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A hundred years’ efforts lead to cross by the same ferryboat

Plus, it’s not the first time she already expressed her decision to leave the third WangFu. How come he didn’t realize this yet?

He basically needed a strong sense of spirit that had resulted in his narcissistic personality.

How can Heaven do that to her?

There is actually a rotten man who took her – Qian DuoDuo to be made up of a rubber ball, casually kicking her back and forth…

“WangFei, please help us to convince Wangye. Even if we were to be maids, we don’t want to leave Wangye ah.” Concubine Hai Tang believed that there might be an alternative result so she opened her mouth, pleading Qian DuoDuo again.

Qian DuoDuo swept her gaze over at the women whose eyes were all red and swollen from crying. There were some who grieved for their misfortune and others who were miserable.

“You guys, isn’t he just a stud horse? Plus, right now, he still has the suspicion of having erectile dysfunction. Is it really worth for you guys to throw a tantrum about it? Plus, you guys are pestering him endlessly for him to accept you guys as maids…Being a woman like you girls is such a pity ah…”

Right after, she raised her hand and leaned it against Long YuTian’s shoulders lazily. She continued: “Three ah, speaking of you. According to people, a hundred years’ efforts lead to cross by the same ferryboat and a thousand years’ efforts lead to sleep on the same pillow…Think about them – how they had served you for such a long time. When you took their pants off, you spoke sweet words to them on one side and on the other side, you spoke about pampering them. How come when you pulled your pants back up, you become ruthless and heartless? No wonder people say that men on the bed and those who are drunk can’t be trusted the most…”

Long YuTian basically was about to become crazy: “Qian DuoDuo, shut your mouth. Say one more sentence and this Wang will toss you into the lake!”

The stupid woman. What type of illogical reasoning and nonsense is this? Moreover, she spoke it with such reason and confidence.

What was most important was that it was quite hard to serve her.

If you have too many women by your side, she mocked you and called you a stud horse. If you don’t go find a woman one day, she is suspicious that you have erectile dysfunction. Now, you dismissed the concubines for her yet she called you ruthless and heartless…

She really was a thankless wretch. No matter how much you fed her, she won’t be full still.

“What are you yelling at for ah? You are furious because I talked about your weakness? It’s fine, it’s fine. After all, there are no medicines to save you. This young lady is too lazy to keep talking to you. Xiao Rou, let’s go…go back to have some beauty sleep!” She called for Xiao Rou and didn’t pay any attention to the group of women still sniffling or the man in which she frustrated him to the point where he seethed with anger. Qian DuoDuo stepped with feet slain outwards back to Ning Hui Yuan.

Long YuTian stared at Qian DuoDuo’s free and easy back. In his heart, there seemed to be something that was gradually falling.

From when did the woman who loved him to the point she would only marry him and no others turned to be that confident and at ease, gorgeously counterattacking him;

And starting from when did he – in her heart become to the point even medicines can’t cure him.

When she faced him, she either scowled or made sarcastic remarks at him.

Compared to how she treated a stranger, Long YuTian felt defeated.

He originally believed that towards his affection for Zhu SiSi, it was something deep-rooted inside him over time. When he found out that he couldn’t marry her as his WangFei, he had thought about implicating the entire manor of the Government Minister.

But many years after, where the lights ended by the green roof tiles and the red wall, he stared at the beautiful image of a woman and he couldn’t help but think of a lonely and unfrequented place…

He then knew that the deep-rooted feelings he had towards Zhu SiSi, the moment it touched Qian DuoDuo, it collapsed at the first blow.

But the love which quickly passed by the fingertips was like a poison eroding the bones. It made him bring his regret along, little by little engulfing his heart. The blank space within there was unceasingly enlarged, deeply stuck within.

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