hey, go prepare the sedan chair. Our young miss is turning back to Qian’s prefecture.” Xiao Rou pulled over a servant and ordered.

“Lady Xiao Rou, there’s no more sedan chairs in the prefecture. A few ladies had used it to go out to sight-see. How about you and WangFei don’t head out today?” A sharp mouth, monkey cheeked servant replied as he observed Qian DuoDuo and saw how her whole body was covered in thick cloth and rags. Because of that he believed that she wasn’t treated the best. Therefor,e he felt no fear due to her background.

“Enough, Xiao Rou. It’s rare that the weather is nice out. Let’s go out to absorb the sunshine and to disinfect ourselves. Otherwise, we will become moldy.” Qian DuoDuo was too lazy to argue with them and pulled Xiao Rou over.

Xiao Rou bit on her lips and spat in disdain. “Servants with dog eyes that look beneath people!”

In her past life, she was a SWAT police. Compared to the delicately pretty young misses, walking was naturally not something difficult. Qian DuoDuo pulled on Xiao Rou’s arm and went to change the banknotes at the money farm. After that, they walked towards Qian’s prefecture.

When they had arrived, it passed lunch time. A servant at the front of the prefecture had already waited early at the door. Once they saw Qian DuoDuo, they immediately welcomed her. They called her ‘fourth young miss’ then looked around the surroundings. After being stunned for a couple moments, they surprisingly asked: “How come fourth young miss had came back by herself? Where is Wangye ah?”

“Oh..Wangye said he’s not coming.” Qian DuoDuo naturally answered, not unhappy about the servant’s lack of etiquette.

The servant scornly looked up and down at Qian DuoDuo. The new third WangFei had came back to her parent home, that is such an essential event. Wangye not only hadn’t came with her, but there was not a single carrier [1] in sight. Don’t even talk about how unpresentable that is.

The servant turned his head around and jogged into the prefecture. Soon, a woman’s voice came from inside. It was sharp and contained mockery: “Oh my! So it was actually our fourth young miss that returned. Lord had prepared a banquet early in the morning and he is waiting in the front hall. Who knew that Wangye didn’t come but instead, I see our young miss who had just married and brought a maid covered in dirt. What show is this playing at?”

Qian DuoDuo raised her eyes up to take a look. She saw a beautiful woman who was around her thirties, wearing silk and expensive fabric. She leisurely walked out of the prefecture under the maids’ escort. Once she had spoke, it was mixed with complete provocation.

“Xiao Rou, which is this person that barks randomly?” Qian DuoDuo very naively blinked her eyes at Xiao Rou. She used ‘which,’ this measure word [2] .

Xiao Rou shivered, her face pale white. She grabbed Qian DuoDuo’s hand and whispered: “Young miss, you forgot. This is the second lady. She is not a normal person. Her daughter, who is your second sister, is the palace’s Imperial Concubine Cloud…”

“Pff—” The relationships in the olden times are so messy…Will this be counted as *** ah?

“Oh…so this is the second lady ah…A couple days no see, your face had turned big. No wonder Ben WangFei didn’t recognize you.” Qian DuoDuo faintly grinned. The sound was pleasing to the ears: “Perhaps that’s where ‘to swell one’s face up by slapping it to look imposing’ [3] had came from?”

The second lady Li Mei was so angry that she stomped on her feet. At the door of Qian’s prefecture she pointed at Qian DuoDuo and angrily scolded:


Carrier [1] – The person who carries the sedan chair. It’s usually the mode of transportation in the ancient times and used to prove how favorable they are.

Measure words [2] – Ways to describe the amount of people, things, animals, etc.

To swell one’s face up by slapping it to look imposing [3]– An idiom meaning trying to impress someone by pretending you have the abilities to do so.

*** – In raws.

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