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Chapter 115
Showing her Face within the Capital City

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“Wouldn’t it be better if you had cooperated with me earlier? It would save me work from holding you hostage as well . You say, look at you – such a delicate young man as though a flower . If you were really accidentally slashed by my hairpin and there happens to be some sort of scar on your delicate neck, then that would be a pity ah . Right?”

Tuo Ba Cheng stood on the road, not moving at all .

He watched as the bottom of Qian DuoDuo’s eyes flashed through a strange dark light . He tugged the corner of his lips .

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Delicate as though a flower? Delicate? This is used to describe him?

The question is: she had a lot of courage to hold him hostage and now that they are out, she started to complain to him about how he didn’t know how to cooperate with her?

Qian DuoDuo obviously hadn’t noticed Tuo Ba Cheng’s expression . Her eyes were already absorbed by the shop’s strange and bizarre items . She picked up her dress and wanted to run up there to have a good time playing with it .

At this time, there was suddenly rushed noises of the horse hooves traveling closer and closer on the busy and noisy road . The speed at which it was coming at was shocking . The man on the horse didn’t seem to care the common peoples’ lives and forcibly led the horse to crash and bump into the small vendors on the side of the road . The common people were frightened to the point they all covered their heads and snuck away as though rats . The scene looked like there was chickens flying and dogs jumping .

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“Wu~Wu!” In the middle of the road, there was a small child who was about four to five years old who hugged a small apple while crying out loud . The child watched as the horse rushed over at a rapid speed and was terrified badly that they could only open their mouth, wailing loudly .

The common people all turned their heads and everyone’s gazes were on this child’s body . They were shocked for the next second, whether that child would die under the hooves of the horse .

At this moment, the second before the horse was about to drive towards the child, the man on the horse was suddenly attacked by an umbrella to his chest which came out of nowhere . The man on the horse directly fell off and the horse was surprised . it neighed loudly and stopped its steps . The small boy was now safe .

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What a great scene of dangers springing up all corners . It was unclear which master had used their skills to save the child but that man who was urging the horse was the famous evil tyrant of the capital city…

Just as expected, that evil tyrant climbed up from the ground . Just from the first sentence, he had started to cuss: “It’s which bastard that dared to land a sneak attack on this father . If you have the guts then come out!”

“You are calling me?” A bland voice traveled out from the crowd . Everyone all turned their heads to search for the voice to see a young and handsome man slowly walking to the middle of the streets from a vendor selling umbrellas . He looked at the evil tyrant neither overbearing or servile .

Once the evil tyrant saw the person coming over was an attractive young man who looked weak to even stand up to the wind, the evil and harsh face laughed out loud right then right now: “I was wondering who it is . As it turns out, it is you – a pretty boy who dared to set this grandfather about ah? You haven’t gone to ask around about who this grandfather is? You are tired of living ah!”

“Yes, tired of living . But it’s not me but you!” Tuo Ba Cheng’s eyes revealed an obvious cold gaze but the words that he had said contained the smell of a scholar . Each word had a reason behind it: “Under the foot of the Emperor, you dared to indulge the horse into committing a crime . You obviously had seen the innocent child in front of you but you still treated the lives of people as though grasses . I am blocking you to prevent you from killing an innocent randomly . On the other hand, you started to be disrespectful to me instead . You tell me, are you tired of living?”

All the surrounding common people came and all secretly praised him . However, they were also worried . This weak scholar without the strength to even truss a chicken, how is he able to offend and endure the consequences of this burly chap in front of him?

“What type of thing are you? You dared to be in charge of this grandfather . Do you believe that I will slaughter you right now!” As he said this, the burly chap rolled up his sleeves . That position looked as though he was going to punish this pretty boy well .

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