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Published at 20th of July 2020 12:28:59 PM
Chapter 254
Chapter 254 - Matchmaker (2)

When Princess Consort Lin heard this, the smile on her face immediately faded and her face darkened . She awkwardly tugged the corner of her lips and then she turned around to give Imperial Concubine Lin a look .


Imperial Concubine was sitting next to the Emperor . Hearing Long Muchen’s words, the Emperor’s face froze a bit and then he immediately mediated, “Fourteenth Brother, don’t blame this Royal Brother for being too talkative, but you’re not that young anymore either . It’s time for you to get married . You’re the youngest of the late Emperor’s sons, and the others have long been married . Their kids are quite old as well . Even this Emperor's sons are married too . As their Royal Uncle, how can you be lacking against them?”


Long Muchen faintly smiled and one couldn’t see through his expression . He elegantly took a sip of tea and said in a formal tone, “Many thanks to the Royal Brother . This Prince is in the military for the majority of the time . Even more, the situation by the border of Sheng Chen isn’t stable either . Therefore, I don’t have any plans to get married . If Imperial Concubine Lin is rushing to find a suitor for Zhaoyang, this Prince can recommend a few . ”


It was clear that he was rejecting the offer and this struck Zhaoyang’s heart badly .

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Rong Guang’s women were mostly bold and unrestrained, especially towards their feelings . They don’t easily cry because they encountered a challenge . She sniffled and then asked stubbornly, “Brother Chen, do you hate me?”


“No…” Long Muchen said the truth .


“Then you like me…”

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“This Prince said that I only treat you like a sister…”


“Brother Chen, don’t say this . I only know that between men and women, there is only dislike and like . Since you like me and treat me as your sister, you can also try to accept me . Let me become your Princess Consort . ” Princess Zhaoyang faced the pressure and said even more boldly!


Towards Zhaoyang’s courage, the Emperor smiled . “Zhaoyang is right . You guys have known each other since children . Obviously, you guys will be better together than others . Fourteenth Brother, don’t be so quick to reject it . After all, you should get along with Zhaoyang first… Plus, before the Empress Dowager died, other than picking a Princess Consort for Yu’er, she was most worried for your marriage . ”


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“As they say, there are three things that make you unfilial . One of them is not having a family . Do you really have the heart to ignore Empress Dowager’s thoughts?”


Long Muchen slightly narrowed his eyes, a bit unhappy . He said in a straightforward tone, “Royal Brother, let me tell you the truth . I have someone that I like . I’m only marrying her in my life . ”


When Zhaoyang heard this, she was really upset by Long Muchen’s complete rejection . She violently coughed, unable to accept this .


The Imperial Concubine Lin hurriedly called the imperial physician over, startled . They took the pulse for Zhaoyang .


“Imperial physician, how is Princess Zhaoyang?” Seeing Zhaoyang’s red face, Imperial Concubine Lin asked worriedly .


“Report to the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Lin, Princess Zhaoyang is fine . She was just startled . Plus, because she wasn’t used to the conditions in Sheng Chen and didn’t get enough sleep, she started to have asthma . ”


Seeing her daughter tearing up, Prince Lian was angry . He pulled Zhaoyang and wanted to leave . “Zhaoyang, leave with me . Since Prince Chen doesn’t feel the same way, there is no point in you pestering him . Even more, you’ll make a joke of yourself . I don’t believe that there aren’t any good men in our Rong Guang Country . Do you have to marry someone in Sheng Chen?”

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