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Pulling the Strings and Building the Bridge

Qian DuoDuo disapproved of what the Emperor was doing. After passing through for such a long time, she hadn’t had an opportunity to show off her talents. However, what she was even more curious was the ancient time’s connection of families through marriage. Therefore, she changed the subject at hand and curiously asked: “The ancient people all ask to be married to someone of the same social status. Especially you since you are the Crown Prince of a country so do you need to marry a princess or something ah? The old man’s couple of daughters are quite okay just that they are boring and aren’t fun.”

Even though Qian DuoDuo hadn’t seen any princesses, but based on her experience, those so-called young ladies from wealthy families just don’t reveal their feet while walking or not showing their teeth when smiling. Not only that, they speak in such a soft voice and even have to treat eating food as though performing a trick. They are like the perfect puppets.

Tuo Ba Cheng listened as Qian DuoDuo discussed the princesses out loud without caring for what she had said. Plus, her address to the Emperor was actually ‘old man?’

In his heart, he couldn’t help to be surprised. However, when he thought back to how this woman actually had Cheng Wang’s golden token, she was probably one of the precious women within the royal family. She is probably a princess.

The most important was that based on the style of her hair how it was soft and touching the waster, she probably hadn’t married anyone yet…

Qian DuoDuo had no clue as to what Tuo Ba Cheng was planning in his head and she continued to talk: “However, since we have known each other, if you were to be interested in someone, tell me and I will help you pull the strings together and act as a go-between between prospective marriage partners.”

“Just you? Are you able to do it?” Tuo Ba Cheng didn’t seem to believe.

Qian DuoDuo was provoked by his questioning tone and started to challenge herself. She suddenly stood up from the water and ran over to Tuo Ba Cheng, with barefoot. She stepped on her tippy toe and looked up at him, not admitting defeat: “Stop trying to look down upon people. As long as this young lady decides to do something, there isn’t anything that I have not completed before. However, the fee to pull the strings together and build the bridge would…”

As she mentioned money, Qian DuoDuo touched her chin and her eyes moved around quickly as though being a thief. She started to examine the rich man in front of her.

“The silvers are easy to handle!” As he said this, Tuo Ba Cheng took out a jade pendant from the gold lace belt and placed it on Qian DuoDuo’s hand: “This is just the advance payment. As long as this young lady can actually grant my wish and I am able to marry the woman I love, when the time comes, all of Nan Zhao Country’s money and valuables are up to you to chose.”

Qian DuoDuo raised her ‘claws’ and ‘pa—‘ clapped on Tuo Ba Cheng’s shoulder. She straightforwardly chuckled out loud: “We have reached a deal! Seeing that you are so generous and kind, this young lady will take some time and properly display my gift of speech and promise to talk as though a deluge of heavenly flowers and even the heavens or earth aren’t able to accept you.”

What type of descriptions are these? Is she trying to put him under a spell? How come he wasn’t able to understand?

Qian DuoDuo caressed the beautiful jade in her hand and walked back to the stream. She wore her embroidered shoes and socks, ignoring Tuo Ba Cheng who was looking at herself in a meaningful way. As she walked, she miserably cried: “Beautiful jade ah beautiful jade. You tell me. How come I have a life like this? Besides small Cheng Cheng who will give me some benefits, what three ah what four ah, they are too stingy…sighs…”

Tuo Ba Cheng stared at her shadow which was walking far off but didn’t open his mouth to stop her. Even her name, he hadn’t asked her about.

Because he knew that not long after, they will meet again.

After Qian DuoDuo left for a while, Tuo Ba Cheng’s guard had come. He unbelievable stared at his family’s master, saying: “Crown Prince, how can you give that jade pendant to that young lady? That is the future Princess Consort’s object of keepsake…”

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