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The Sword of Punishment sliced through the sky and the opportunity to kill presented itself.

Si Tu Nan's expression was heavy. His black hair was tussling in the air as his fingers moved speedily, ready to launch his most remarkable technique.

Coldness was pouring out of his body. Within the radius of a mile, everything was starting to freeze over with thick frost. The entire area's temperature was decreasing drastically.

Nine Continent Frost!

The coldness was permeating, and iciness was creeping. Whether it was the land or the sky, flowers or animals, anything and everything was turning into ice sculptures.

But of course, when the ice frost crawled onto the giant Sword of Punishment, it stopped.

The Sword of Punishment was trenchant enough to break mountains, split rocks, slice through the moon and pierce the Sun. Mere coldness was useless against it.

Even though a small layer of white frost formed on the black blade's body, slowing down the speed of the sword, its sharpness and damage abilities did not decrease at all!

Si Nan Tu's expression changed. Seeing that the Sword of Punishment was aiming right at him, despair flashed across his eyes. The thought that the originally righteous sword out of the seven swords was now being held by one in the Demonic Path, and the thought that he was about to perish under this sword, made him sorrowful.

He did not give up. Gritting his teeth, he lifted both of his hands and placed a hundred layers of ice walls between himself and the sword. He then jumped back and landed on the deck of the boat, grabbed Ling Xian's shoulder and dashed toward the North.

"Where do you think you are running to, Si Nan Tu?"

The Red Robed Elder laughed in a strange tone. He waved his sleeve, and a tornado spun up out of nowhere, blocking Si Nan Tu's path.

At the same time, the Sword of Punishment exploded with rays of light that easily broke through the ice walls. Like a lightning bolt, it pierced a hole in Si Tu Nan's shoulder.


Fresh blood spewed out of his wound, and Si Tu Nan's face instantly turned chalk white. Sweat formed on his forehead, and it became obvious that he was enduring a huge amount of pain.

The Sword of Punishment was already one of the strongest seven swords from the Hidden Sword Peak. On top of that, Red Robed Elder's amazing swordplay skills really brought out its horrifying power. Despite its decrease in damage abilities after facing the obstacle of the Nine Continent Frost and the hundred ice walls, it still easily broke through the completion level's spiritual energy.

Si Tu Nan's body was swaying left and right, about to fall to the ground any second. He dimly stared at the youth before him and croaked, "Ling Xian, go first, leave me behind."

"Si Tu Nan Elder, hold on." Ling Xian frowned as his nine wings fanned out and he swept up a gush of wind that pushed the Red Robed Elder back.

"A mere ant from the meditation level dare to lay hands on me? You are seeking death!" Red Robed Elder waved his hand, and the gush of wind dispersed immediately. Staring at the two struggling to run away, he bellowed, "Si Nan Tu, do you even realize how long I have been waiting for this day? Maybe the Gods saw how hard I have been waiting for this day, so he decided to give me a gift along with allowing me to kill you."

"God dammit, Ling Xian run first. Just forget about me." Si Tu Nan has gotten so weak that he lost his ability to fly and walk. At this point, he could only let Ling Xian carry him.

"Elder, please stop talking. Even if I ditch you, I cannot get away from him." Ling Xian was aloof and did not look back to see how close the opponent was to him. He maximized the speed of the Winged Blitz and left behind a trail of clouds in the sky.

The Winged Blitz was nicknamed to be the fastest move in the mortal world, and its speed was comparable to the legendary Kun Hawk. However, because Ling Xian's training was lacking and he was only a tenth realm cultivator, he could only bring out one ten-thousandth of its potential.

The Red Robed Elder was a strong cultivator from the completion level. Without using any techniques, he could easily catch up to Ling Xian.

"Run, run your heart out. I sure want to see where you can run off to." a pestering smile hung on the Red Robed Elder's face. He walked casually like he was taking a stroll in his back garden, intentionally keeping a few meters of distances between them.

