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"All those who doubted me before, step out. Slap your own cheeks until I am satisfied."

His statement was exaggeratedly arrogant!

Instantly, everyone's fists tightened and their faces swell up as if they felt a giant wave of humiliation.

Whoever doubted him should step out?

Everyone doubted him. This meant they all had to slap their own faces until Ling Xian is satisfied.

What a giant humiliation!?

"Ling Xian, do not take it too far!"

Chu Xing He was enraged. He was the leader of the Clan and he was asked to slap his own face before everyone here. He found it hard to control himself as he boiled in anger.

The completion levelled cultivators felt the same. They were all characters with high statuses. If they did what Ling Xian asked them to, then all their reputation would be gone.

"Going too far?"

Ling Xian snickered. Remembering all the awful ways the Chu Clan treated him, he said coldly, "My dearest Leader Chu, am I going too far or were you the ones who crossed the line?"

Hearing this, Chu Xing He paused. He remembered his original venomous plan and could not find any words to speak.

Everyone else also remained silent.

Everyone has an internal scale that they use to measure the right from the wrong. Everyone here knew very well that from beginning to end, it was all the Chu Clan's fault. It was obvious that they first wanted to give Ling Xian a hard time and then wanted to ruin his reputation and handicap him. All of this had been cruel.

Then, after Ling Xian passed the test of the Tower, they did not regret their decisions but rather, forced him to give up the treasure he earned. How overbearing was this?

"To tell you the truth, I am just going to behave so unreasonably. You have taken far too much advantage of me. What can you do about this?"

Ling Xian's lips curled up and turned into a presumptuous smile, "You do not have to listen. But when the Tower collapses, don't blame me."


Chu Xing He was enraged, "Ling Xian, if you have guts, then don't threaten my clan with the Tower!"


Ling Xian laughed, "That's a good word for this. I am going to threaten you. You can attack me all you want, I, Ling Xian… wait, no, the Tower will accept your attack."

Hearing this, Chu Xing He no longer spoke. He stared at Ling Xian while gritting his teeth.

"Why are you looking at me?" Ling Xian murmured and glanced all around. "I will count to three. If you don't start doing what I asked, then I will… destroy the tower."


Everyone clenched their fists. Though they did not want to, for the safety of the tower, they had to listen.


Uttering out one word, Ling Xian's lips curled up and continued, "Two. Everyone, better watch out. We are almost there."

By now, nobody hesitated. They all raised their right hand and slapped their own right cheek.


After a crisp noise, an ocean of slapping noises rose. Everyone, while holding onto their humiliation, raised their right hand and slammed down!

Everyone gritted their teeth and violently hurt their own faces, as if trying to drill down and remember the humiliation they were feeling now with every slap.

Even Chu Xing He and the other completion levelled cultivators were acting the same. Even though they were utterly humiliated, because Ling Xian controlled the Tower, they had to suppress their own emotions and trash their reputation before everyone.

Slap, slap, slap…

Crisp noises continued to ring throughout the crowd, turning into a humiliation-composed symphony.

"What a wonderful type of music…"

Ling Xian's lips continued to grin as he stared at the Chu Clan, whose cheeks were beginning to swell. He looked at them without any pity, because he knew that he was simply repaying them what they had given him.

If these people weren't so evil and so overbearing, why would he be acting so unfriendly right now?

"Don't just hit one side, change up your hands." Ling ordered with a smile, "Put more strength into it. Or I will be dissatisfied. If I'm dissatisfied, then Tower is doomed."


What a bastard!

Everyone was utter humiliated, but had no choice but to obey Ling Xian. They extended their left hand and hit their left cheeks!

Slap, slap, slap…

Another series of collision noises rose up. This time, everyone increased their strength in fear that Ling Xian would be dissatisfied.

Very quickly, everyone's face had swell up. Even Chu Xing He and the other completion levelled cultivators were red faced and looking like swollen pig heads.

"Ling Xian, we have been doing this for a while now. You should be content now." Chu Xing He opened his lips. His expression appeared calm, but behind that was a whirlpool of anger and humiliation.

He was the leader of the Chu Clan, the leader of one of the five controlling forces of the Trading Island. Who dared to ask him to slap himself? But before him, Ling Xian had instructed him and he had to act. How could he defy?

"Content or not, that is not decided by you."

