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Slaughtering the Mistress

Zhu SiSi’s face which was slapped was moved to the side and five fresh red fingerprints immediately revealed itself on her white skin. She looked to see Qian DuoDuo who was rather rude and felt a chilliness in her heart. She stepped back but purposefully raised her voice.

“You dared to hit me?”

The surrounding people’s attention were all absorbed over by the pavilion’s movements. They all huddled together to one side and gossiped about this in a small voice.

“I had already slapped you. What else do I dare not to do?” Qian DuoDuo’s look was getting scarier and scarier by the moment.

Qian Yun Er wanted to prevent this situation from getting out of hand so she hurriedly came up to advise her: “Duo Er, it’s fine. There are many people here and it is getting rather ugly.”

Qian DuoDuo sneered: “Humph, embarrassed? She dared to take someone else’s man in public and she didn’t even feel embarrassed so what should I be scared of? Qian Yun Er, stand to the side. Learn from this. Watch how this young lady is going to sharpen her sword to fight against a mistress. In the future when you are at the royal palace, no one would dare to bully you anymore.”

Once she finished saying this, the surrounding young misses from officials’ families automatically all let out some room as they watched as a fight was about to begin. No one dared to go up to say something.

They had already heard that the third WangFei was crude and violent, not having a little educated and balanced manner. Now that they looked at her, she was actually a jealous woman.

However, if this situation were to be known by the third Wangye, it is unclear what kind of consequences Qian DuoDuo would face…

Within the crowd, the daughter of the minister of revenue sneakily crept off.

Now that no one was blocking Qian DuoDuo, she flipped out absolutely unrestrained. Counting the old hatred and new enmity from the past life and this life with Zhu SiSi, it looked as though it had the flavor of never letting this go no matter what.

Especially when she saw from the bottom of Zhu SiSi’s eyes the hatred in which she couldn’t help to wish to crush her bones into dust but she still needed to act weak, covering her mouth to gain pity and the helpless look, Qian DuoDuo was more angered by this in her heart.

She rolled her sleeves up and rushed over to pull at Zhu SiSi’s hairs.

However Zhu SiSi was a young miss and although she loved to play schemes, but she didn’t dare to even talk in a loud voice. Don’t mention even fighting. When did she ever seen this type of situation before? Quickly, she was chased by Qian DuoDuo all over the garden, running. Her hairs were scattered all around and her dress was also dirty making the entire person looked battered and exhausted.

“You want to keep running? Today, I will definitely let you know that I – Qian DuoDuo is not someone you should provoke!”

How could Qian DuoDuo let Zhu SiSi go that easily? This woman had already incited troubles in the past life and now that she had crossed over with her, she still hadn’t calmed down yet. They hadn’t met yet and she was already using the people around her to cause trouble for her.

Those woman who had nothing to do were dumb and couldn’t see through Zhu SiSi’s facade but that doesn’t mean she – Qian DuoDuo was also blind.

This time, she had a deliberate show of strength as a warning and also to let those woman who was getting restless to see if they dared to find trouble for her in the future anymore!

Long YuTian came out from the throne room to hear about what happened in the royal garden from someone and was terrified that Qian DuoDuo and Zhu SiSi might not get along and Zhu SiSi will then be bullied by her. Therefore, he immediately rushed over there, without stop.

Who knew that the scene that he had first seen was actually shaking to the core.

Zhu SiSi was chased to the point where she had to hide in the east and dodge to the west, not having a glimpse of the elegance of a young miss. The exquisite face was also swollen a little bit and shrieks could be heard from time to time.

Long YuTian watched the way Zhu SiSi was right now and at that moment, felt pain within his heart. He hurriedly walked over to protect her and caressed the side of her face, asking: “SiSi, how are you? Does it hurt?”

Zhu SiSi saw that Long YuTian arrived and continued to pretend as though she was wronged incredibly and the bottom of her eyes turned foggy. Yet, she still shook her head no.

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