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When Qin Sheng returned to Tomson Golf, Han Bing had already returned in advance. Having Hao Lei and Chang Baji's protection, Han Bing was absolutely safe. Moreover, Zhou Wenwu and Zhao Dongsheng were already dead. He was no longer in danger. Others people valued the industry of the Han family, and they would not take the risk to target at Han Bing.

However, there were two large trucks parked at the entrance of Tomson Golf. Many workers were moving things from the villa, which made Qin Sheng somewhat curious.

Chang Baji and Hao Lei were directing the workers, but the servants in the villa were gone. After saying hello to them, Qin Sheng asked with confusion, "What is going on?"

"Han Bing was going to sell the house of Han Guoping to pay back the debt of the company. She said that it was useless for a person to have so many houses, she would only live in Huarun Nine Mile Bund in the future." Hao Lei explained casually.

Qin Sheng thought and agreed. When someone reached the level of Han Bing, it was really useless to have so many houses. Not to mention that she was already a lonely woman.

"Oh, I got it." Qin Sheng said thoughtfully.

Chang Baji came over and asked, "How do you feel about your first day in work? If it doesn't work, we can go back to Xi'an. I promise that you will have no worries at that time."

"Hey, even it is tough and tiring, I have to get a place in Shanghai. So I go back with failure, how shameful and regrettable." Qin Sheng said half-jokingly.

Chang Baji patted the dust on his body and dismissed, "You young people are proud and arrogant. Sooner or later you will be beaten by the reality."

"Even I am beaten to black and blue, at least I have no regret and pity." Hao Lei echoed, apparently, he was standing on Qin Sheng's side.

Han Bing, who wore slippers, tied her hair and wore an apron, ran out at this moment. She got the appearance of a young woman at home, unlike the superior petty bourgeoisie, she shouted to Chang Baji and Hao Lei, "Dinner is done, we can eat now."

She saw Qin Sheng was also here, quite surprised. "Hey, you are back, I am going to call you. Come in for dinner."

Qin Sheng stared at Hao Lei and Chang Baji, stunned and said. "What the hell, the food cooked by this woman is eatable?"

"You ask us, who are we asking for?" Hao Lei spread his hands and asked with a confused look. They hadn't eaten yet. Wasn't this nonsense?

In the Han villa restaurant, those servants had been sent away by Han Bing today. After all, they had followed the Han family for such a long time. Han Bing had not let them down, and the severance payment was very good. So now there was only Qin Sheng and other few people in this villa.

On the dining table, there were six dishes and one soup. This is the result of Han Bing coming back from work early. At least it looked good from the surface.

"Are you sure we can eat?" Qin Sheng asked cautiously.

Hao Lei also joked about it, "Missy, we have no complaints in the past, no hate in the past, we have been doing our best to follow you everywhere. You don't need to treat us like this."

Chang Baji said with a cold face, "Han Bing, you can tell us what have we done wrong, just tell us and we can change it."

Three people changed their ways to use different tricks to tease Han Bing. Han Bing's face changed from full of the smile to full of angry clouds. Finally, she slammed the table and said, "Are you going to eat or not?"

"Eat." Three people said in the same time.

Han Bing was satisfied at that time. She put her hands on hips and said, "You treat me as a sick cat if I'm not going to be angry."

Three people looked at each other several times, having an attitude of going with winds and cold water, and not going to back once they had tried on it. They finally gave their life to taste Han Bing's cooking skills.

Everyone tasted a few dishes. And at the same time they showed incredible looks. Han Bing next to them, asked impatiently, "How is that, how is that?"

"Yes, very good." Qin Sheng chewed slowly and said.

Hao Lei complimented, "Good, so delicious."

"Just so-so, I can eat it." Chang Baji said casually.

Qin Sheng wondered, "Have you ever tasted it?"

"No, I was leaving suspense at the end?" Han Bing took off the apron and innocently shook her head.

"You taste by yourself."

Han Bing sat down and picked up the chopsticks. She tasted a bit of every dish. The food was not as amazing as she imagined, but it was not hard to eat. It could only be ordinary. She finally had a long sigh of relief. She was afraid that these people would act to her.

"Very talented. I didn't expect you such a noble lady can even cook." Qin Sheng tasted the food happily. After being busy for a day, he was really hungry.

Han Bing said grumpily. "Don't look down upon people. When I was studying in the UK, I often cooked for myself. You don't know how awful the English meal is."

"Just practice more in the future, and sooner or later you will become a good chef. It is also a kind of capability, at least you will not starve to death." Qin Sheng laughed and said.

