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Chapter 957: Relying on relations

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After making many calls, he only ended up being able to borrow 5 million.

And this was after he had begged and pleaded. His other friends had all either said that they had something to do and couldn’t talk or they said that their money had all been invested, so they didn’t have any cash on hand.

If someone wanted to reject, there were countless excuses that could be made.

Wang Wen said, “I only managed to borrow 5 million. Big Bro, could you have mercy on me?”

Brother Jun laughed, “Do you think that’s possible?”

“Call your parents now. Otherwise, I’m done talking.”

Wang Wen pleaded tearfully, “Big Bro, can I not call them? I’d get beaten to death. Don’t worry. When I go back, I’ll definitely transfer the money to you.”

Brother Jun didn’t say more. He looked over at his subordinate, who picked up the knife from the table. Then, he stepped on his cigarette to extinguish it. “Call the doctor over and tell him to prepare to staunch the bleeding.”

“Don’t, don’t. I’ll call…” Wang Wen said in a panicked tone.

He was really terrified by these people. He couldn’t imagine himself with both his hands chopped off.


“Haha, looks like shooting a film is dangerous,” said Lin Fan with a chuckle as he heard Wang Ke Hao talk about what had happened in the past. For example, when he had been young, he had done some dangerous things in order to cut down on costs.

But it did make sense.

Success isn’t guaranteed. There are certain factors involved.

For Wang Ke Hao to be successful now, it had much to do with the hard work that he had put in when he had been young.

Li Meng Hua and Zheng Long were laughing as well and the assistant, Zhou Xia Jun continued the conversation by recounting an interesting recent event.

*Ding ding*

Suddenly, a phone rang.

Wang Ke Hao looked at his phone display. In his slightly-drunken state, he scolded jokingly, “This little brat of mine must have gotten into trouble again.”

Lin Fan asked, “Director Wang’s son?”

“Yeah. Just this one son of mine has caused me so much worry. Now that he’s calling me, there must be some sort of trouble.” Wang Ke Hao then answered the phone, “What is it?”

Li Meng Hua and Zheng Long both didn’t really like Director Wang’s son. They felt that he was purposeless and only knew how to waste his time. He was a privileged and spoiled brat.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan and the other two continued chatting silently, talking about small matters and also a bit of gossip.


Wang Ke Hao suddenly became agitated. His face was flushed red. “You d*mned child! I’m going to be angered to death by you!”

Lin Fan and the rest looked at each other, wondering what had happened.

Wang Ke Hao said, “I’m Wang Ke Hao. That amount is too much and I can’t afford that right now. I’ll personally make a trip to Haojiang. Please guarantee my son’s safety for now.”

“Alright, alright. Understood.”

He hung up.

Li Meng Hua realized that Wang Ke Hao’s expression was extremely unsightly. He asked anxiously, “What happened?”

Wang Ke Hao was furious just thinking about it. “This d*mned brat of mine went to Haojiang to gamble. He made a high-interest loan and now he has no money to repay it. He’s been detained over there and if he doesn’t repay the money, they’ll cut off his hands.”

Li Meng Hua and Zheng Long weren’t too surprised. Instead, they asked, “How much is it? Is there a need for this?”

“100 million,” replied Wang Ke Hao.

Everyone except for Lin Fan couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air as they heard that.

“100 million? He dared to borrow that much?” asked Li Meng Hua in astonishment.

Wang Ke Hao shook his head. “He borrowed 43 million. The rest is interest. This d*mned child is really pi*sing me off to death. I have to go to Haojiang now. I can’t let anything happen to him.”

Li Meng Hua hurriedly said, “Don’t be in such a hurry. For this 43 million to turn into 100 million is too much. I know people there. I’ll make a call to inquire. The borrowed money will definitely have to be repaid but we can lessen the interest. The most important thing is to guarantee Wang Wen’s safety.”

