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Space and time were sealed by ice and everything alive fell into a complete solidified state.

Breezes were no longer blowing; clouds were no longer floating, even specks of dust were stagnant in mid-air.

A gentle sigh caused the heaven and earth to seal and all living beings to freeze. This kind of vigor belonged to none other than the Keeper of Land and Sea!

The Red Robed Elder was looking grotesque with his thunderous palm up, inches away from bringing Ling Xian to his death.

Si Tu Nan's face was full of worry with both of his fists clutched and his panicked gaze upon Ling Xian.

The only similarity between the two of them was the fact that neither of them could move. As if a spell was placed on them, they were petrified and were locked into those poses.

The only being that could move was Ling Xian. The corners of his lips curved up, and he flashed a smile that only survivors of a disaster could muster.

He heard the sigh, and he was fully aware that it was the Keeper of Land and Sea who came to his aid. Therefore, he didn't hesitate any longer and decisively wrapped the God Binding Silk onto the wrist of the Red Robed Elder.

In the next second, the seal faded and all things reverted to their natural state as if nothing ever happened.

The only thing that changed drastically was the Red Robed Elder. Though his palm was still high in the sky, there was no more thunder twirling around his palm. Instead, there was a string of silk wrapped around his wrist.

A crystalized purple silk.

"This is… God Binding Silk!"

Red Robed Elder's face became distorted. He looked at the silk around his wrist then looked at the youth before him. He gritted out of his teeth, "When did you put this around my wrist? You ant, I must kill you!"

"Kill me?"

Ling Xian seemed to have heard a very funny joke. He grinned and said, "Do you have the ability to do that? You are bound by the silk, yet you want to use mana against me? Stop dreaming."

Si Nan Tu flew over as well. Looking at the Red Robed Elder, who was jumping with anger, he laughed wholeheartedly. "I cannot believe you would be in this situation. I sure want to see if you still dare to behave so arrogantly in the future!"

"You, you, dammit, just you wait! The God Binding Silk will not tie me down my entire life. After I recover, I will chop you all into thousands of pieces!" The Red Robed Elder was looking very grim. Without any spiritual energy, the only thing he was capable of was floating in mid-air. He could no longer summon any spells nor techniques.

"Chopping us into thousands of pieces?" The corners of Ling Xian's lips gently lifted. Under the astounded gaze of the Red Robed Elder, he slapped.


The Red Robed Elder cupped the left half of his face and stared at Ling Xian, refusing to believe what just happened.

He was hit?

He was hit by an ant from the meditation level?

"You dumbass who cannot analyze a situation properly. Right now, I am a butcher, and you are meat. How dare you remain so cocky. Do you not fear death!" Ling Xian sneered and brought his palm to the Red Robed Elder's cheek again.


Another crisp sound caused the Red Robed Elder to roar with fury, "You ant, how dare you humiliate me in such manner? I will make your life a living hell!"

Even though his spiritual energy was tied down and he could not defend himself against Ling Xian's attack, his physical training did not fade. Ling Xian could not physically hurt him and of course, could not leave an imprint of his palm on his cheek. To be slapped by a cultivator in the meditation level was the most humiliating and hurtful damage Ling Xian caused.

He was a cultivator in the completion level. To be slapped by those in the Original Level would be humiliating, let alone being hit by an ant-like meditation leveled cultivator?

His heart was filled with hatred and rage. Staring at Ling Xian, he swore that he would tear the person before him into thousands of pieces.

"Alright, I will wait for you." Ling Xian grinned again as he swung his hands and slapped this Elder another seven or eight times.

Pia, pia, pia, pia, pia, pia, pia, pia.

A series of crisp noises.


Another earth-shattering growl rumbled. The hatred and fury in the Red Robed Elder's heart were overflowing to a point where his entire body was beginning to chatter. Because his body was bound by the seal and his spiritual energy was stripped away from him as well, he could only watch as Ling Xian's palms land on his face again and again.

Seeing the angry faced Red Robed Elder, Ling Xian's expression fell colder. "Even though I cannot do anything about you right now, remember, within a maximum of 10 years I will personally decapitate you."

"Ling Xian, I am very weak right now, and I cannot hurt his physical body due to his completion leveled training. The God Binding Silk can only restrict his movements for half an hour. Let's go first," Si Tu Nan opened his mouth. His shoulder was still bleeding, and his face was shockingly pale.

"Alright." Ling Xian nodded and flew back onto the Immortal Boat only to discover that it was destroyed by the Red Robed Elder and could no longer fly. Ling Xian frowned and muttered to himself, "I guess we can only rely on the Winged Blitz."

As he spoke, he unleashed the Winged Blitz, grabbed onto Si Tu Nan's shoulder and aimed towards the North.

Watching the backs of those two, Red Robed Elder beamed ferociously and mumbled to himself, "Run, run to fulfill your heart's full desire. You think just because I am bound by the God Binding Silk, I cannot capture you? Hehe, watch me you little bastard. I will make sure you pay for what you did to me. You will regret all your actions."

This place had ancient trees tall enough to reach the clouds, and the entire area was green. It was a thousand-mile-wide forest.

Inside a dimly lit cave, Si Tu Nan's face was chalk white and his face was soaked with sweat. It was obvious to see the amount of pain he was in.

Though Ling Xian was still hot blooded, the light in his eyes has tarnished as well. He was struck by Red Robed Elder's lightning bolt just now and was injured too. Compared to Si Tu Nan, however, it wasn't as serious. He could at least move freely.

