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Published at 22nd of July 2020 11:12:26 AM
Chapter 255
Chapter 255 - Matchmaker (3)

“I don’t believe that there aren’t any good men in our Rong Guang Country . Do you have to marry someone in Sheng Chen?”


Zhaoyang coughed and then shook her mother’s hand away . “Mother, don’t get involved . I can handle the matter between me and Brother Chen . ”


After she finished, she turned around to look at Long Muchen . There was a sense of stubbornness in her eyes . “Brother Chen, who’s the woman you like? Tell me and I’ll go talk to her . We’re going to fight equally! At most, I’ll let her take the legal position while I’ll be your concubine . I don’t care . I just want you!”


When the Emperor heard this, he immediately followed along . “Right, Fourteenth Brother . Zhaoyang is right . When are you going to bring the woman you’re interested in into the palace? Let me have a look . I bet she’s a virtuous young daughter of an affluent family . They will definitely be able to get along with Zhaoyang peacefully in the future . How about this? This Emperor will announce a decree to let you marry the both of them . You can just enjoy yourself with these two women, ok?”

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No matter what, Zhaoyang was Imperial Concubine Lin’s niece, Rong Guang Country’s Princess . In order to keep the peace, he couldn’t give her the inferior status .


Seeing that his Royal Brother was happy to make these sorts of decisions, Long Muchen thought it was awkward when he mentioned wanting to meet Qian Duoduo .


Don’t mention how Qian Duoduo was Three’s Princess Consort right now and had an awkward status, but the girl disliked Zhaoyang already . If the Emperor told her about this, then the girl he finally made some progress with would probably run off…


No . . . Now is not the time to expose his relationship with Duo’er . Otherwise, with this group of people, they would swallow Duo’er alive and have excuses to torment her .

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He couldn’t expose Qian Duoduo in a dangerous situation, even if he held the power over the military and was very powerful . . . He didn’t dare to make a bet when he wasn’t certain .


Seeing that Long Muchen was quiet and didn’t say anything, the Emperor thought that he agreed . Therefore, he knew when to stop and laughed carefreely . “Haha . Let’s stop talking about this right now . After all, Zhaoyang isn’t heading back that soon . She could stay in Sheng Chen and get to know Fourteenth Brother some more . Who knows? Maybe you’ll start to like her more . ”


Long Muchen’s face was icy cold . When he heard that Zhaoyang was going to stay in Sheng Chen for a while, he felt a headache…


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One mountain doesn’t have room for two tigers… especially two fierce female tigers .


If Qian Duoduo and Zhaoyang encountered one another, wouldn’t they turn Sheng Chen upside down?


“Royal Brother, I hope you won’t tell anyone about me and Zhaoyang . After all, this has to do with a woman’s reputation . If I can’t accept her as my Princess Consort in the future, she can find her own happiness . ”


Zhaoyang cheered for herself . She raised her fist and said, “Brother Chen, I’ll work hard . I swear that if you can’t accept me within a month, I’ll directly ask the Emperor to take back his decree and step out of your world . ”


Long Muchen considered it in depth . This was a good solution to let her retreat .


Plus, after another month, he could have the Emperor announce a decree for Three to divorce Duo’er .


When the two’s relationship is sorted out, he’ll marry Qian Duoduo .


Before this, it was better to comfort Zhaoyang and Princess Consort Lin . Princess Consort Lin wasn’t a simple person . He was afraid that she might do something in Sheng Chen Country for her daughter and this might lead to some unnecessary misunderstanding or trouble .

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