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Fourteen is Angry

What Long MuChen was trying to point out, those people who could see would understand.

What he meant by interacting with the dragon aura wasn’t he saying it was those concubines who got along with the Emperor?

Plus born in the year of the cow and had the word ‘Hui’ in their name, aren’t they asking for Imperial Concubine Hui?

It’s just that General YeLu was, after all, still an official and definitely could not offend the superiors with his lower status. He could not be daring and recklessly insult the Imperial Concubine.

Plus a general who had set on expeditions in the battleground had come to a total collapse due to love affairs, no one would really believe that.

But since Chen Wang had opened his mouth, whether it was true or false, they didn’t dare to speak it. The relation in between, they needed to spend some time considering it.

Originally, Imperial Concubine Hui was still secretly proud of her self for speaking what she wanted to. She then suddenly reacted over the meaning of Long MuChen’s words. She was then surprised: “Emperor, this concubine is terrified…”

“Before Imperial Concubine Hui still acted as though it was the right thing to do, saying that it was for the better good of Shen Cheng Country’s hundred years worth of foundation ah, that she needed to give herself away to marry them and that it was her blessing ah. How come right now, this Wang had just briefly mentioned this and the Imperial Concubine Hui is terrified? Could it be that Imperial Concubine Hui was just saying that she cared about Shen Cheng, wanting to fool the Emperor and this Wang?” Long MuChen exclaimed this, the smile in his eyes turned deeper. It’s just that this smile was filled with indifference and iciness.

“This concubine committed many crimes that she should’ve died right now. Please, Emperor show some mercy.” Imperial Concubine Hui was frightened to the point her exquisite face turned pale white. She immediately kneeled on the ground, unable to find a glimpse of overbearingness.

She absolutely had no idea what she just said but just by looking at Long MuChen’s momentum, he basically had the intention of escorting her to the army camps to take care of her.

The Emperor quietly stared at Imperial Concubine Hui. He scrunched his eyebrows but hadn’t said anything.

This Imperial Concubine Hui normally talked nonstop and with that mouth, caused trouble everywhere. Now, it was unclear where she had offended the fourteenth brother, letting him pinpoint against a small concubine in public.

However, the Emperor believed that Long MuChen knew what was the appropriate behavior. He would just warn her but won’t touch upon his faces, punishing her in public.

Long MuChen faintly smiled. When he said this, he was only showing off his strength as a warning. It’s not that he didn’t dare to do anything to Imperial Concubine Hui but it’s just that it was the royal brother’s birthday and in front of the different countries’ ambassadors, after all, he still needed to think about the royal brother.

As long as this woman was smart enough, she would understand that what Long MuChen cared about, is something she cannot mess with her whole life.

After this interruption, the civil and military officials in the main hall, including the Emperor himself, didn’t dare to touch upon the topic of connecting through marriage.

Tuo Ba Cheng watched as the ending he was able to accomplish was destroyed by Long MuChen’s one sentence and personally saw as the officials in the main hall and the ambassadors all lowered their heads not saying anything that his heart couldn’t help but to feel heavy. Secretly, he had thought about this for a long time.

“Cheng Wang is brave enough, worth the title of the God of War who had swept through the battlefields. This Crown Prince had given Shen Cheng such beneficial conditions but they were all ignored by you. I am not sure what type of conditions would be able to go into Cheng Wang’s eyes.”

This sentence was more like probing, probing to see Qian DuoDuo’s position in Long MuChen’s heart. It was more of probing to see if Long MuChen had the greed to take over the mainlands.

In Long MuChen’s icy tone, it was held along with a strong imposing manner as though he was the king: “What this Wang is interested in, no matter if it were cities, or wealth, especially the woman that this Wang likes, this Wang will obtain them all by my own power, not making them the target for trading. In other words, if the Crown Prince Tuo Ba wanted to use connecting through marriage as an excuse, wanting to go to war with Shen Cheng, this Wang will play with you!”


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