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Huge News! Huge News!

“Young miss, young miss, there’s a huge happy occasion ah!” Xiao Rou ran out from the yard, dazed.

Qian DuoDuo was just about to crawl onto the table and draw a picture. She was thinking hard as to how to display a great performance for the old man Emperor.

Ordinary, in this type of royal family’s banquet and with ambassadors from different countries coming over to congratulate the Emperor, there will definitely be a huge group of wise and virtuous women who would want to show their elegant manners, trying to have a competition over the best or something like that.

In the past, Qian DuoDuo would’ve snorted disdainfully. Don’t even mention about coming first within the competitions. She would be so eager to make a fool out of herself to let the Emperor dislike her so that he will quickly give the imperial decree to have her be divorced so she can take the banknotes and separate with Long YuTian.

Who knew this type of thought had just settled down when she found out that every year of the Emperor’s birthday, all the young misses who had surpassed all the other beauties will all receive ten thousand golds plus the Emperor’s promise.

Once Qian DuoDuo heard there was money, she immediately changed her mind and began to bury herself in work.

She had just finished drawing a couple prototypes and was biting the head of the pen when she casually asked: “Xiao Rou, what big event? Is it that Long YuTian is dead?”

Xiao Rou was speechless for a while. Her family’s young miss is always thinking about these types of things about the Wangye every day. She shook her head then responded: “Not that. Wangye is safe and sound.”

“Psh, then why are you yelling out loud for? Within this young miss here, if Long YuTian is dead then it would be the head happy occasion. Besides that, nothing else is a happy occasion.”

Speaking of Long YuTian, Qian DuoDuo’s teeth was itching. Didn’t all she did was run out of the third WangFu to play around in a circle? Is there really the need to have a group of bodyguards to look after Ning Hui Yuan?

This led her to not be able to go out to absorb the sunlight for a couple of days. She felt as though she was going to become moldy.

“Qian DuoDuo, you wish for this Wang to die so quickly ah?”

An earth-shattering roar came from the door and that imposing manner revealed a sense of rashness that hid the sky and covered the earth. Qian DuoDuo pulled her head back and without thinking, she knew the person who came was Long YuTian.

She turned her head to squint at Xiao Rou and the angry expression seemed to say: you stupid girl. Long YuTian is here yet you didn’t even tell me. It had led me – this young miss to almost be eaten by him.

Xiao Rou also looked back at Qian DuoDuo and shrugged her shoulders. Her expression seemed innocent: young miss ah, I didn’t even have the time to speak ah…

Qian DuoDuo watched as Long YuTian walked into the room with an angry manner and sighed and she still had lingering fears. Then she placed a smile on and the smile was so huge to the point she would’ve been able to carry a child with her to her next marriage.

“Wangye, you must have heard wrong. How do I dare to curse you to death that early ah? You must have problems with your ears. You must have problems with your ears…”

This woman wasn’t just able to gossip the normal way other people would. Before she was still shouting for him to die already with great fanfare and now she immediately changed her attitude 180 degrees, admitting her mistake.

However, this attitude in which she seemed to be admitting her mistake, she still didn’t forget to secretly insult him as…having problems with his ears?

Long YuTian meaningfully stared at her momentarily and watched as she fiddled with her fingers, lowering her head. That expression was as though she had done something terribly wrong and his heart also turned soft due to this.

It’s not big deal. Plus, he was too lazy to blindly nag her.

He waved his hands and called for the servants waiting by the door. He spoke to Qian DuoDuo in a tone as though he was conferring a favor to her: “These are all given to you by this Wang. Three days later it is father Emperor’s birthday. You better dress yourself up properly and don’t lose faces for this Wang. In addition, this Wang had also invited a master over to teach you guqin. You best learn it for me. If on the day of the palace banquet, you dared to lose faces for this Wang, this Wang won’t let you go!”

Qian DuoDuo seemed to be slow and not getting this from her expression. Her eyes stared at a place and the black pupils of her eyes tightened.

Long YuTian thought back and wondered if his tone was a little too strict and scared her. Due to that, he pretended to cough and continued to speak, in a different tone: “Although you might not make any progress within three days, this Wang doesn’t hold any hope that you will stand out amongst the different wise and virtuous women out there. As long as it wasn’t too ugly looking, this Wang won’t be angry…You…”


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