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Yan Jun broke into a cold sweat!

Young Mistress was trying to get information about Young Master!

During the two years when Young Mistress was gone, she wanted to know how did the CEO spend his time. After all, any ordinary and healthy men would have needs...

"Young Master seems to have germophobia!"

Yan Jun pondered on it but all he was able to do was describing Yuan Xuan with these three words!

Mu Chenyan heard it and started laughing. Her laughter was as pleasing as the sound of bells ringing and Yan Jun was blushing from his ears to his neck.

"Young Mistress, Young Master really do have germophobia!"

Yan Jun was afraid that Mu Chenyan did not believe in him. If his hands were not on the steering wheel, he would have put his right hand up and sworn upon the altar of God.

"I'm not lying to you!"

Mu Chenyan comforted Yuan Xuan softly. It seemed like Yuan Xuan's trusty assistant was afraid that he might have said something wrong and caused trouble to his CEO...

"Previously when Young Mistress was suffering in prison, there were women who tried to take an opportunity. Nonetheless, all of them were beaten up by Young Master..."

"Yuan Xuan hit women?"

Mu Chenyan was surprised by this information. She only wanted to ask casually and get to know more about Yuan Xuan's love life in the past two years.

She did not think that the seemingly elegant and noble man had such a violent side.

"Young Master did not hit them personally, Tian Qi did!"

Yan Jun assumed that in Tian Qi's stubborn brain, there will not be any principles about why men should not hit women!

In Tian Qi's opinion, Yuan Xuan was his principle!

"During the first few months when you were in prison, the Young Mistress of the Hai Family secretly drugged Young Master's drink. Young Master found out about it and Tian Qi broke three of that woman's rib bones!"

Mu Chenyan? "...."

He was that brutal?

The Young Mistress of the Hai Family was also rather good-looking!

"Also, there was once in the bar when Miss Yu Lingyun sat on Young Master's laps while she was drunk and got thrown out of the bar by Tian Qi..."

As Yan Jun was talking, Mu Chenyan tried to imagine the huge and tall Tian Qi dragging Yu Lingyun out the bar...

If Mu Chenyan did not personally experience how violent Yuan Xuan was in bed, she would think that he might be impotent since he rejected all those women...

It seemed like Yan Jun was right, this man had an extremely severe case of germophobia!

If he does not like something, he would throw it away even if it was given to him!

Hey, that would be weird!

She had been chasing after him for so many years. Why did he not throw her away if he hated it so much?

When Mu Chenyan finally arrived at Yuan Xuan's office, he saw a mysterious smile on her face.

Yan Jun who was standing at the side seemed to have just finished a marathon!

Yuan Xuan brought Tian Qi along with him today. Even Tian Qi could tell that Yan Jun was extremely nervous because he was guilty of something...

Yan Jun regretted it now. As expected, he should not have commented on his boss behind his back because the feeling of guilt was extremely painful!

Since Tian Qi drove his own car, the multi-tasker Yan Jun instantly turned into a chaffeur!

"What's so funny? Tell me about it!"

The two of them got into the car and sat together at the backseat. Both man and woman looked overwhelmingly gorgeous! 

The man looked at the beautiful woman openly with his deep and thoughtful eyes.

Mu Chenyan saw how nervous the chauffeur looked and laughed!

Yan Jun constantly tried to use his eyes to communicate with the Young Mistress through the back mirror, 'Young Mistress, you won't betray me, right?'

"Nothing, I just recalled something that happened in school last time..."

Mu Chenyan lied. Yan Jun heaved a sigh of relief.

"When you were in school?" Yuan Xuan fondled his chin and started pondering.

"Do you have germophobia towards women in the past?"

Mu Chenyan suddenly asked and Yan Jun who was driving in front started breathing incoherently. His legs started shaking, causing the car to swerve to the side and almost lost control!

Yan Jun calmed down and the car finally started to move normally. The trusty assistant was praying in his heart, 'Young Mistress, please don't tell him that I said that!'

Yuan Xuan frowned and said in a low voice, "I've had germophobia ever since I was younger!"

Mu Chenyan "..."

Yan Jun, "..."

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