"He's playing chase like we are cat and rats." Ling Xian kept his frown on. If he didn't have Si Nan Tu on his back, he would've summoned the Keeper of Land and Sea and squished the Red Robed Elder to death with his palm.

"Ling Xian, I have a way to lose him. But I am too weak right now, so you'll have to accomplish it yourself." Si Tu Nan suddenly had an idea.

"Elder, tell me. I'm not too sure we will survive at this rate. We might as well bet on it and try everything we've got." Ling Xian felt a ray of hope.

Si Tu Nan was excited to hear that. He took out a string of crystallized, purple silk and said, "Alright, turn around and fight him. You need to find a way to tie this around his wrist."

"God Binding Silk?" Ling Xian's eyes brightened. He did not expect Si Tu Nan would have such good treasures.

Si Tu Nan froze a bit and asked, "You recognize this object?"

"I've seen it once in my life, but this is not the time to tell stories. We must hurry and get away." Ling Xian took the silk and stuffed it up his sleeve. He slowed his steps, loosened his grip on Si Tu Nan's arm and slowly turned around.

"What is this, you don't want to escape anymore? Or did you finally realize that it is useless to run away?"

Seeing how the young man turned around, the Red Robed Elder was a little unhappy. He was enjoying this little chase game. This was especially delightful since one of his opponents was a nemesis of his who brought him endless humiliations, and the other was one with the Eyes of Execution. Watching both of them trying so hard to run away satisfied him.

Ling Xian frowned a little as he stared at the grinning Red Robed Elder. He said softly, "I have listened to your conversations with Elder Si Tu Nan. Even though I don't know what exactly happened between you two, I am sure of one thing. You were from the Wan Jian House and you a traitor of the Hidden Sword Peak."

"What did you say?!"

When the word "traitor" was said, the Elder became furious. He rolled up his sleeves, and wild wind gushed from all direction.

Facing his terrifying vigor, Ling Xian did not back down. The corners of his lips remained curved up as he continued to mock, "I said you are a traitor. Am I wrong? Those who betray their houses and clans should live in disgrace with their tails tucked between their legs. How dare you be so arrogant. Are you tired of living?"

"Good, good, good." The Red Robed Elder said "Good" three times. His expression was horrifyingly satanic. "You sharp-tongued child. Don't worry, I will not end your life. I will carve out your eyes and give you a pair of regular eyes so you can watch how I climb to the top of the world with the Eyes of Execution."

"What evil intentions you have. But are you sure that you have the capability to do that? Even if you do get your hands on my Eyes of Execution, so what? Traitors never escape their grim fate because traitors will always be traitors." Ling Xian's gaze turned cold. He suppressed his desire to kill this Elder. Instead, he provoked him with plain words. He found the word traitor to be very effective, as the man before him was very sensitive about it.

"You bastard! What do you know! You don't understand anything! What rights do you have to call me a traitor! Dammit, I want to kill you! Kill you!" The Red Robed Elder was raging. He pointed at Ling Xian and instantly, dark clouds rolled in Ling Xian's direction, lightning and thunder were brewing inside the cloud.

An extremely thick blue lightning bolt dangled in mid-air and suddenly dropped right above Ling Xian's head!

This was a technique of the thunder element, one of the most destructive techniques in the cultivation community. When used by cultivators in the completion level, its power was unsurpassable!

Ling Xian's heart felt cold, and he used all his strength to flutter the Winged Blitz. His body abruptly disappeared, and he successfully dodged the strike of the lightning. The next second, however, another bolt of lightning struck his body.

He felt his body shake wildly as fresh blood poured out of his wound.

Sadly, the distance between the meditation level and the completion level was too great, just like the distance between land and heaven. A regular cultivator in the meditation level would shake with fear when they see someone from the completion level, let alone challenge them to a fight?

"Hahaha, you bastard. This is the result of you not accepting your own weakness. You are merely in the meditation level yet you dare to anger me. Your stupidity is shocking," The Red Robed Elder bellowed again and did not speak anymore.

