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Though the prohibition on space was gone, the air around Bai Yunfei was still unsuitable for teleporting in. The only way to get away from this place would be to simply force his way out.

He wanted to kill more people. All the soul refiners he already killed was making his blood boil, but Bai Yunfei knew the most important thing wasn't continuing this massacre, but to run away. To run away and make it to safety.

Beyond the 'boundary' was a world he could escape to. If he could make it there, then he'd be able to make it away from this place with his life intact!

He ignored the people to his left and right. Whether they were furiously attacking him or were desperately trying to run away, Bai Yunfei didn't care. He flew straight ahead with the King Caging Bell and barrier protecting his back while he killed everyone that stood in his way!

The three Soul Kings from earlier had already succumbed to his attacks. All that remained were the Soul Exalts. Unless they tried to get in formation again, there'd be no way the Soul Exalts would pose any sort of danger to Bai Yunfei. And even then, all Bai Yunfei had to do was go through the formation and scatter them!

All those who stood in his way would die. It was as simple as that!

He became like a sword that simply wouldn't break to forge a path through everyone so he could continue onwards!

The path ahead was starting to clear up now. Fewer and fewer people were there, and Bai Yunfei could finally see a clear and unimpeded way ahead!

Realizing he was trying to escape, the Soul Kings behind him immediately pounced forward to try and stop him.


A powerful burst of elemental energy slammed into the King Caging Bell behind Bai Yunfei at that time. Unlike the other times where the bell simply just rung loudly, the entire air began to tremble as a giant wave of sound started to propagate everywhere!

The +12 additional effect of the King Caging Bell had gone off cooldown and reactivated!

"Ah! Ah! Ah!!!"

Multiple students screamed out in pain as they clutched their heads. The elemental energy within their bodies exploded outwards and began to attack at anyone nearby them!

Every person stopped attacking Bai Yunfei at once as confusion started to set in!

Not even the Soul Kings were spared. They stood there, transfixed by the sound waves affecting their very soul.

No one could understand it. Since when did the King Caging Bell have such a strange power like that?!

Aided by the King Caging Bell's additional effect, Bai Yunfei stopped attacking for a moment to increase the speed he was traveling at to widen the distance between him and the other Soul Kings.

The fluctuations in the air were started to weaken now. Bai Yunfei would be able to teleport out from here any time soon. He could already see himself being free and away from this place!

He didn't know where exactly in the world this white-colored part of the world was, but Bai Yunfei knew that it was definitely not a part of the 'Soul Refining School'. It was a place beyond the Soul Refining School's control!

It was getting closer and closer now!! Bai Yunfei was growing more excited as he approached, and he was already starting to tell Xiao Fang to prepare to teleport them away from this place!

"Watch out! Someone's teleporting over! A thousand steps ahead of us!"

But rather than replying an affirmative to Bai Yunfei, Xiao Fang gave a warning to him!

Someone was teleporting in front of him!

It definitely wasn't one of the Soul Kings behind him. They were still within a piece of the area where teleportation wasn't possible with all the elemental energy in the air. That meant…a new enemy was approaching!

While Bai Yunfei was trying to figure out who this enemy could be, a person in gray robes suddenly stepped out from a warp in space!

It felt like the skies suddenly got dark when this person appeared. An overwhelming amount of power came flooding out from this person to cover the entire area with his soulforce!

Bai Yunfei felt power like this before. This was the very same power Jing Wuying and patriarch Qin exhibited!

"A Half-emperor!!"

Bai Yunfei's face paled almost immediately as he cried out those three words!

A Half-emperor…someone like that was showing up right before he could make it out from here!

It was an elderly man with white hair, frail skin, and eyes that looked almost sunken in as if he had just stepped out from a coffin. Despite looking so ill, his eyes had a resplendent shine in them and were filled with killing intent!


The elder spoke at once. There was no other emotion but disdain in that one word as he pointed a single finger at Bai Yunfei!

A small arrow-like beam of gray light shot out from his finger. As if skipping over space itself, the beam of light disappeared and reappeared in random intervals as it traveled towards Bai Yunfei!

Caught off guard by the speed of the blow, Bai Yunfei leaped straight for the side to dodge!


The gray beam of light struck the orange barrier around Bai Yunfei and paused briefly before…breaking through it!

The barrier wasn't able to stop the beam!


Though the beam of light failed to hit Bai Yunfei in the throat as the elder originally intended, it still struck Bai Yunfei through his right shoulder!

Fortunately for Bai Yunfei the beam of light struck against a part of the armor he wore. Rather than go through it, the beam of light was stopped short by the armor.

Though while it didn't have enough penetrative force to go through it, the beam of light was like a thousand-pound hammer that sent Bai Yunfei flying away through the air!


As he spiraled through the air, Bai Yunfei let a mouthful of blood escape from his lips! His right arm trembled uselessly by the side of his body; he couldn't even hold onto the Fire-tipped Spear!

The joint of his shoulder was definitely dislocated, and the bones were most likely fractured!

The power of a Half-emperor was terrifying!

Were it not for the armor he wore, Bai Yunfei had no doubts that his right arm would've been utterly crippled by such an attack!


The elder raised a single eyebrow. He had not expected Bai Yunfei to escape with his life intact.

"You've some skill. It's no wonder you were able to cause so much trouble and kill so many of my students…" The elder remarked under his breath. "Then allow me to send you to experience a painful death before you go!"

Black light exploded from the elder's body before he was even finished speaking. The sky above him was immediately blotted out as the light turned into a devil formed by miasmic smoke. As if stuck in a swamp of darkness, this devil started to swing its arm as if to free itself and tear apart the world.

The premonition of death assaulted Bai Yunfei's senses, causing him to turn pale in fright. Trying his best to ignore the pain, Bai Yunfei clenched his right hand to pop the shoulder joint back into place!

"It's time to fight!!"

He glared at the Half-emperor in front of him. He had no countermeasures on what to do in case he fought a Half-emperor, but Bai Yunfei knew something had to be done! Clapping both hands in front of his chest, he began to go through a series of hand seals!!

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