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Chapter 29   Hope that we will never meet again

Gu Wuyang drove quickly back to the villa. As soon as he arrived, Uncle Fu walked towards him hurriedly at once.

"Mr. Miss left this." Uncle Fu said to him in haste and handed the note over to Gu Wuyang.

With a gloomy face, Gu Wuyang took it over and saw the words writing on the note,

"Gu Wuyang, I'm leaving. And I'm sure you can deal with grandpa Gu. Thank you very much. Don't blame Xiaorong, please. She knows nothing about it. By the way, hope that we will never meet again."

After he read the note, Gu Wuyuang's hands clenched unconsciously, and so the intact paper in his hands became useless.

What a good 'never meet again'!

If it was before, he would be very happy about her leaving.

But now looking at the note, there was only the anger burning in his heart instead of happiness.

"Where is Xu Xiaorong?" Gu Wuyang turned to Uncle Fu and asked.

Uncle Fu answered immediately after he heard Gu Wuyang's question, "Xiaorong didn't know when Miss left and was scared deeply. Now she is in the living room crying."

Hearing his words, Gu Wuyang walked to the living room quickly and saw Xu Xiaorong kneeling down on the ground with her tears watering down her face.

As soon as she saw Gu Wuyang, Xu Xiaorong lowered her head at once and apologized to him over and over again, "Mr., I'm so sorry. I never intended to get Miss lost. I don't know when she left. I'm sorry."

Xu Xiaorong was really scared so that she even couldn't articulate the whole thing and just kept saying sorry to him when she saw Gu Wuyang.

Although Gu Wuyang always kept a cold face, after all,he was the senior official. All the people in Yang city knew his cruel and savage tactics clearly.

At this time, Xu Xiaotong was not only afraid that he would vent his anger on her, but also worried about the safety of Tang Anran right now. So her emotion was so unstable that she couldn't stop crying.

Hearing the sound of her crying, Gu Wuyang just felt his head ache. He frowned and looked at her, asked in a chilling voice, "Stop crying! And tell me what Xu Anran have done since I left."

"Since you left, Miss went back to the room." Xu Xiaorong raised her hand and wiped the tears on her face, then told everything to him, "Miss told me that she felt a bit uncomfortable and let me leave her alone. Then I came to the kitchen and helped amah Xu. About half an hour later, when I went upstairs, Miss was gone."

"She just left a note in the room and took some clothes and her wallet. There was nothing wrong before, so I really had no idea of why Miss left suddenly...."

After hearing what Xu Xiaorong had said, Gu Wuyang didn't say anything. He thought for a while and then turned around to go upstairs.

About 2 minutes later, he went downstairs with a laptop in his hand.

Then Gu Wuyang ordered the security guards in the villa to all the airports, stations, and ports to seek Tang Anran. And he opened the laptop sitting in the living room and began to search the for the using information of Xu Anran's identity card and credit card.

Meanwhile, Tang Anran walked through the crowds and arrived at the departure hall with her luggage.

In her opinion, Gu Wuyang would never come to look for her after she left because Gu Wuyang hated Xu Anran deeply. So she didn't hide her whereabouts deliberately and chose to take the airplane so that she could leave here as soon as possible.

        About 10 minutes later, Gu Wuyang received a piece of news on his laptop. It was about Tang Anran.

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