Just now, he carried Si Tu Nan, and the two of them flew here at the fastest speed. Originally, they were planning to head straight to the Wan Jian House. However, Si Tu Nan's injury was too grave and could not endure the long journey. Ling Xian had to change plans and find a place to rest.

Peering at Si Tu Nan, whose face was crooked because of the pain, Ling Xian bitterly chuckled. "Elder Si Tu Nan, you never bring medicine with you when you travel?"

"Aye, I left Wan Jian House this time to conduct some serious business. The opponents were rather strong. Though I accomplished my mission, I had to consume all my medicinal Dans. I have nothing left in my pouch," Si Tu Nan stretched out the corners of his mouth and tried to muster a smile.

Ling Xian frowned at this tough situation. He regretted being so careless. If he had a cauldron, then he could easily brew a medicinal Dan and save themselves from this rough situation.

Sighing, Ling Xian decided to try his luck, and he asked, "Elder, do you happen to have… a cauldron?"

"Uh…" Si Tu Nan was a little startled. He thought about it and said, "I actually think I have one. It was one that I won from a competition. Unfortunately, I do not know alchemy, so it's just been sitting there. Why do you ask?"

Ling Xian cheered up at this news. He didn't have a lot of hope before but how lucky of him, Si Tu Nan actually had one. He was ecstatic, "I'm going to brew a Dan of course."

"You know alchemy?" Si Tu Nan was in awe for a split second before he rejoiced in excitement. His wound was serious. Without a proper medicinal Dan, he cannot heal himself fast enough to survive the journey.

"Of course I know alchemy." Ling Xian nodded, forcing back a grin.

"Alright, alright, just wait. I will find it for you," Si Tu Nan was delighted. He quickly searched his pouch, and after a long time, he took out a purple cauldron.

This cauldron was about the height of half a person. The entire body of the cauldron was purple, and it was carved with patterns of the stars, flowers, fish, and bugs. The art on it was lively and detailed. A faint burgundy light twirled around its body. The object didn't seem to be low ranked.

"What a good cauldron!" Ling Xian's face lit up.

"Of course. This was a prize I won. It is not ordinary." Si Tu Nan smiled a little before slipping back to his weak state, "Ling Xian, please hurry. My old bones cannot hold on much longer."

"Elder, please wait a little bit," Ling Xian soothed him and then sunk into his deep thoughts. Passages from the Encyclopedia of Dans he inherited were flipping through his brain. He quickly learned many recipes of different types of medicinal Dans.

The Encyclopedia of Dans was written by Liao Cang Qiong. It recorded all the learnings he acquired throughout his lifetime, and it was the product of all his blood and tears. It was never passed down in the alchemy community, and it was known as the most valuable inheritance one could get. The first half of the encyclopedia recorded Liao Cang Qiong's alchemy experience and the second half of the bible was filled with Liao Cang Qiong's self-created recipes, or recipes he thought were useful.

After carefully searching the recipes from the Encyclopedia of Dans, Ling Xian finally found an appropriate medicinal Dan recipe, known as the Dan of Life and Growth.

This Dan was not high in realm for it belonged only in the eighth. However, it was highly effective at treating physical wounds. It was very suitable for Ling Xian, given his rank in alchemy and Si Tu Nan's physical state.

More important, the five types of spiritual medicines required for the recipe were things Ling Xian already had.

"We sure are lucky. Elder, I have thought of a medicinal Dan that could cure you." Ling Xian sighed in relief.

"Oh?" Si Tu Nan erupted with hope and joy. He asked impatiently, "What kind of Dan?"

"Dan of Life and Growth, have you heard of it?" Ling Xian lightly grinned as he took out five illuminating spiritual medicines. He then wiped the dust off the purple cauldron and was ready to start the brewing process.

"I've never heard of it. What realm does it belong to?" Si Tu Nan shook his head. He was not an alchemist, so naturally he was unfamiliar with the many kinds of Dans.

"Eight-realm," Ling Xian answered.

"Only the eighth-realm?" Si Tu Nan sighed. His injuries were serious. Even a seventh-realm Dan probably cannot cure his pain. When he heard the Dan Ling Xian was brewing was only from the eighth realm, he was disappointed, "Eight-realm it is then. It's better than nothing. You though, you can already brew an eight-realm medicinal Dan at your young age? I guess your natural talent in alchemy does not lack either."

"You flatter me, Elder. Please wait for a while. I will brew it really quickly." Ling Xian faintly beamed. He noticed the flash of disappointment in Si Tu Nan's eyes, but he did not comment on it. Once he finishes brewing the Dan of Life and Growth, everything will make sense.

Placing all five spiritual medicines separately, Ling Xian inhaled deeply and adjusted his spirits until they were in their best state.

The fact is, after he left the Hidden Territory, the strength in his spirits and soul have reached the eighth realm. This was because he had killed too many beasts and consumed too much of their souls.

Because of all that, he had the guts to brew the Dan of Life and Growth.

Ling Xian held his breath and concentrated as his spirits entered the cauldron and activated its array. He slowly raised his right hand, and a silver flame shot out of his palm.

Flicking his finger, the Flame of Purity poured into the cauldron. Immediately, it flared up into a big fire that engulfed the entire cauldron, increasing the temperature inside the cave.

Gazing at the prancing silver flame, Si Tu Nan's entire body shuddered. Disbelief spewed out of his eyes as he croaked, "This… this is this the legendary Godly Fire?"

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