He slowly extended his arms with his palms up. Immediately, the dark clouds above his head converged, and more thunder and lightning were being formed. A storm was about to commence, and the end was coming.

Destruction of the world!

Ling Xian's frown deepened. He could not drag this on any longer. His wings fluttered. The originally dimmed down Winged Blitz suddenly exploded with lights and brought him in front of the Elder in a flash.

"You dare to make a move in front of someone in the completion stage. You sure do not fear death. As a praise for your courage, I promise not to dismantle your dead body." Red Robed Elder grinned. A bundle of lightning grew out of his palm, and he aimed it at Ling Xian.

[This is my chance!]

Ling Xian's eyes brightened. Facing the Elder's thunderous hands, he did not dodge, and he cannot dodge. This was probably his only chance to get in contact with the Elder's wrist.

The God Binding Silk was a treasure that could seal the spiritual energy of all living things and restrict their mana. Rumor has it that this silk could even bind an immortal as long as it was tied onto the wrist of the immortal personally by the cultivator. This was a strange and difficult condition, which is why this treasure was notorious for its uselessness.

Try to imagine, to personally tie a string on an opponent's wrist in an actual battle. What kind of opportunity and luck was needed for this to happen? The person must be a lot higher in capabilities compared to the opponent. But if that was the case, then why was the binding silk needed? It would probably be easier to kill them with techniques.

Because of all these reasons, this treasure was almost worthless.

Right now, Ling Xian, in the meditation level, was about to tie this object onto someone from the completion level. This was an impossible mission, but he had no choice. Even if he doesn't make it happen, he had to try at least.

[This is my only way of surviving. Whether I live or die depends on this.]

The thunderous palms were getting closer and closer, but Ling Xian remained composed without any hints of panic. This was all thanks to his lost century years, where his many near death experiences have trained him to look at death indifferently and remain strong before anything.

The God Binding Silk was now in his palm. Without blinking, Ling Xian waited for the perfect opportunity.

From afar, Si Tu Nan's pupils dilated as his hands subconsciously formed into fists. He was very anxious because he knew that if Ling Xian succeeded, then the two of them would be able to run away. But if Ling Xian fails, then there was only one result waiting for them.


This was why he was beyond nervous. He stared at those thunderous palms as sweat dripped down from his forehead.

A gush of wind blew and tussled Ling Xian's bangs.


In front of the menacing palm, Ling Xian couldn't help it but to curse. He misjudged his position as he was too focused on finding an opportunity to tie the binding silk onto his opponent's wrist and forgot that there was no way he could block that punch!

He was a completion level cultivator!

He could simply swing his arm, and that was enough to end Ling Xian's life. But now he was attacking with all his might!

[This is the end. This is where I lose my life.] The corner of Ling Xian's mouth stretched out as he bitterly smiled. However, within the next second, his stare changed and he resolutely welcomed the thunderous palms!

Since there was nowhere to run and no way to block, he might as well try to endure it till the end by facing it. If he was lucky and escape death, he could tie the silk around Red Robed Elder's wrist. Then, he would be able to run away with Si Tu Nan.

Ling Xian was expressionless, not showing any fear.

This was the state of mind he acquired after going through a century of pain and joy. To remain composed in front of emergencies, to show no fear and to not give up without a proper fight!

The real failure is when someone completely gives up.

The Red Robed Elder had a grotesque facial expression. The thunderous palms sliced through the sky and almost split the heavens in two!

Seeing that Ling Xian was about to lose his life, a woman's sigh was suddenly heard.


Like a bitter moan from a celestial being and an exclaim from a real immortal, the faint sigh carried a mighty power that could freeze all living beings.

Instantly, the entire heaven and earth froze and turned into ice. Everything fell into a dead state.

The wind no longer blew, the clouds no longer drifted, the people no longer moved.

At this very moment, time and space became completely still!

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