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Published at 10th of June 2019 05:51:38 AM
Chapter 224

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Cheating Neither Young Nor Old

Speaking with them costs five hundred silvers, touching them for one thousand five hundred silvers, and kissing them for two thousand silvers . If they wanted to spend the night with them, there was another cost for it .

Of course, the three Wangye’s costs were all different . Long MuChen’s cost was three times as much . On the other hand, Long YuTian had a 30% discount on the prices .

Once the news spread out, it aroused the whole capital . From sixty year old ladies to six year old young ladies, as long as they were a woman, all came to try .  

Although these costs were extremely expensive to common people, someone would be willing to smack pots and sell metals just so they can witness their idol or try to become a phoenix .  

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“The costs are fair and cheating neither the young nor the old . Duo Er’s love and marriage network has a trust guarantee . ” Qian DuoDuo sat in front of the table, looking at the long line and hollered .

Although these women were a little suspicious of this type of blind dates, they were all comforted thinking she might be doing this under the name of the royal family once they found out it was the third WangFei who conducted this . They handed their money to Qian DuoDuo .

On the side, Xiao Rou was in charge of giving out the receipts . After working the whole morning, she stretched her body and looked at the reservation number in her hand .

“Young miss, look at these bills . The fourth prince is the most popular . ”

Qian DuoDuo’s eyes swept across the bills and couldn’t stop counting the banknotes .

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Exactly, she had worked so hard on the posters and drew Long YinTian to be like a flower, so bright and handsome . The faint smile she drew was like the spring wind blowing past . It was able to make a group of young ladies crazy .  

However, more popular than Long YinTian, was Long YuTian .


Besides some people who liked to be mistreated, there are people who liked this cold and indifferent man . Other than that, it was because Long YuTian was cheap…


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Long MuChen hadn’t been doing too well since he was three times more expensive . There were few people who were able to hand thousands of banknotes over .

They could only secretly wipe off the drool, looking at the drawing on the poster .

This led Qian DuoDuo to feel randomly happy . She was even happier than earning all this money .  

However, Qian DuoDuo was only happy for a while before a lady walked over unsteadily, handing six thousand banknotes over .  

“Third WangFei, I want Long MuChen…Kiss…”

Her face was covered in pimples and she tried to act cute . Goosebumps threatened to fall…

“Old lady, how old are you?”

The old lady wore a hairpin with a huge red flower on it and she flipped her hair coquettishly . She revealed a fallen tooth: “I’m still young . Only sixty…Ever since Chen Wang returned five years ago, I have deeply fallen in love with this courageous war god . ”

The old lady’s eyes were filled with delusion: “Think back to those years when the magnificent carriage passed by me and Cheng Wang opened the curtains, waving at me . This led my dead heart to once again burn alive…”

As she exclaimed this, she wiped the tears by the corner of her eyes . She resented herself: “Husband, I am once again sorry…I am yours but my heart is by Cheng Wang . My soul is in Cheng WangFu and with him on the battleground . You need to forgive me…”

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