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Chapter 170
This Wang didn’t Die Yet

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Otherwise, the consequences are very serious!

“Fourteenth brother, what thoughts do you have regarding the Crown Prince Tuo Ba’s suggestion?” The Emperor asked for Long MuChen’s opinion, in a good mood .

“He wants the two countries to be able to participate in commercial trading and have peace between the borders . This Wang thinks that it is very good . It’s just that…” When Long MuChen said up to here, he subconsciously looked towards Qian DuoDuo . At the same time, the woman under the stage seemed to have felt his gaze, looking in his direction as well .

Her, right now, had her hands on the two sides and anxiously tugging at the hem of her skirt as though a helpless rabbit which was about to be slaughtered . Her eyes were not focused and instead, misty which led people to feel sympathetic for her .

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This made Long MuChen’s heart feel pain .

He should’ve stood up earlier and not let her be that worried .

A flash of harshness passed by Long MuChen’s eyes and even the tone of his voice turned slightly higher . The words were filled with power and prestige as though not including any room for negotiation: “Anyway, if you guys want Qian DuoDuo to be connected by marriage, this Wang advises Crown Prince Tuo Ba and also the different countries’ ambassadors that you guys better give up on this idea in the future . Otherwise, don’t blame this Wang for becoming hostile and ruthless to you guys . ”

Chen Wang was angry and this meant that the earth was about to shake too .

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Those who were not brave enough, old, or disabled in some sorts directly pretended to faint over otherwise disaster may be brought to the entire fish pond .

Tuo Ba Cheng had no idea Long MuChen’s reaction was that intense and was shocked in his heart . He couldn’t help to smile: “Chen Wang is saying harsh words . Such an event which would benefit the country and its people, how come Chen Wang is that unhappy about it?”

“Benefit the country, benefit the people? This Wang didn’t die yet and you guys are thinking about using a woman in exchange for Shen Cheng’s peace? If that is the case, what is the meaning of having the three armed services standing guard by the border areas? How about they all go back home to sleep in their wives and mothers’ arms then!

The words exclaimed led a couple of young and warm-blooded men to hurriedly nod their heads . They were all young and vigorous generals . It was an honor for them to die in battle . If they really needed a woman to protect their territories then they are basically using a woman to slap themselves .

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The moment Long MuChen opened his mouth, it made it seem like Tuo Ba Cheng’s suggestion had a scheme and it was something not worth mentioning .

Other people weren’t able to see through this but Imperial Concubine Hui who had experienced what happened at the royal garden giggled at this . She interrupted, not afraid of death: “Well Chen Wang is quite shielding her? This isn’t your WangFei . The Emperor and the third Wangye didn’t even say anything . Why are you so anxious? Plus, isn’t it just a woman? Using her to be connected by marriage will exempt our Shen Cheng Country from wasting its military and resources as well as placing our people in a terrible situation . That is her good fortune . ”

“Royal brother, do you remember General YeLu that this official had mentioned to you about last time?” Long MuChen paid no attention to Imperial Concubine Hui but instead, quietly changing the subject .

The Emperor had no idea what Long MuChen was going about this . He casually answered: “This Emperor remembers that his ninth lady just passed away . ”

General YeLu was a fierce general under Long MuChen’s tent . He had an extraordinary strength with a rough natural disposition but made many heroic contributions .

However, in his life, it was a pity that his wives will end up dead because of him . He had consecutively married nine ladies but in less than a year, they all died .

“Hm . That is, indeed . A while ago, General YeLu had found a person of extraordinary talent for fortune telling . They said that only those who had fortunately been near to the dragon aura plus born in the year of cow and have the word Hui in their name would be able to stop his wives from being killed . Otherwise, General YeLu would be alone by himself all life long . ”

“For this, General YeLu have been depressed for a while, dejected . ”

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