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Qian DuoDuo’s Seven Outs

Qian DuoDuo proudly raised her head, the eyes were bright and extraordinary. One word and one pause: “Long YuTian violated this lady’s seven outs!”

“First, Long YuTian did not fulfill his filial duties to my mother and father. After three days of marriage, we are supposed to visit the parental home but instead, he went to Bai Hua Lou. Second, there is wrong with Long YuTian’s breeding skills otherwise he had sex with so many women but there is no egg to be seen. Third, Long YuTian lascivious, openly looking for mistresses. What if he landed himself with a sexually transmitted disease or something? That would be rather bad luck. Fourth, Long YuTian is naturally jealous, always locking me in the WangFu every day and not letting me out the door. He was afraid that I will cheat on him. Fifth, Long YuTian has a foul disease. In regards to the sixth and seventh, those are some small things so this lady won’t tell you guys all about it…”

“Pu—-” A couple of young men laughed out loud.

Qian DuoDuo’s so-called ‘seven outs’ was simply too shocking.

Ever since the third WangFei married into the WangFu, in order for the third Wangye to insult her, it was normal for him to go to Bai Hua Lou.

If it were other women, they would’ve started to cry, stir up troubles, and hang themselves out of disgrace. Then look at the woman in front of them She actually said all these embarrassing words, pointing out the proofs and evidence for divorcing her husband. She listed each one of them out.

Their attitude towards Qian DuoDuo, from being shocked at the beginning, turned towards neutral then back to shocked. Now, they are basically prostrating themselves in admiration.

When Qian DuoDuo had described him to this point, Long YuTian had a gloomy face on, angrily shouting: “Qian DuoDuo, where did this Wang have a foul disease?!”

“Your mouth stinks!” Thinking back to when Long YuTian forcibly kissed her, Qian DuoDuo felt goosebumps on her: “Plus, another reason why this lady is going to divorce you is that you are not a virgin!”

Bang! Long YuTian’s head was about to explode. What type of reason is this!

The Emperor twitched. Even though this Qian DuoDuo didn’t place anyone in her eyes and destroyed the royal family’s dignity, but he couldn’t hold in his curiosity: “Third WangFei, what type of reason is this?”

“This is a valid reason. If they want to be my – Qian DuoDuo’s man, then they need to maintain having a pure body and heart. The body cannot cheat on me and spiritually they can’t either. They have to obedient and listen to me. The body and heart have to be even more clear and pure than pure water. I – Qian DuoDuo is the hope of the future, the flower bud of the motherland. Mother and father had placed great expectations on me! How come carelessly, I have been inserted onto a stud horse’s body?”

“However…” Qian DuoDuo stopped for two seconds and her gaze swept through all the men within the audience. She snorted: “Psh, I am looking through the audience and there are barely any who are pure…Aye aye aye, people like me could finish counting on one hand ah. It’s lonely at the top. The lonely feeling isn’t that good ah…”

I – I – I – I – I!  I am a virgin!

Long MuChen almost jumped out, raising his hand to indicate so!

The Emperor laughed. Before he was slightly angry at Qian DuoDuo for disgracing the royal family’s face but now it had all vanished.

As long as they were normal people, they would definitely take it as though she was here to pester them endlessly, not paying attention.

“Hehe, based on what you guys are saying, there would be not many people in Shen Cheng Country that you have an interest in?”

Qian DuoDuo shook her small head, exclaiming tragically: “Aye…this is the stress of the saint. However, this lady will not stick to the rules, persevering with her beliefs. Nonetheless, in order to win this lady’s heart, besides the conditions stated above, they also need to meet the criteria for Twenty-four Filial Exemplars.”

Twenty-four Filial…Exemplars? Everyone watched the show as though it was something rare that appeared. Only Long MuChen, Long YiTian, Tuo Ba Cheng and the third Wangye who was kicked out earlier on were as though a good kid, listening with their ears wide.

People say that dumb birds fly first. Only by trying hard to study then they can make up for the grief that they aren’t virgins anymore.


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