Ling Xian glared at Chu Xing He. He then lunged into air and looked down on everyone, "Continue. This time, use both hands. Until I speak, nobody stop."

Hearing this, everyone croaked out a pained laughter. They knew very well that no matter how angry they were, they had to do what was asked.


Everyone silently sighed before raising up their hands. They first hit their right cheek, then struck their left cheek. Just like this, they slapped their own faces violently.

Slap, slap, slap!

Another series of slapping noises. Everyone here was bitter and regretful. They regretted doubting Ling Xian and their unreasonable laughter towards him.

Pity though, everything was too late.

The Chu Clan gave Ling Xian a hard time in the beginning because they somewhat wanted him to succeed at acquiring the treasure for them. They also wanted to publicly shame him at the same time. But they ended up hurting themselves.

Now, not only did Ling Xian acquire 60 percent of control over the Tower and also had full grasp on the Chu Clan's bloodline, he also had now slapped everyone in the face!

Thus, how could these people not feel bitter?

As everyone violentedly slapped themselves, blood began to drip down their chins. However, they did not stop and continued to hit themselves on both sides.

All because that devil did not tell them to stop.

Without a doubt, everyone's face was lost. The Chu Clan's face was now non-existent!

"Good, seems like you now understand who has the power now."

Staring at the pained Chu Clan, Ling Xian grinned, feeling satisfied. Now that he has 60 percent of control over the Tower, he now has the entire Clan's lifeline. Thus, the clan will of course listen to him.

In other words, whatever he says, the Chu Clan will act. To put it bluntly, Ling Xian now controls the Chu Clan!

Even though this control was not 100 percent, this was already very shocking. Remember that the Chu Clan was highly dominating and was one of the five controlling forces. Who else can order around this clan?

Ever since the Chu Clan's establishment, no power force had achieved this, let alone an individual achieving it. At this very moment, Ling Xian had done it. How unbelievable was this? How powerful was this?

To speak bluntly, at this moment, Ling Xian can now trek across the Trading Island walking side-ways.

"This trip is so worth it…"

Ling Xian was exhilarated. He couldn't believe that his past decision would lead to such great gains!

"Master Xian, we admit our wrongs. The entire Chu Clan knows we were wrong. Please forgive us this once." Chu Xing He croaked. He never thought that there'd come a day when he would have to ask someone else for forgiveness.

He felt angered and humiliated. But what could he do? He could only sigh with bitterness.

"If you had said that earlier, none of this would've happened."

Now that Chu Xing He had admitted his wrongs, Ling Xian grinned as his anger faded. "Okay, since you slapped yourselves so hard. I allow you to stop."

Hearing this, Chu Xing He sighed in relief. Everyone else relaxed as well. However, very quickly, they became uncontrollably angry.

As the descendants of the Chu Clan, who dared to treat them like this one? Hit themselves when they were asked and only stop when ordered? Who wouldn't be infuriated.

However, no matter how hard it was to swallow this, they had to endure!

Everyone here understood that as long as Ling Xian held the controlling force of the Tower, they had to listen and behave themselves!

What could they do? Ling Xian had 60 percent of control over the Tower. As long as he was on their land and could communicate with the Tower, he was undefeatable and nobody could hurt even a hair of his!

Thus, everyone could only listen to Ling Xian.

"Hehe, I am having a great time. You want to get angry but you don't dare. I feel great." Ling Xian mockingly laughed. He looked at Chu Xing He and said demandingly, "Chu Xing He, wait for my message. Once the other two controlling forces agree to the alliance, you will bring your best talents and rush to the Bai Clan."

The moment his voice trailed off, Chu Xing He's anger rushed to his brain. As the leader of one of the five controlling forces, who dared to order him around? However, no matter how enraged he was, he had to suppress it.

Sighing, this character of high status somehow suddenly aged 10 years, "Aye, do not worry Master Xian. We will be there."

"Good, wait for my message." Ling Xian smiled pleasantly. He then rose up into the air and began walking towards the exit of the Chu Clan.

He arrived here mightily by breaking the Chu Clan's barrier to show his domination. He left here relaxingly taking small steps, yet nobody dared to stop him.

How sarcastic?

"Oh right. Don't even think about sending people to kill me. If you do, the Tower will be gone."

Ling Xian suddenly stopped his steps and bellowed under the humiliated stare of the entire Chu Clan. He then continued his march, his eyes full of anticipation.

"The Nan Gong Clan is next."

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