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There was complete silence in the Secret Chamber. Hearing what Xu Que had said, all the cultivators were shocked.

It is already quite peculiar that you are wearing women's clothes, and now you think yourself an actor?! Since you have come to the palace, among the 3,000 beautiful concubines there, you have always been the Emperor's favorite? You said you have asked the Emperor to love all his concubines equally?! This is really ludicrous!

Zixia Fairy and the young Princess were also shocked by Xu Que"s actions and words.

The stunning woman who was standing just outside the door frowned and said in a deep voice, "You are one of His Majesty's concubines? Nonsense! If you are, why have we (Royal we) never laid eyes on you before?!"

Royal we? My goodness, she is the Dowager Countess?!

Xu Que was shocked and was about to take out his gun to kill the Dowager Countess. At that moment, the stunning woman shook her head and said, "Never mind! I don't have the time or the energy to deal with you now!"

She just let me go like this?

Xu Que was a bit surprised.

I don't mind killing one or two more people, but, after all, she is the Dowager Countess. I should not kill her now. What if I can't find the chance to kill the Emperor, then if I kill her now, the Emperor would definitely send troops to kill me.

"Thank you so much!" Xu Que said and looked at Zixia Fairy and the young Princess, implying that they should leave. The young Princess was feeling a bit awkward and was about to say something, but when she realized that Xu Que wanted her to leave, she couldn't do anything but follow Zixia Fairy out of the bedroom.

Suddenly, the Dowager Countess said, pointing at Xu Que, "Wait, you stay here!"

Xu Que was stunned, "I am sorry, it is a bit late now. I think it's time for you to go to sleep."

"Royal me has something to ask you! Close the door and come here!" The Dowager Countess's tone sounded very serious.

Xu Que hesitated for a while and suppressed his urge to kill the Dowager Countess. He looked at Zixia Fairy and the young Princess, implying to them to wait outside. Then he closed the door and waited to find out what the Dowager Countess intended to do.

The Dowager Countess asked, "Tell me, why have you kidnapped the young Princess and then sneaked into the palace?"

Xu Que was a bit shocked and hurriedly turned around. The Dowager Countess was holding a knife in her hand and standing right in front of him.

Crap! She is indeed a tough figure. As soon as I drop my guard, she immediately takes action.

Xu Que was so surprised that he was staring with wide eyes and open mouth.

"The young Princess would come to the palace from time to time, so of course I know what she looks like! This morning, I heard that she was kidnapped by a student, and you are already a wanted man now! You think I can't see you through that woman's outfit?" The Dowager Countess said slowly and calmly and kept her eyes on Xu Que.

Hearing this, Xu Que smiled and shrugged, "You do impress me! But you really think you can threaten me with a knife?!"

"Royal me knows you are very good at kung fu, otherwise you would not have been able to kidnap the young Princess. You know what, I also have been learning kung fu since I was a child. You will see if I can kill you with a knife or not." The Dowager Countess said calmly.

Oh, really?! A Dowager Countess who knows about kung fu?! This is really interesting.

Xu Que shook his head and said, "Well, since we have something in common, then I think we should not fight against each other. I come to the palace without any bad intentions. I simply want to find a place to hide."

"Find a place to hide? I can see you have indeed picked a good place!" The Dowager Countess sneered.

Xu Que shook his head and slowly took out his gun equipped with a silencer. Then he shot at a chair next to the Dowager Countess.


The bullet hit the leg of the chair and, in the blink of an eye, the chair collapsed.

"This is…"

Seeing this, the Dowager Countess was shocked.

Even if she could do kung fu and was not afraid of Xu Que at all, when she saw the devastating power of the gun herself, she was greatly astonished.

If I can have this weapon, no other countries would dare to invade us in the future; with this weapon, I can even invade other countries and enlarge my territory.

Xu Que gently blew on his gun and sat on a chair and pointed the gun at the Dowager Countess. "Tell me, which do you think is faster, your dagger or my gun?"

"You call it a gun?" The Dowager Countess forced herself to calm down.

Xu Que did not answer and patted his thigh and smiled invitingly. "Come and sit here, then I will tell you."

Hearing this, the Dowager Countess's face turned gloomy and stared at the gun. A minute ago, she would have hesitated, but now she strode forward and sat right on Xu Que's lap.

However, Xu Que was not a fool and knew she wanted to take his gun. He smiled and put the gun inside the gap between his belt and his clothes. "This is really a bit inappropriate! I was just joking, and I am afraid I can't control myself with you sitting on my lap.…"

"Can't control yourself? What do you mean by this?" The Dowager Countess pretended to be curious.

At the same time, she put her slim hands on his chest and slowly moved downward.

"Well, you have to feel it with your heart, words would only fail to convey its meaning." Xu Que smiled.

You think I am an idiot? I have seen this sort of thing millions of times in TV dramas, you think I would be fooled by you?! You are too naive. Right, get down more, right, get down more.…

"So can you tell me who on earth you are?!" The Dowager Countess asked again, trying to distract Xu Que.

This was the question that had been troubling her. She could not find out why Xu Que, a man who knew about kung fu and had such a powerful weapon, would be willing to degrade himself to be a student in the mansion.

"I am Joker! You can call me Jo Jo!" Xu Que smiled like a child.

"Jo Jo?" The Dowager Countess was a bit disgusted and the corners of her mouth curled a bit. But her hands were still moving farther down, and soon her hands were on Xu Que's stomach. All of a sudden, she made a move down and was about to grab the gun.

"Ah!" Xu Que exclaimed! "You are really horny, aren't you?!"

The Dowager Countess could feel her hands were holding something rather hot; when she looked down, she found the black gun had already gone and she was holding Xu Que's penis.

She hurriedly got up and backed off. She looked at Xu Que with a furious face and was too angry to speak. "How dare you!" The Dowager Countess's face was totally red.

"What?! You did the bad thing first, and you think I am the one on the wrong side?!" Xu Que said and then sneered. "I already knew you wanted to take my gun away. No matter how beautiful you are and no matter how much you try to seduce me, I am not attracted by you at all. You know what, I even haven't got a boner, and, to be honest, I find all this very funny!"

Hearing this, the Dowager Countess got even more angry. She had been sure that the thing she just held was the gun. It was something hard and enormous; even the late Emperor's had not been this huge.

"You know what, you should at least think twice before you take any action." Xu Que waved his hand, and the gun appeared again. "You want to have this gun? If you want it, why don't you just tell me. How can I know you want it if you don't tell me?! You really want it? Then take it! Wait, don't tell me you really want to take really want to have it?"

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