Han Bing replied disapprovingly. "Cook occasionally is romance. Cook every day is an old woman at home. I don't want to be an old woman at home. Would you like your wife to be an old woman at home?"

Qin Shengzheng was prepared to say that he was unwilling. He suddenly noticed it was a trick so he immediately stopped. He said with a look of "I'm going to be tricked." "Damn, you tease me again. People in your big city have too many trick, I have to go back to the countryside."

Qin Sheng and Han Bing played and laughed at each other, the atmosphere was finally no longer like the previous period. Han Bing also thought about it clearly this time. The past was passed, and her own path was still very long. She could live simple and happy only when she could smile at everything.

Hao Lei and Chang Baji aside, only lowered their heads to eat. They didn't want to pay attention to these lovers who were showing off their love.

After dinner, Chang Baji and Hao Lei took the initiative to clean up the mess. Qin Sheng and Han Bing sat on the balcony on the second floor, blowing the wind and drinking red wine, feeling very comfortable.

"How about the new job?" Han Bing whispered, she respected Qin Sheng's choice and had no opinion on it.

Qin Sheng honestly replied, "It's not bad, starting from the bottom, slowly learning, it's impossible to go to the top one step at a time."

"you know many things better than me, I will not say anything more," Han Bing said significantly. As to Qin Sheng, she was full of curiosity. She didn't understand what kind of person Qin Sheng was.

Qin Sheng chuckled, "You are the boss of the design company. You can teach me the rules of survival in the workplace, or office politics. If I can't work in that situation, I will ask you for help."

"Okay, then don't go to work anymore. From today, you are raised by me, Han Bing." Han Bing said to follow his words. What did she fear?

Qin Sheng deliberately laughed and said. "Joking, just joking."

"I heard from Hao Lei, they said, you want to sell the property under the name of uncle Han?" After Qin Sheng returning back to his mind, he said seriously.

Han Bing nodded silently. "The company owes so much debt. It can help a little bit. Zheng Ping helped me calculate it. After the reorganization, I may still be able to take up some shares. Although it is rare, it is a big amount for ordinary people. I still have a design company and I will not be starved to death."

"Just sell Shimao Riverside Garden either, the house is very valuable," Qin Sheng said with laughter.

Han Bing frowned. "So where do you live? I also intend to let Hao Lei and brother Chang live there."

"I am going to rent a house near the workplace. I will ask them if I live with them together. I will find a middle distance so that the three of us can also take care of each other. If you feel sorry for that, give them more wages, haha." Qin Sheng thought for a while and said. He tried not to let Han Bing felt difficult, because that house in Shimao Riverside Garden valued at least 10 million. For Han Bing, who was lack of money currently, it was not a small amount of money.

Han Bing was a little embarrassed and wanted to say something. Qin Sheng shouted directly, "That's the deal."

Han Bing could only listen to Qin Sheng's arrangement. She knew that whether it was Qin Sheng, Hao Lei or brother Chang, they were not stingy and tacky people. They would not care about these small things.

"Is there any news in Tianshui?" Qin Sheng suddenly asked, although affairs of Tianshui had passed for some time, and the chief culprits Zhou Wenwu and Zhao Dongsheng were already dead, but Wu Lao, Chen Beiming and Han Bing's cousin still had no The news. Qin Sheng had been concerned about this matter. And Qin Sheng really admired people like Old Wu and Chen Beiming. They went to death knowing that they were going to face death.

Han Bing just thought about it. She frowned. "I just want to tell you about this. Tianshui police said that they have found the dead body today, and let us rush to deal with the follow-up things as soon as possible. I intend to go back to Tianshui and let Hao Lei and brother Chang accompany me. You don't have to go."

"When?" Qin Sheng asked.

Han Bing replied, "The morning after tomorrow, just on Friday."

"I will ask for leave and go with you." Qin Sheng said without hesitation. Even if he knew that he had just gone to work, and leaving was not good. There were things that must be done as a man.

Han Bing knew that things decided by Qin Sheng were hard to change, so she could only agree.

In the evening, Qin Sheng, Hao Lei, and Chang Baji discussed renting a house. They didn't have any opinion. At least they still had to stay in Shanghai, so they gave the matter of renting the house to Qin Sheng to decide. For them, they just needed a place to live.

The next morning, Qin Sheng waited until Han Bing left, and then slowly set off to Shangshan Ruoshui. It was only 8 o'clock, he would be able to arrive around 9 o'clock. And after all, the working time of Shangshan Ruoshui was from 10 o'clock.

However, when Qin Sheng just walked out of the gates of Tomson Golf, he was stopped by several uninvited guests...

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