Wang Ke Hao replied, “Alright, alright. I guess that’s all we can do.”

Li Meng Hua had a broad circle of friends. He knew quite a lot of people over in Haojiang. He then made a call. When the call got through, he smiled and spoke in a friendly tone.

“Brother Cheng, it’s me, Ah Hua.”

“Right. I have to trouble Brother Cheng with something. My friend’s son made a high-interest loan in Haojiang. From 43 million, his debt went up to 100 million. That’s way too much. Could I ask Brother Cheng for a favor? We’ll definitely repay the borrowed amount but can the interest be reduced?”

“Right, right. Please wait a moment, Brother Cheng. I’ll ask.” Li Meng Hua covered the phone and said, “Who did he borrow from?”

Wang Ke Hao answered, “Someone called Brother Jun.”

Li Meng Hua nodded. “Brother Cheng, I’ve asked. He’s called Brother Jun. Do you know him?”

“You do? Alright, I’ll be waiting.”

He hung up.

Wang Ke Hao asked anxiously, “How did it go?”

Li Meng Hua said, “He’s going to help us contact him. Brother Cheng is a big shot over in Haojiang and he’s quite influential. I think they’ll give him face.”

Wang Ke Hao nodded. “That’s good. That’s good. I’ll pay the borrowed amount no matter what but this interest is too high. I can’t let my son suffer over there either.”

Soon, the phone rang.

Li Meng Hua quickly answered, then nodded. “Okay, okay. Thank you, Brother Cheng, thank you.”

Wang Ke Hao was very nervous as he wondered how it had turned out.

Li Meng Hua took a deep breath. “He has asked him. The 100 million cannot be reduced. But he can guarantee Wang Wen’s safety. This Brother Jun is very powerful in Haojiang. He’s supported by Wynn Casino. Brother Cheng can’t do much about him.”

“Brother Cheng says that it’s best to hurry up and pay the money. This Brother Jun should not be angered. He is capable of doing anything. If that happens, it would be too late.”

Wang Ke Hao was panicking now. “How can I get 100 million so quickly? Sigh, it’s as if they’re asking for my life.”

Li Meng Hua said, “I have over 20 million in my card. It should be able to help a little.”

Zheng Long added, “I have some with me too. Let’s put our money together for now. Now that they’ve promised not to touch Wang Wen, it’s a sort of assurance as well. I’ll make a call to Wynn Casino’s internal department. When I went over there to shoot a film the last time, I met a person-in-charge there.”

Wang Ke Hao said, “Thank you so much, Ah Long. Quick, give him a call to ask about this.”

Haojiang. Wynn’s Casino.

In a luxurious office.

Yun Xue Yao was looking at the company’s earnings for the past few days. A middle-aged man next to him passed her files one by one.

“Miss, the company’s profit has been very good recently,” said the middle-aged man.

“Mmm.” Yun Xue Yao’s expression was calm. She flipped through the account book.

At that moment, the middle-aged man’s phone rang. When he saw the display, he hesitated for a moment. He requested the young lady’s approval before answering the call.

“Lil’ Zheng, hello, hello.”

“I have to ask my superior about this. Please wait a moment. “The middle-aged man covered the phone and looked over at Yun Xue Yao. “Miss, the call is from the Hong Kong superstar, Zheng Long. Wang Ke Hao’s son borrowed money in the casino and with interest, the debt is now 100 million. He’s asking if we can reduce it by a little…”

Before he finished, Yun Xue Yao frowned and glared at him. Then, with a cold tone, she said, “Is this your first day on the job? The company’s rules cannot be changed no matter who calls.”

The middle-aged man started sweating profusely as he heard these words. “Yes, yes…”

Then, he continued talking on the phone, “I’m sorry, Lil’ Zheng. This is a rule. We can’t change it. Yes, yes, please understand.”

Over in Shanghai, Zheng Long sighed. “I’m sorry, it didn’t work.”

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